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  1. HP1
  2. x264 [info]: frame I:1906  Avg QP:19.55  size:141218  PSNR Mean Y:46.94 U:51.67 V:53.69 Avg:47.98 Global:47.79
  3. x264 [info]: frame P:47050 Avg QP:20.79  size: 73462  PSNR Mean Y:46.00 U:52.69 V:54.62 Avg:47.10 Global:46.77
  4. x264 [info]: frame B:170224 Avg QP:21.75  size: 38314  PSNR Mean Y:44.92 U:51.44 V:53.69 Avg:46.07 Global:45.81
  7. HP2
  8. x264 [info]: frame I:1937  Avg QP:19.36  size:113936  PSNR Mean Y:47.93 U:51.26 V:52.44 Avg:48.87 Global:48.70
  9. x264 [info]: frame P:44947 Avg QP:20.84  size: 53736  PSNR Mean Y:47.23 U:50.54 V:51.77 Avg:48.17 Global:47.93
  10. x264 [info]: frame B:158282 Avg QP:21.91  size: 24454  PSNR Mean Y:46.10 U:49.64 V:51.19 Avg:47.09 Global:46.90
  13. HP3
  14. x264 [info]: frame I:1666  Avg QP:18.81  size:188094  PSNR Mean Y:48.21 U:51.16 V:51.66 Avg:49.00 Global:48.56
  15. x264 [info]: frame P:50570 Avg QP:20.32  size: 80533  PSNR Mean Y:47.11 U:50.98 V:51.25 Avg:47.99 Global:46.75
  16. x264 [info]: frame B:151612 Avg QP:22.10  size: 30229  PSNR Mean Y:45.23 U:49.06 V:49.96 Avg:46.20 Global:45.84
  19. HP4
  20. x264 [info]: frame I:1664  Avg QP:19.14  size:104347  PSNR Mean Y:49.37 U:53.64 V:54.65 Avg:50.36 Global:49.92
  21. x264 [info]: frame P:52519 Avg QP:20.40  size: 58076  PSNR Mean Y:48.19 U:52.60 V:53.67 Avg:49.21 Global:48.55
  22. x264 [info]: frame B:171803 Avg QP:22.26  size: 21767  PSNR Mean Y:46.81 U:51.78 V:52.95 Avg:47.92 Global:47.46
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