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  1. **Basic Information:**
  2. Full Name: Najimi Angnor
  3. Nicknames/Titles: The One Woman Army, the Fury of Sahasraland
  4. Gender: Female
  5. Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  6. Age: Prefers not to think about it
  7. Race: Altered Human
  8. Story/Past: She was a rare woman soldier in her first life, which was ended by a dark cult which rounded her and a dozen other virgin women up to offer to their dark god. Najimi was the final sacrifice, and as she lay on the stone alter with her heart still beating in another man’s hands, the gate between worlds swung wide open. Due to some cosmic quirk, the entity that peeked through chose her as the receptacle for its power. A new false heart grew in her chest, and as her unworthy body was overwhelmed with energy she could scarcely hope to control, she lashed out with terrible strength and eviscerated the cultists in a blind rage.
  9.  When she regained her senses, she was far away from the sanctum of the now dead cult, with only fragments of recollection of the atrocities carried out there. She only had one desire, and that was to act upon the will of her new Master, a being from another plane that told her to call it Lucaster.
  10. **Character Appearance:**
  11. Hair: Black and kept in a long braided ponytail that reaches her mid-back.
  12. Skin: The color of rich cinnamon.
  13. Eyes: Brown as dark honey.
  14. Build: Athletic and voluptuous.
  15. Height: Five feet, seven inches. (a smidge over 170 cm)
  16. Weight: 135 pounds (a bit over 61 kilograms)
  17. Clothing: Prefers lighter clothing that allows her freedom of movement, like loose pants and shirts or stretchy tights.
  18. Markings (Scars, Tattoo's etc):
  19.     A line under her rib cage when her chest was sliced open and her heart was removed. A few small nicks and old cuts on her arms and hands from her time as a swordswoman.
  20. Breasts: - 34 D (Middle-large, perfect handfuls.)
  21. Asshole: - Tighter
  22. Vagina: - Tight, with a freckle of the left lip and usually kept neatly trimmed with only a neat patch of fuzz at the top.
  23. **Personality**
  24. General Happiness: She’s only happy when she isn’t thinking, which is easy enough to accomplish given her abilities and endless capacity for fucking off.
  25. Social Level: Total outcast, a feared enigma.
  26. Optimistic/Pessimistic: Generally optimistic, save for stretches of low mood.
  27. Positive Personality Traits:
  28. Ultra-confident.
  29. Playful.
  30. Inquisitive.
  31. Finds joy in her work.
  32. Has a knack for showmanship.
  33. Loves the company of animals and is a fast friend to beasts.
  34. Is nearly as good a lover as she is a fighter.
  35. Are girl abs a personality trait?
  36. Negative Personality Traits:
  37. Doesn’t have a serious bone in her body.
  38. Is quick to anger and violence.
  39. Has no concept of self-preservation both in terms of her physical body and her social standing.
  40. Has a macabre and gross sense of humor.
  41. Lacks respect for all but her Master.
  42. Can be crass, crude, and unrefined.
  43.  Prone to wild mood swings from manic energy to extreme bouts of depression.
  44. **General Character Info:**
  45. Relationship Status: Taken (by an incomprehensible cosmic entity)
  46. Place of Residence: Presently technically homeless.
  47. Place of Birth: A small village in the outer territories of Sahasraland.
  48. Occupation: Murder hobo.
  49. Enemies: Whomever her master tells her to kill and anyone who tries to stop her.
  50. Wealth Status: The only currencies she carries are her (rawkin) ass and her ability to tear a man limb from limb.
  51. Family: One surviving member.
  52. Parents:
  53.     - Father: A farmer and militiaman who only wanted the best for his daughters but was shocked when both of them strayed so far from the traditional roles for women in their village.
  54.     - Mother: A farmer’s wife who instilled in her daughters a fierce independence and knew an excellent recipe for shepherd’s pie
  55. Siblings:
  56.     - Brother: N/A
  57.     - Sister: One, a sister who these days uses the name Allura who ran away from home and joined a caravan. She works as a prostitute and circus performer in the big cities of central Sahasraland.
  58. Religion/Philosophy: All gods but Lucaster are some punk ass bitches.
  60. Gratuitous violence
  61. The look on people’s faces when she survives something she really shouldn’t have
  62. The circus and live performances in general
  63. Music
  64. Eating
  65. Hunky guys
  66. Strong women
  67. Large breasts
  68. Big ol dongs.
  69. The dankest of herb.
  70. Doing dope shit.
  71. Favourite Foods: Cheeses, **Meats**, breads, her mother’s shepherd’s pie, fruits, especially plums, and chocolate.
  72. Favourite Drinks: anything alcoholic or chocolate flavored.
  73. Favourite Colours: Purple and green.
  74. Dislikes:
  75. Vegetables
  76. People who talk too much when she’s just going to kill them anyway
  77. Being on fire.
  78. The open ocean.
  79. The dark.
  80. Thinking about her life too much.
  81. Men who touch her without permission.
  82. People who take things too seriously.
  83. Running, but only when she has to chase someone.
  84. Hobbies:
  85. Martial arts
  86. Can play the pan flute with some proficiency
  87. Fencing
  88. Gymnastics and other athletic disciplines that help improve her physicality.
  89. Can free climb like a boss.
  90. Belly dancing
  91. Loves to sing even if her voice leaves much to be desired
  92. Finding new and creative ways to kill people with her bare hands.
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