Butter Cookies and Cream

Nov 27th, 2016
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  1. >"Gidd'yup, Master!"
  2. >The charming daily mantra spoken by a sweet, soft voice is undescribable.
  3. >And the smell of lavender roses dancing all around your nose...
  4. >The bubblegum-pink-maned sweetheart that's taking care of you ever since last night is the closest thing to perfection.
  5. >Fluttershy.
  6. "Uhh... excuse me, Master? You need to wake up... if you want to, I'm not pushing you, really... but you need to go to school, and..."
  7. >As she rambled on about your scholarship duty, you continue your own golden nap.
  8. >Thy sleep is far above from sacred for thou.
  9. >"Master?"
  10. >But after all...
  11. >"MASTER!?!?"
  12. >Your wonderland is one dream away...
  14. >You suddenly feel something slippery rushing through your forehead alongside an avalanche of hard breathings and sobs.
  15. >You broke her down to tears.
  16. >Now you ruined it.
  17. >All you could hear is "P-Please...Something..."
  18. >The rest is inaudible.
  19. >You really didn't want to harm anyone, did you?
  20. >With that said, extending an arm out of the blankets, you wrap the yellow damsel in mistress.
  21. >You reach one of her ears and whisper...
  22. "Sorry, it's all right darling... easy, easy..."
  23. >While slowly running your hand through her mane, she slowly ceases crying.
  24. >That was one hell of a wake-up, was it?
  25. >A minute after, her sorrow tears comes to a full end.
  26. >In that exact moment, you finally open your eyes, and talk to her softly...
  27. "I'll wake up, sweetheart. Go and make me breakfast in the meantime, please."
  28. >She nervously nods and leaves.
  29. >And was also dressed in that small french maid outfit you said you loved at the store yesterday.
  30. >It really fits in every curve and line of hers.
  31. >You really want to fuc...huh?
  32. >You check the time.
  33. >It's tuesday.
  34. >Not even close to weekend.
  35. >Why it has to be so painful?
  37. >Rushing one floor below, you search for the kitchen.
  38. >Blame your house for being way too big for you.
  39. >Until Fluttershy calls in...
  40. >"Breakfast served, Master!"
  41. >And that's your compass to this known but yet unknown sea.
  42. >After a bit of rush in through some places, you finally manage to find the yellow maid you were looking for.
  43. >She was carrying a plate filled with chocolate-chip cookies over her barrel, and without even one falling out of it.
  44. >God praise that small bastard...
  45. >Or should he? A cookie from the plate abruptly falls, but you're quick enough to catch it mid-air.
  46. >While you put it back in its place, you attempt to adjust some chairs for her to accomodate herself.
  47. >Yeah, he should...no, he MUST.
  48. >Silently you grab one of those precious treats while Fluttershy's not looking.
  49. >Slow and steady, not to look suspicious-
  51. >And all of a nervous sudden, hiding your arm underneath the table, she begins to count the cookies with an incredibly suggestive look.
  52. >I-It's not like you took the whole thing, we were going to eat them anyways...
  53. >"Masteeeer~"
  54. "Yeah?"
  55. >Inching closer to you, she whispers to your ear...
  56. >"I see you took one..."
  58. -------
  60. >Night.
  61. >The darkest of them all.
  62. >So dark cold and dull colors lurk from the shadows.
  63. >Light? There is no such thing on a time like this.
  64. >It was about time to get on your couch to watch at live TV who was the winner of A Day With Melody.
  65. >Long story short, you're a fan of classic music.
  66. >...More of a modern classic, like mixing hats and snares with pianos and violins.
  67. >The only pers...pony in the world to ever pull off that sort of thing and still keep enough of both is her.
  68. >Octavia Melody.
  69. >The thing is, you signed for this yesterday...what? You were bored and Fluttershy was out for groceries, what could you do?
  70. >*And the winner is...*
  71. >Eagerness, desire and hope fills your soul, neverending joy wanting to be released, should the winner be you.
  72. >Octavia takes a paper out of a bag with her muzzle, shuffling it to give bigger chances for anybody.
  73. >She presents it to the host, who takes it away from her and shows the paper to the camera, available for the world to see the name of...
  74. >..."Anon. E. Moose"...
  75. >...
  76. >...This is the calm before a storm...
  77. >...
  79. >Unmeasurable amounts of joy, pride and good moods kick the darkness of the room away.
  80. >Screaming in pleasurable agony, you call out for Fluttershy, but to your surprise, nobody came.
  83. >*Well, 'cough' Anon, you'll find Octavia by tomorrow morning at your home, Congratulations and see you in the next weekend everybody!*
  84. Turning the television off, you lay across the couch with a psychopath-like ear-to-ear smile.
  85. >Sweet dreams, flutter...butter...
  87. >The chirping warning beep of your alarm bursts through your ears...wait.
  88. >You don't have morning alarms.
  89. >Fluttershy wakes you up every morning.
  90. >Could it be...?
  91. "Right up! One sec!"
  92. >Adjusting some of the most obvious flaws from after sleep, you reach for the door and pull it open to present you...
  93. >...That's right. Octavia freaking Melody.
  94. >Light purple eyes wrapped in a grey coat, black hair tipping at the top of her head, a small purple treble clef stamped on her flank.
  95. >Carrying a cello on her barrel, she gives you a warm smile and speaks with a soft, french accent...
  96. >"Hello, monsieur Master."
  97. >...
  98. >Where are the positive outcomes when you need them the most?
  99. >You stare at her in disgust, wincing and running your fingers through your head, stressed out.
  100. >Where did the contract say that Octavia has to actually BE yours now.
  101. >Oh, might as well ask.
  102. "..."
  103. >This is literally your deepest dream. Why question the how or why of the state? Enjoy it!
  104. >You give her a darkened grin and let her in.
  106. >"I want to hear one of your songs, please."
  107. >"Which one?"
  108. "Any."
  109. >Make me choose, sir."
  110. >Her light red tint on her cheeks and cute sad look plus an innocent hoof on her chin is enough for you to work that out.
  111. "Do Charming Midnight."
  112. >"Yes, Master."
  113. >Everytime Octavia calls you 'Master' or 'Sir' sends chills through your prejudiced spine.
  114. >Like she CHOSE to be a slave.
  115. >She AGREED to this.
  116. >...
  117. >...Fluttershy didn't.
  118. >She'd cry, she'd whine, she'd moan and tremble her way through her work and punishment, either she wanted or not.
  119. >Octavia looks fearless, and disguises that with cute and sad looks.
  120. >If you were to punish her, she'd never bat an eyelid.
  121. >That's the feeling you get when you look at her, and how she speaks. You can see through her.
  122. >"Can you give me the head start, sir?"
  123. "Now."
  124. >And without a vocal response, and with her cello standing next to the wall, she jumps her forelegs off the floor and tries to keep balance with her hindlegs.
  125. >And takes in the attempt of walking.
  126. >Or so you thought. She abruptly sets her weight on the wall, leaving her forelegs there, on the floor.
  127. >And begins to move like that towards the cello.
  128. >In the meantime, she swishes her tail once or twice, leaving her bits and pieces absolutely exposed some of the times.
  129. >To be honest, you'd take her from the back raw.
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