New OoT equipping glitch

zfg Aug 14th, 2017 4,534 Never
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  1. Today a new glitch was found allowing you to equip items you normally can't equip
  3. To do this:
  4. Put the cursor over the item you want to equip
  5. go to the map or equipment screen, then go back to the item screen
  6. While the menu is going back to the item screen, hold a direction to make the cursor move to the first item from that side of the screen, which must be an item you can normally equip
  7. press a C button right as the item screen is almost done moving (1 frame)
  9. If done correctly, the item you were hovering over will be equipped, even if you aren't supposed to be able to equip it.  This means you can equip deku stick, slingshot, boomerang, magic beans, and child trade items as adult, and you can equip bow, magic arrows, hookshot, hammer, and adult trade items as child.  You can also use this to equip the same item to 2 different buttons, allowing you to dupe bottle contents or keep some items after losing them (like in trade quests)
  11. Some notes:
  13. Deku stick as adult still crashes N64, but on VC/GC it will work normally (but invisible, just like deku stick on B)
  14. Slingshot as adult looks like link is using the bow but shoots slingshot seeds.  Still depletes your arrow count.
  15. Boomerang as adult works completely fine, but invisible.
  16. Bow and magic arrows as child will just work and look like slingshot, and deplete your slingshot count.
  17. Hammer as child is completely functional, but invisible.
  18. Hookshot as child freezes link in whatever movement he's doing when you press it, essentially a softlock.
  20. Boomerang and Hammer are likely the most significant things here.
  22. The ways this might affect speedruns:
  24. Doing Jabu as adult will likely be standard in a lot of categories now.  MST and All Dungeons will almost certainly do it, 100% might, and most categories that do jabu as all will likely do it.
  26. If 100% does Jabu as adult, it opens up a lot of routing options for child 2 which still needs to be looked into.
  28. Hammer as child means child can now beat fire temple.  This was possible before, but required becoming adult first and going back to child, and involved a very long and complicated setup (  While this likely wont be useful in main categories, child can now beat fire temple in max% child, and this also allows max% child to use the fire temple to ganon's castle wrong warp which will allow both gold gauntlets and nocturne of shadow ( to be gotten, where previously it was only possible to get one or the other.
  30. Big poes can be duped for 100% which will likely save a lot of time, though there are some routing issues that need to be worked out with how the item screen layout works during the run, but this means most of poe collecting may be skipped in 100%.
  32. Hammer can probably be used in place of bombs for a lot of places as child, unsure of exactly how useful this might be.
  34. And probably more, this probably has a lot of possibilities and more will come some.
  36. Many categories will likely be undergoing significant route changes with this, especially 100%.  I'll be doing a lot of 100% routing over the next few days instead of runs.
  38. This glitch also works in Majora's Mask, and has a major use by duping zora eggs and skipping most of Pirates Fortress and all of Pinnacle Rock saving several minutes
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