Jackson Keres

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  1. » I N F O
  2. Name: Jackson Keres
  3. Height and Weight: 5'11 & 198Lb
  4. Age: 18
  5. Deck: D/D/D
  6. Dorm/Position:
  7. Gender: Male
  8. Birthday: July 19th
  9. Marital Status: Single as hell
  11. » L I K E S
  12. Drink: Tea
  13. Food: Cheesy food, mainly swiss cheese!
  14. Day or Night: Yes
  15. Snacks:  Light snacks, not really keen on it.... but mainly chips, those are easy and fast to eat.
  16. Quote: "Who the hell says you can't like dark stuff while keeping a smile on your face?"
  17. Colour: Green
  18. Sexuality: Bi
  20. » L O O K S
  21. Eye colour: Blonde hair
  22. Hair colour: Dark Orange eyes
  25. » A B I L I T I E S
  26. Dueling Skills:
  27. Physical Prowess: About average, doesn't like working out too much.
  28. Other Talents: Can skate board pretty damn well
  29. Weakness: Never can really pick one thing, his mind sorta just makes it hard to pick it besides some duels. Causal duels he is clumsy.  
  31. »B A C K S T O R Y
  32. Jackson is the sort of kid who really makes stupid choices but also somehow comes out on top of the world at the end of the day. During his childhood he mad some(a lot) of stupid choices that lead to many broken bones but he kept pushing on. Other times he got mocked for liking cute stuff and darker things at the same time... kids are dicks in school, more or less. He did grow up with a stable household with his grandmother. HIs grandmother,having been a pro duelist at one point, showed him all he really knew from the scratch and beat it into his head to be humble about winning since he had a cocky streak going through him after beating his bully of 'friends' in school.  Anyway, he never really got to find  out about his parents besides they went to a trip and never returned, having went off the radar after a month of their trip into Greece, something about going to a ruin. Though he did know he looks like his father and talks like his mother, having picked up a verbal tick SOMEHOW....his grandmother, his grandmother had the tick. Luckily he can keep it off.  He doesn't have a goal, besides becoming pro so time well tell what he will do
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