HaremProtagMechanicsVersion 1.1

Mar 22nd, 2014
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  1. Protagonist Points: These are what you use to keep the show moving, attract members to your harem and give yourself more background/powers. Protagonist points currently regen at 10 per thread, with bonuses being given for acting like a main character should.
  4. Attraction: Attraction is a measure of how much a certain female cares about you. Currently affection runs from 0-100, with 0 being “doesn’t care about you at all” and 100 being “Will do anything for you” Attraction points can and will be gained or lost based on your actions around the females in particular. Each girl will gain affection at levels and in ways specific to them. Attraction points also provide a passive modifier for interaction with females.
  6. Interacting with people: (specifically potential harem members) Harem members will not simply fall into your lap. Rather, the opportunity for members will, but since you’re the protagonist you have to try and get them interested in you. This will be easier or harder based on the girl in question.
  9. Harem member level:
  10. There are 5 levels of characters being in your harem:
  11. 1. Not a member, this character has had little to no interaction with you/is not interested in being in your harem.
  13. 2. Potential Harem Member: This character has had a limited amount of interaction with you and you likely have their name. They are not truly part of your harem, but they are within easy range to be pulled in. No benefit will be gained from a character in this position, but keeping them here will not add to your Harem count.
  15. 3. Probationary Harem Member: This person is in your harem, at least for now. You have had a decent amount of interaction with them, definitely know their name and spend at least a little of your time with them regularly. They can fall out, but you will have to ignore them for this to happen. You will likely gain benefits from having people in this position. +1 to Harem count. +2 Protag Power per thread, Minimum 10 Attraction.
  17. 4. Harem Member: This person is now firmly in your harem. You can ask them to study with you, fight, etc. and they will nearly always agree. They will be around you often, start to demand more of your attention and will start to become more intimate with you. Even more unlikely to fall out than a probationary member, but still possible. Getting to this level will let you know their stat levels. +3 Protag points. +1 to Harem count, non cumulative. Minimum 30 Attraction.
  19. 5. Permanent Harem Member: This character, for better or worse, is now permanently in your harem. The Plot recognizes them as an inextricable part of itself and will actively seek to keep them around you, despite whatever you may try. They will want to be around you at nearly all times. Getting to this level will unlock their personal special power. +4 Protag Power per thread, Minimum 50 Attraction and completion of a personalized side objective.
  21. Harem count:
  22. You can only have so many members in your harem, unless you want to be drowned out and lose your status as protagonist. As you Protagonist Power grows the number of potential members in your harem grows. Your default is 5 members, you will never go lower than this unless you somehow lose your Protagonist status. You can spend 50 points to gain an additional harem slot.
  24. Plot: At a certain point people expect a show to have a plot, even if that plot is simply you spending time flirting with your girls. As the protagonist it is your job to drive the plot, them more others drive it outside your control, the more Protagonist points you will have to spend to get it back on you.
  26. Since you chose “Aware” as your default state, the world will only throw the most basic plot points at you, girl, antagonist, exam etc. It is up to you to take these and make them interesting, giving you more protagonist points to spend.
  28. Sentience: You are likely not the only sentient character in this world and others sentients may or may not share your goals, like you outside of their character or even care if the Plot survives. You will have to find these others by yourself, though they may not want to be found.
  30. Mana: A measure of your ability to use magic.
  31. Currently there are four schools of magic, Summoning, Enchanting, Casting and Mysticism.
  33. Each is broad on purpose; this is a harem quest not a magic quest. But they will play a relatively important part in the narrative. There are currently seven levels to each skill, Untrained, Novice, Weak, Average, Strong, Expert and Master. These provide a -50, -30, -10, 0, +10, +30 and +50 to the respective rolls for magic. There may be more levels, but you will have to find out or reach these levels yourself.
  35. You have encountered at least one person with "Legendary", level skills, which grant +75 to rolls.
  37. Going to class, getting help from Harem members and spending Protag points can advance your powers in each area.
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