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  1. [19:28] After idling about in Crafthold the Ra'Kamel decided to return to its dwelling, It had learned much from its battle against the young magi boy but there was still things it had to improve upon especially with its occultic anti magic. It was too unrefined and far too uncontrolled. If he had been facing off against a magi of more strength he wouldn't have defeated them as easily. This was something the Umbral understood well.
  3. Demonic magic flowed easily for demons and very few take the time to actually take full control of their powers. While others choose to avoid learning the magic as a whole. Ra'Kamel was not of that brand he would need to devote himself to learning and mastery of his power. Beyond that of his natural strength of a demon.
  5. It needed to push through the realm of occultism and draw more power from the void. That way it could facilitate even more growth within itself. The demon sat within its dwelling meditating allowing its body to becovered in a thin veil of occultism.
  7. (Ra'Kamel)
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  10. [19:38] In order for himself to understand the depths of his power he would first need to understand his limits using dark magics one could drain life ,curse, corrupt, and other wise torment their foes in various ways all of which cause significant harm to their foes.
  12. Since evolving the armor like Tyrium skin he adorned allowed him to control anti magic without any negative effect towards him. Ra'Kamel was also able to reduce the flow of anti magic that it produced by merely storing and metabolizing the magic within its own body.
  14. Utilizing that concept the demon would subdue its own occultism. Forcing it deeper within its body the power to drain the life force and the power to drain mana were quite similar in nature if not for targeting different areas of the soul. Yet it true upon the same instinct to nullify the target by draining a vital source of energy.
  16. As the demon forced the two powers to dwell within him his body tensing at the reversed flow of occultism that surged throughout its body sparks of grey streaks appeared in flashes but the demon would not notice them. It only felt the growing power as both the anti magic and his own demonic magic forces continued to devour each other aiming for dominance.
  17. (Ra'Kamel)
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  20. [19:46] After all he was a demon there would be no peace near or round him not even his own magic would be at peace with one another instead they would collect and collide against one another until a primary force was recognized. But within that there was power, the power of chaos that surged between the two opposite forces colliding against each other.
  22. And as that chaos began to generate the two forces came to a calm Swirling together slowly devouring another in perpetual fulfillment and destruction. An Ouroboros of magic that continued to flow as the demon would not gain full mastery of his abilites just yet he would gain significant refinement of is abilites from this session something he knew had to be tested immediately.
  24. Ra'Kamel diving deeper into its meditative state, feeling more control of its occultic power but the mixing of the two powers within him was still a force he could not yet fully understand or manipulate he could feel the surges of negative anti magic particles swirling within him despite the animosity his two powers felt for each other combined they created a brand of occultism that was powerful to wield.
  26. Now all that was required was to reconnect its mind to the void. The deep hole within space and time where it drew the majority of its power from, the voids only purpose was to create more chaotic magic forces and as demons were the perfect expression of such Ra'Kamel was sent to become its champion. Along with other chosen upon Agartha.
  27. (Ra'Kamel)
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  30. [19:54] The mayhem virus that swelled within the demon had yet to be activated perhaps due to a lack of understanding of its true nature but it remained there until otherwise stated. As the demon pushed forth with its newly acquired powers it aimed to reach its mind into the void even though it could not physically enter its soul still emanated from this point.
  32. As it attempted to pull itself in the endless current of madness the demon would realize the true nature of the void. As it did the lifestream wanted to facilitate life encourage it and lead all creation towards its directed plan. In opposition the void wanted to turn everything to nothingness to return the world Kraus created into a endless cycle of destruction and chaos that reigned for many years to come.
  34. And through this the demon could feel its rage for the mortals building. While some were capable and worthy to assist there were others who followed Huangzhou and Gehenna those who would follow Angels to their death beds. Something the demon would not allow. If anyone would step in its way of knowledge it would have to destroy them entirely as the void had commanded him too.
  36. Will pulling small traces of magic from the void the demon had finally connected some portion of his power to the great rift. Yet still it was not enough to fully grasp. The only try way he would be in sync with the void again was to enter it physically. Something he would aim to do in time. As the demon concluded its session it would stare towards the cavern walls using its newly found magic power to crush and obliterate nearby boulders.
  38. It still had some practice to do but it would not give up its desire to follow the voids will and to become a connection towards those who sought it. Leaning this brand of occultism reminded the demon of its true nature within the void.
  39. (Ra'Kamel)
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