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  1. MODS
  2. -----
  3. Astikoor-10.0.3 -adds wagon and plow that can be dragged behind a mount
  4. AutoRegLib-1.3-14 -Core mod for Quark
  5. Baubles-1.12-1.5.1 -add accessory slots in game
  6. CFM-4.1.5-mc1.12 -adds a bunch of decorative blocks
  7. chiselsandbits-14.9 -adds the ability to build almost anything with 1 pixel blocks
  8. CustomNPCs_1.12.2(29oct17) -adds cusotmizable npcs, quests, and factions into game
  9. dark roleplay core alpha- -coremod for dark roleplay medieval
  10. Dark Roleplay Medieval-0.2.3 -adds new crafting for awesome new blocks/item WIP
  11. decocraft-2.5.2 - adds a HUGE amount of awesome decor for everyones likings!
  12. Extrabitmanipulation-1.12-3.2.1 -adds new features to chiselsandbits like armor craft
  13. grapplemod-1.12-v10 -adds grappleing hooks for getting aorudn those pesky places
  14. Gravestones-1.10.0 -the alternative to safe death!
  15. immersiveengineering-0.12-74 -an immersive spin on old day Tech mods!
  16. ImmersiveEngineering-0.12-74-core -coremod for immersive engineering
  17. jei_1.12.2- - a convenience mod crafting recipes itme viewing and more!
  18. JustAFewFish-1.5.2_for_1.10.2 -a mod that adds just a few fish
  19. Mantle-1.12- -coremod for Natura
  20. MCA-1.10.2-5.2.3-universal -a mod that replaces old testificate villagers
  21. Nature-1.12- -a nature mod adds new plants, trees, blocks, and craftables!
  22. Pam's HarvestCraft 1.12.2a -adds TONs of new plants, veggies, tree, foods, and misc!
  23. Quark-r1.3-114 -a quite extensive utility/decor mod that even add animated emotes!!!
  24. RadixCore-1.12.x-2.2.1 -Coremod for MCA
  25. Reforged-0.7.5-1.12 -a new version of the old fave Balkon's weapon mod!
  26. rpginventory-1.12- -a mod that adds a couple new accessories
  27. rustic-0.4.3 -a decor and utility mod adds a bunch of nice blocks and usable features!
  28. SpartanShields-1.12-1.3a -adds awesome new shield to the game! all usable!
  29. ToughAsNails-1.12- -adds thirst nuggets, body temp and seasons
  30. VariedCommodities_1.12.2(29oct17)-adds a ton of new items! from cusotmNPC's NOPPES!
  31. Wawla-1.12.2-2.5.246 -displays item tooltips!
  34. -------
  35. CatClearLag-0.8
  36. CommandBooks-v1.4.0
  37. CommandSigns-API-6.0.0-1.3.1
  38. craftbook-sponge-S7.0-4.0-SNAPSHOT-dist
  39. crazyfeet-sponge-Api-7-1.1.1
  40. EMPSponge7
  41. griefprevention-1.12.1-
  42. HuskyCrates.API6.1-7
  43. HuskyUI-v0.4.0-API7
  44. ItemAuction-0.6.5
  45. ItemChat-1.2.1
  46. LuckPerms-Sponge-3.4.67
  47. MMCRules-1.1-API-5.0.0
  48. ModBanner-1.1.1
  49. NTCore-1.9-shaded
  50. NT-RPG-1.0.8-shaded
  51. NT-RPG-Skills-1.0.0
  52. Nucleus-1.2.0-SNAPSHOT-S7.0-MC1.12.2-plugin
  53. projectcore-7.0.0-0.2.0
  54. stackban-7.0.0-0.3.0
  55. TotalEconomy-1.7.1-API_7
  56. worldedit-sponge-6.1.9-SNAPSHOT-dist
  57. XPParty-1.0
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