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David Cameron's comments on encryption (12/01/15)

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Jan 14th, 2015
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  1. Transcript of David Cameron's comments on encryption (12/01/14):
  3. On how we have the right legal framework to enable us to intercept the communications of potential terrorists, there are two issues. One, communications data rather than the content of a call. That vital data is crucial not only in terrorism, but in finding missing people, in murder investigations, in serious crime investigations.
  5. What is important is that we can access that data. We have legislated in this Parliament to safeguard that data, which was threatened by EU action. But it is important that we can get this data when people use more modern methods through the internet.
  7. More contentious is accessing the content of communications. The same problem exists. Will we be able to access that as new ways of communicating develop. I have a simple principle, which will be at the heart of the legislation necessary - in our country, do we want to allow a means of communication which even in extremis and with a warrant signed by the Home Secretary we cannot read. Up until now governments of this country have said no. That's why in extremis it has been possible to read someone's letter or listen to their telephone call. That cannot happen unless the Home Secretary signs a warrant.
  9. The first duty of any govt is to keep our country and people safe. The Paris attacks demonstrated the scale of the threat and the fact we need robust powers to keep our people safe. The powers we need on communications data and content are right for a liberal modern democracy. We legislated recently on communications data, we said the legislation would fall in 2016, when the next govt will have to legislate. If I am PM, I will make sure it is comprehensive legislation that ensures we do not allow terrorists safe space to communicate with each other.
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