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  1. command /ninja [<text>]:
  2.  permission: Admin
  3.  trigger:
  4.   if arg is "true":
  5.    set {shinobi.%uuid of player%} to 1
  6.    hide player in tablist of all players
  7.    hide player from all players
  8.    broadcast "&e%player% left the game" #ここのメッセージは自由に自鯖のログアウトメッセージに合わせてください
  9.    send "&9NinjaMode &aEnable!!! &9AIEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!???"
  10.   else if arg is "false":
  11.    set {shinobi.%uuid of player%} to 0
  12.    reveal player from all players
  13.    show player in tablist of all players
  14.    send "&9NinjaMode &cDisable!!! &9AIEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!???"
  15.    broadcast "&7 %player% &ehas joined the game!" #ここのメッセージは自由に自鯖のログインメッセージに合わせてください
  16.   else:
  17.    send "&cError&4:&8 argが true と false どちらでもありません"
  18.    send "&8/ninja (true/false)"
  20. on tab complete:
  21.  loop all players:
  22.   {shinobi.%uuid of loop-player%} is 1
  23.   remove "%loop-player%" from completions
  25. on join:
  26.  wait 1 tick
  27.  loop all players:
  28.   {shinobi.%uuid of loop-player%} is 1
  29.   hide loop-player from player
  30.   hide loop-player in tablist of player
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