Ludum Dare Rating System

Jun 25th, 2016
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  1. Suppose a person opens your game page...
  2. If that person awards you any stars or writes feedback, then their C score increases by 1, and your R score increases by 1.
  4. Leaving a category N/A means this person is not scoring your game in that category. It doesn't not count as zero.
  6. Then D for both users is updated with the following computation:
  8. D = 50 + R - 5*sqrt(min(C,100))
  10. The games are sorted by their D score, such that those with the lowest D scores appear on the front page in the "Play and Rate Games" list.
  12. Then the rating stage closes.
  14. Because of the use of N/A, each category your game is rated on will have a number of ratings less-than-or-equal-to your R score.
  16. In each category, your highest rating is removed (eg, one 5 star rating, if you have any 5 star ratings.)
  17. In each category, your lowest rating is removed (eg, one 1 star rating, if you have any 1 star ratings.)
  19. If the total number of ratings in a category is less-than 15 (after these two removals), then you don't get an average score computed.
  20. If the total number of ratings in a category is greater-than-or-equal-to 15 (after these two removals), then these numbers are averaged together (mean) and rounded to two decimal places (x.xx) and that becomes your score in that category.
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