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Worlds fanfiction: Nexi and Uro

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May 31st, 2012
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  1. It was a hot spring night in Worlds as the regulars played a game of Friday night trivia, while the great Nexialist with the skinned kangaroo head was staring silently upon them in the usual spot he claimed in Ground Zero. Worlds was busy that night as new users came along and crowded among Nexialist asking him stupid questions. Nex was getting quite tiresome of the avatars around him and decided he might log off, but then a certain avatar caught his eye. He was staring at the one with no head, in a black long jacket and black boots with X's on them, who was standing next to his good friend Dsparil. The figure he was staring at was Urotsuki, who Nexialist has had a crush on for quite a while now. Nexi glided past the other users who crowded around him and approached Urotsuki and Dsparil.
  3. “Hey Nexi.” They both greeted, as Nex just stood silent.
  5. “Hey, hey Nex...” Urotsuki started talking, but Nex wasn't really listening to his words, just his beautiful voice. He just kept staring at the shorter figure, admiring his body. Suddenly though, Nexs fantasies we're interrupted by a familiar voice that he so very much hated...
  7. “What's up losers?!” Said the voice, who was a blond kid wearing a tie dye shirt. Nexs x-boyfriend.
  9. “Oh god, not you.” Said Dsparil. “Get the fuck out Jofua.” The skinny black bird was obviously not pleased with the younger ones presence.
  11. “Hey, fuck you bitch.” Replied Jofua. The two beings started arguing, but Nexialist wasn't listening anymore. He geared his attention back to sexy Uro.
  13. Damn, look at that ass. Nexi thought. It seemed as though Urotsuki didn't even notice the interruption of Jofua as well, as he was still talking and announced his time to leave.
  15. “Well, I have to leave now. Bye everyone. Bye Nex.” Nexialist snapped back to reality and realized the depressing fact that his love had to leave. He watched as Urotsuki logged off, and made a deep sigh to himself. Meanwhile, Jofua and Dsparil were still arguing.
  17. “Fucker don't make me mute you.”
  19. “I'm going to cry.”
  21. “NO SWEARING IN THE MAIN CHAT.” Yelled Melissa, the most vile host of all in Worlds. “I WILL BOOT YOU TWO RIGHT NOW.”
  23. Nexialist had no other reason to stay in the virtual chat so he then logged off.
  25. The next day Nexialist was again standing in the usual spot he always stood in in Ground Zero. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain go through is head like something hit him, and he fell unconscious to the ground. After a while, he woke up and saw a familiar figure above him, grinning, staring into his soul.
  27. Oh no. He thought. It was Jofua.
  29. “Remember this spot, Nexi?” Asked the boy above wearing tie dye. They were both next to the fence that the road next to the Ground Zero lobby led to. Nexialist did remember this spot. When him and Jofua were together they would hide behind the fence when no one was around and fuck each other. Nexi tried to sit up but realized he was tied up. He tried to break free but failed. Jofua giggled above him.
  31. “Oh Nexi...” He laughed, undoing his belt. “You're so cute.” Once the skinned kangaroo realized what the boy in tie dye was doing he was fearing for his life, and Nexi was never one to fear about anything. Jofua pulled out his throbbing cock and the pulled up Nexs black coat, Jamming his dick in Nexs tight ass without any warning. Nexialist screamed in pain, the most terrifying scream you could ever hear.
  33. “I....HATE....HUMANS...” Nexi was getting very angered.
  35. “Oh Nexi...don't say know I-...”
  37. “BACK OFF FROM MY HUSBANDANDO.” Suddenly, a figure with no head came flying in and grabbed Jofua.
  39. “GAH! WHAT THE FUCK?” The figure took the young boy and ripped off his dick, then threw him to the ground and smashed his head with his foot. He then took a piss on the bloody, messy corpse.
  41. “My hero!” Said Nexialist. His true love came to save him, Urotsuki. Urotsuki quickly went to Nex and untied him.
  43. “Oh Nex, are you alright?” He asked, untying him. There was a mixture of blood and cum coming out of Nexs asshole. Nexialist nodded and looked at his true love. They both stared at each , and then had a passionate kiss.
  45. 5 months later
  47. Nexialist and Urotsuki got married, and had a big party in Worlds to celebrate. Everyone was there, and they all envied They're love. After the party Uro and Nex went on their honeymoon, and they both laid down on their hotel bed.
  49. “I love you Nexi.” Said Urotsuki.
  51. “I love you too.” They both got on top of each other and started making out. They both took off their clothes and Nexi got under Uro.
  53. “What do I do Nexi?” Asked Urotsuki, grabbed his own dick. Nexi stared at him and blinked.
  55. “You go...INSIDE.”
  57. The end~
  58. Copyright © 2012
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