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Dadonequus Discord Part 251

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  1. >You both step outside to the car. Rainbow Dash was checking the passenger door again, she was trying to figure out how to prevent anyone from keeping it unlocked.
  2. >Pinkie was outside, next to her. Looking up at the sky as it started to turn to night. Crap, you were running out of time.
  3. "Yo guys, look who's coming to dinner!"
  4. >You call their attention, Rainbow Dash stopping what she is doing and Pinkie turning immediately to the both of you with a smile
  5. >"Hey....you" Rainbow Dash had already forgotten Twilight's name, but she hovered up to her and held her hoof to her "Can I get a hoofbump! ya know, since we're about to meet the old princess and be friends and stuff?" Rainbow Dash was acting...off.
  6. >Pinkie was observing as Twilight just looked at her hoof confused. Then up to her, then looked to Pinkie herself. "That pony over there is the one with the "sense", right?" Twilight pointed to Pinkie.
  7. >........dammit.
  8. >"Uhhhh, yeah. You don't want to give a hoof bump or say hi or...ok then" Rainbow Dash is stopped as Twilight immediately marches over to Pinkie.
  9. >You step up to Rainbow Dash, who was irked by the whole thing. "What's with her? She didn't even seem interested in being friends at all"
  10. "Well, what was up with you just flying up to her like that? You didn't even remember her name or anything."
  12. >Hey! Don't blame me! She's the one who said I should be super friendly the moment I saw her. I got caught up in trying to do good and forgot her name ok? Gimme a break, my head is mostly filled with the names of criminals." Rainbow Dash took a defensive stance in her speech "Besides, she could have at least said hello herself. Why does she even care about Pinkie's "sense" or whatever you call it?"
  13. >You sigh as you come up with the words for that answer. The answer itself, being rather depressing.
  14. "Because Twilight is in a state right now where she cares about answers more than she cares about friends. But we're getting there, I managed to get her to come out at least. I know theres a heart in there somewhere, the way she reacted to the book was very adorable"
  15. >"Hard to believe, five seconds in and she already acts like everypony else. You sure we need her?" Rainbow Dash barely believed it
  16. "Just trust me, we definitely need her"
  17. >"Hey, you...pony" Twilight said as she walked up to Pinkie. "You're the one with the special sense, right?"
  18. >"Special sense?" Pinkie pointed to herself "Who, me. Do you mean my "Senses I don't actually have a name for yet"? Because my "Senses I don't actually have a name for yet" are a sort of special. I guess" Pinkie shrugged "But that depends on what actual sense goes off first. but lemme tell ya" Pinkie drew closer to her with a big smirk "when it happens, it really happens! Hi, I'm Pinkie Pie. And you must be Twilight Sparkle! How ya doin? Are you reeeeaaalllyyy coming with us to Celestia's? Are ya? Are ya? Because that would be super mega awesome if you did!" Pinkie was enthusiastic even giving a few hops during her chat. Twilight found it daunting.
  20. >"Yeah look, I'm not really big onto the whole friend thing. I mean, if you want to consider me a friend. That's your business. What I'm more interested is in that sense. That colt over there said that it's never ever wrong. And as a mare of science and magic. I find that ridiculously hard to believe. The only reason I'm even interested is because, well" Twilight hesitated. She was partially lying to herself. She didn't really want to be out here at all. But something was driving her to at least try. The kindness you had shown to her, was she trying to compensate for it? Well, it was in her own way. Because as she looked at Pinkie, she was mentally thinking that this was a pony she wouldn't normally give the time of day for. She had to force herself to step out, and the only thing that even made her interested in her was the preposterous notion of future sense. "..Well..."
  21. >"Weeeelllllllll"? Pinkie craned her head towards her with a big smile
  22. >Twilight stepped back, feeling her personal space being invaded. "Look, forget it. Just show me what this sense thing is all about so we can just get going."
  23. >"But I can't just show you" Pinkie states
  24. >"Why not?" Twilight asked, her doubts already raising to critical levels
  25. >"Because I can't just "do it", it just happens. Like..oh see how my tail is twitch twitching right now? It means something is gonna fall from above us." Pinkie's tail was twitching in sight of everyone.
  26. >"What? That's stupid. You're just making it move on it's own" Twilight observed the tail, unconvinced.
  27. >"What in the hay?Are they really just talking about some sort of sense that she has?" Rainbow Dash asks you, observing the entire conversation.
  28. "Twilight got interested in it. And when she gets interested. There's really no way to stop her. What's weird though is that Pinkie's tail is twitching"
  29. >"Yeah, what does that mean?" Rainbow Dash asks, finding the whole thing off
  30. "If I remember, it means...."
  32. >Your eyes trail upwards, and within your sight. You can see on the highest floor of the hotel. some angry mare throwing a huge suitcase out the window as a stallion reached out to try to get it. But couldn't in time.
  33. >And it looked like...ahh shit!
  35. >Twilight looks back at you for just a moment, ignores you, and then goes back to trying to argue that Pinkie was full of nonsense.
  36. >"Anon, what g-HEY! WHAT'S UP!" Rainbow Dash reaches out for you as you dash towards Twilight.
  37. "HYYYYYAH!" You headbutt Twilight out of the way of the suitcase. Or you would have. If the mare didn't throw it hard enough to actually miss her completely and smash onto the top of Rainbow Dash's car.
  38. >You were in a small daze, thinking you had managed to do good as Twilight looks down at you. utterly confused. "And what in the name of Equestria did you do that for?"
  39. "There was a suitcase! It was gonna land on your head! and...wait.."
  40. >You tap at your head. you were fine too. Did you finally become invincible?
  41. "....where'd the suitcase go?"
  42. >"MY CAR! MY AWESOME CAR! NOOOOO!" Rainbow Dash kicked the suitcase off the roof of her car as she caressed her now broken siren lights. "Nonononono! nooooo...you were the coolest set of lights anypony could have ever had. It was because of you that I never missed cider night..." Rainbow Dash was tearing up "There's not even anypony that can fix you...." She reaches up into the air, screaming "WHYYYYYY MEEEEEEE!"
  43. >Pinkie pointed to Rainbow Dash's car with happy, naive, nonchalance "It landed on Rainbow Dash's car"
  45. >"Wait....there really was?" Twilight looked over to the car, and saw the suitcase on top of the bashed in siren lights "And..that came up from." Twilight looked up to see the Stallion, now realizing what the mare did, close the window as quick as he could to cover up the fact it came from his room. Twilight had caught it however. And realized those were the ponies she checked in not too long ago. and arguing couple. "..And it landed.." Twilight looked back at the car. "And your tail predicted.." Twilight looked to Pinkie's tail. "That can't be right. But..." Twilight planted her butt onto the concrete as you stood up and dusted yourself off. She was doing some scientific stuff in her head. She then looked up, and, without Pinkie knowing. She lifted a small bench with her magic and put it right behind her.
  46. >What in the fuck?
  47. "Twilight..what are yo-"
  48. >"Shhhh, I'm experimenting. Pinkie, can you just look at the blue pony's car for a few moments?" Twilight asks, rather politely.
  49. >"Already doing it. I'm actually already thinking of a way to cheer Rainbow Dash up. But...I don't know how to fix siren lights...awww"
  50. >What was she going to do with that bench? You just watch as Twilight raises it high up behind Pinkie, then let's it drop. And the moment it does. Pinkie's tail twitches despite her not even noticing the bench. Twilight catches the bench, tries again, then puts it back down in place. "....How in the"
  52. "So, you believe it now? I wasn't kidding. Her senses are amazing. Whenever they happen. I'm always sure to follow it every single time"
  53. >Twilight was half ignoring you though. "Excuse me, Pinkie Pie, was it? Did you notice anything...behind you just now?"
  54. >Pinkie looked around. But everything looked normal to her. "Nope, was I supposed to?"
  55. >Twilight's eyes went wide "...It's real. That's so fascinating!" Twilight began to rub around on Pinkie, making her giggle and laugh. But Twilight was trying to look for some kind of device. "There has to be something on you that does that."
  56. >Pinkie was just shaking and giggling uncontrollably "hehehehe! That tickles!"
  57. >But again, Twilight ignored it. But she couldn't find anything. And before she could say anything more. Pinkie then grasped onto her and hugged "uhhh, what are you doing?"
  58. >"Giving you a hug, silly! I thought we were being silly and affectionate. That's why you tickled me, right?" Pinkie nuzzled into her as she hugged.
  59. >"Uhhhh...mnnn...." Twilight was about to push her out of the way. But, this feeling. It was a feeling she hadn't felt in awhile. Not even from her family. They were so far away from her at this point. And because she stayed away from them for her own reasons. She had actually forgotten what affection and love was like. "But why would you give ME a hug? I-I don't even like you..."
  60. >Pinkie just hugged tighter "Because I like you. And I have super duper high hopes that maybe you'll like me too. So we can be friends."
  61. >Twilight gulped "D-don't you already have friends?"
  63. >"Yup! But it's always great to make a new one too. In fact, it's even better to introduce friends to other friends. Like right next to you is Nonny!" Pinkie stopped hugging to present you to Twilight. "And nonny! This is Twilight Sparkle! My new friend!"
  64. >"U-uhhm..We've met already. Wait, did you already say we were friends?" Twilight was not super confused
  65. >"Suuuure did Twilight! I can already tell we're gonna be super good friends, and go on adventures, and fix friendship problems, and stop evil bad guys from doing evil things!" Pinkie said, with positivity and energy in her tone
  66. >You cringed, even you could tell Pinkie was laying it on thick
  67. >But Twilight didn't say anything against it. Instead, she asked. "And..you were the one who bought the Daring Do book?"
  68. >Pinkie nodded "Yup! Good guess! I gave it to Nonny, who gave it to you. And I'm so so glad. I bet the smile on your face was so sweet. I just bet you were the happiest pony ever right at the moment he gave it to you"
  69. >"Yeah...." Twilight Sparkle was feeling a huge amount of shame. She didn't even know why she was feeling it. She was trying to stay the course. But she just couldn't. Her heart was hurting. And this pink pony. Was filling it up with something she hadn't felt since she was very young. "Pinkie, I....want to be your friend. T-that is if youAADSFSDFDS"
  70. >Pinkie immediately hugged her tightly the moment she gave in "YES!YES!YES!YES! OF COURSE I DO. I WAS ALREADY SAYING IT AND NOW YOU WANT IT SO NOW I'M GIVING IT YES!"
  71. >And while all this was going on, Rainbow Dash sobbed for her broken siren lights.
  73. >with everything said and done. Everyone got into the car to head to Celestia's.
  74. >Rainbow Dash was leaning forward, growling silently and muttering that she was going to have to pay extra to get new sirens made out of her own pocket.
  75. >Twilight felt stupid that she had put away the Daring Do into her safe slot under her desk. Because She was trying so hard not to tell Pinkie to shut up as Pinkie tells her EVERYTHING about herself. Twilight was just smiling awkwardly, and nodding. She actually wanted to question her about her senses. But Pinkie just wouldn't stop. Twilight was doing her best to be a friend.
  76. >Oh please...don't let this go wrong. It was already getting late.
  77. >Rainbow Dash stops by the house, the tower's pole with the sun at the top giving off a slight glow from the moonlight piercing the industrial air.
  78. >"This is the place, right?" Rainbow Dash asks.
  79. "Yeah, this is it."
  80. >You step out first, Rainbow Dash being stopped short as Pinkie Pie opens her door and steps out. Taking a deep breath of air, and then coughing. "ogh, ohhh. I forgot, the air isn't too nice." Pinkie stepped aside as she rubbed her own throat. Letting Twilight out.
  81. >Twilight steps out and looks towards the house. "Celestia....I'm actually going to meet her." She was internally hoping the stories of her going insane weren't true. This was a dream come true for her. A dream she had avoided due to the feeling of not being worthy and the worry that Celestia would not be the same one she wanted to meet, mentally speaking.
  82. >Rainbow Dash just grumbled as she waited for them to step aside so she could get off of her seat. She hated the fact that even making some minor adjustments that Pinkie could still open the door.
  83. >As she stepped out and closed the door. The siren lights came completely off the top and smacked into her side mirror. Cracking it. "OHHH COME ON!"
  85. >You look back after hearing the cracking noise. and move over to the angry mare to look at the mirror. Poor Rainbow Dash. It was like the karma of the RD you knew was biting her ass instead.
  86. "Hey Rainbow Dash, it's alright...look."
  87. >You take out a few sets of bits and put them next to her.
  88. "Here, this should pay for everything, I think"
  89. >"awww Anon." Rainbow Dash pulls her cap down, to hide her soft eyes and embarrassed face "It's cool. You don't have to do that. If you give me too much anyway it might go down in value"
  90. "Are you sure?"
  91. >Awwww....you'd give her a hug after looking so cute. But you didn't want to break her tough bravado.
  92. >"I'm-"
  93. >And right as she speaks. the side mirror comes off completely, lands on the ground, and cracks in a few spots.
  94. >"Just going to take these and use them for later..." Rainbow Dash raises her hat and takes the bits. letting out an absolutely defeated and nervous chuckle.
  95. >Christ. W-well, at least she had the money to repair it.
  96. >"Ok...it's fine." Rainbow Dash took a few small breaths "If anything, I can take out my anger on some criminal scum when I get back. That should be fine. heh"
  97. >Y-yeah, that seemed legal.
  98. "Sure"
  99. >you let out a sheepish titter
  100. "But um, remember. We still need to do this thing. There's gonna be some good food."
  101. >"I sure hope so, because I'm as hungry as I am angry. And boy, am I angry."
  103. >Hopefully the food would calm her.
  104. >When you looked back. Twilight was already at the door. Pinkie was sitting in place. Practicing her "Hi, I'm Pinkie Pie! what's your name" Greeting.
  105. >You walk up to her, and was going to ask her why she was saying that. But then you remembered you never mentioned Sunset Shimmer. So for the sake of Pinkie being friendly with that greeting. You'd leave her alone.
  106. >Twilight was raising her hoof already, hesitating to knock. Rainbow Dash steps past you, gathering optimism the best she could. She was already in a sour mood due to her car.
  107. >Pinkie swoops up right next to Twilight, and knocks on the door.
  108. >It takes a moment. But Sunset starts speaking from behind the door. "Who is it?"
  109. >"Pinkie Pie!" Pinkie says immediately upon Sunset ending her sentence.
  110. >"Pinkie Pie?..Erm, Anon are you there?" Sunset asks
  111. "Yup, Can we come in?"
  112. >Oh man...here it comes.
  113. >Sunset unlocks the door, and opens it. "Yeah and....woah" Sunset was caught offguard by the fact you managed to bring three ponies over. "Are you all with Anon?"
  114. >"Yuppity yup yup yup! I'm the pony who answered the door first! And now it's your turn to say your name! And then we can hug!...wait! NAHHHH!" Pinkie darts over to her and hugs her "I'll hug you anyway!"
  115. >Sunset felt this was incredibly awkward already, she reaches her hoof back and pats Pinkie on the back very slowly. Creeped out by her sudden hug. "I-I'm Sunset Shimmer, and erm..Hi? Welcome to Princess Celestia's"
  116. >"Princess? I thought she wasn't one anymore." Rainbow Dash said as she stepped inside and looked around "Yeesh...what a dump."
  117. >..oh wait....there was the cuntyness you knew her for.
  119. >"Excuse me?" Sunset pulls away from Pinkie and confronts Rainbow Dash "She was still YOUR princess at one point. And she was the best ruler Equestria ever had" Sunset started poking at her chest very very hard "Are you going to tell me those two morons are better than her?! Huh? Because Princess Celestia would never let the forests or grasslands become wastelands! Or let the air get so polluted! tch, why did you even come here if you were just going to be a jerk!"
  120. >Rainbow Dash stepped back, she motioned with her hooves that she didn't want any trouble. She even looked genuinely sorry. "Hey! Relax! sheesh, I didn't say all that. I was just making some comments. Sorry. I didn't mean nothing by it you know. I just thought it sounded weird."
  121. >You rushed up to Sunset and rubbed her side.
  122. "Sunset, Sunset, it's ok. She's here to join us for dinner. She's kinda been having a bad night. But she didn't mean anything by it. I swear."
  123. >Defending Rainbow Dash...wew...
  124. >But it was true. She wasn't having the best of nights.
  125. >"Fine...But watch your tone ok?" Sunset pulls away her hoof from RD's chest "Princess Celestia is sensitive, it's easy to upset her. So please, watch what you say."
  126. >"Ok ok, I promise. I didn't know"
  127. >Twilight looks past into the next room. And notices a young mare putting down some food on a table. The table itself had a shitton of food on it. Everything from Fruit salads, cooked Hay with dressing, Mashed potatoes, bread rolls, Rice and beans, desserts everywhere. Even a flipping punch bowl. There was a small chocoloate statue, and corn on the cob, sandwichs, Pizza...Pizza?...sure ok. tacos...and...burritos...nachos...casseroles. Holy shit....and many many more. how the fuck was everybody supposed to eat all this?
  129. >"Woah..." Rainbow Dash noticed as she licked her lips "Now THAT'S a spread. Trust me Sunset..." Rainbow Dash walks past her, mesmerized by the food. "I ain't gonna complain about any of this. oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm so gonna have some of that hay lasagna! And some pizza! and cake! And OHHHHHHH...THAT PUNCH BOWL IS FILLED WITH CIDER!OHHH YEAAAH! THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!" Rainbow Dash says as she walks into the dining room and eyes all the food. "I can't waiiiiitttt to start eating"
  130. >Pinkie Pie however, walks up to "Nymous", who was setting some food on the table. She recognized her, and Nymous didn't seem to please to see her again.
  131. >Sunset looks to you, surprised. "How did you do it? I didn't think you'd be able to get this many ponies to show up at all"
  132. >...ohhh, she was impressed. That filled your ego some. It made you smirk.
  133. "Well, it's just the fact that I've had some help and tips on making friends from my friends back in my world. In fact, you could say that me knowing the elements of harmony inside and out really helped me make friends with these three ponies."
  134. >Sunset realized exactly what you meant immediately. She was faster to catch on than most of the ponies you speak to. Then again, she has threaded through the human world, having to outsmart everyone there. "These...are the elements of harmony? Isn't there supposed to be six?"
  135. >You nod, and put on a more serious expression.
  136. "Yeah, but this was the best I could do. Twilight there, the purple one. She was the pupil after you. She became the Element of magic and then later on the Princess of Friendship. But here, she's just a hotel clerk who doesn't really care for friendship."
  137. >Sunset takes a look back at Twilight, who was looking over all of the stuff from the castle.
  138. >"That's pretty heavy. Princess of friendship huh? Does she become an alicorn or something?"
  139. >You nod again
  140. "Yeah, making her alicorn number four."
  142. >"Four?! who's the third?! The pink mare over there?I didn't even think there could be more than two!"
  143. "Well there can, Twilight's sister in law is the third. She got married to her brother. I doubt there will ever be a fifth one though."
  144. >"I'm just surprised there's more than two. But" Sunset sighs, she was suddenly feeling a feeling that she was replaced after she left. She knew it was a selfish feeling given her reasons for leaving was selfish. But after spending her time with Celestia for so long, it gave her a sense of odd abandonment.She knew she shouldn't be feeling it, because if anything. It meant Twilight took care of not only Celestia, but all of Equestria, and must have even fulfilled the prophecy of Nightmare Moon. Which also meant, that at some point, her own plan to steal the crown must have happened at some point. And knowing that, it hurt even worse. "...it hurts when I think about it. If everything went the way I think it did. It means I was no better than the kings and tried to get absolute power for myself...." Sunset then looked over to you, she was wondering something now. Something that was bothering her. "Anon, you seem to know what was what. You knew about me, so let me ask. What happened to me? Do you know?"
  145. >You did, you did watch the first two movies. Never got a chance to watch the third however. You couldn't tell why she asked though.
  146. "I do, why do you wanna know?"
  147. >"I just do, I want to know what happens to me. Do I succeed? Do I get my butt beat?.....do I lose everything?"
  148. >Oh....she was worried if she just became an outright monster. Well, she did. She became a fucking demon. But, you'd say she gained more than she lost. So you give her a warm smile, you wanted her to know the news was good.
  149. "You nearly succeeded in taking over Equestria, but Twilight hopped through the mirror after you. And fixed a lot of the problems you caused. and then with the help of the five friends whose lives you ruined, they stop you"
  151. >Sunset found those words and your smile very unsettling. "W-why are you smiling like that? That doesn't sound good to me." Sunset looks down in shame "It just means that if I didn't feel guilty about Celestia, that I really did become a monster."
  152. >You shake your head, and continue to smile
  153. "Nope, because after that. You became friends with those five humans. You became a much better person. you laughed, you cried, you got to go to a sleepover. And then you flippin come in at the final moments and beat these three sirens into submission. It was kind of cool actually"
  154. >"So..everything is ok?" Sunset started to feel relief, she didn't know she could be redeemed like that after what she would have caused if everything went right. "Then I guess, no matter what happened. I managed to do right for eve....wait a second, SIRENS?! THERE'S SIRENS ON EARTH?!" And now she was surprised and distraught
  155. >You cringe, just realizing that due to her current predicament that you shouldn't have said that.
  156. "......ummmm, yes?"
  157. >"...oh no, and how did that happen?"
  158. >You explain it to her, leaving out a few details. and also explain that without magic entering the world. They were pretty damn powerless.
  159. >"I wish there was still something I can do. I know them being there is Starswirl's fault. But they shouldn't be there at all. Do you really think it's ok just to leave them there?"
  161. "It'll be fine, they are pathetic without a powerful source to drain from. It'll be fine....actually"
  162. >You were actually surprised by Sunset not noticing something.
  163. "Sunset, you don't notice anything about Pinkie and Rainbow Dash?"
  164. >Sunset looks back at them, Dash was drooling at this point, being as patient as she can as Chrysalis looked like she wanted to kill herself from Pinkie's ramblings. But she didn't notice anything. "What, am I supposed to?"
  165. >hrn, did she remember much about the five friends whose lives she ruined?
  166. "Well, remember those five friends...where...ya know...Anyway, can you remember their names?"
  167. >"I think...they were Rarity,Fluttershy...umnnn,Applejack. And then there was.....noooo" Sunset's eyes went wide. "It's...Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie. It's...This world's Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie?! I remember their names, and...they are practically the same as their human selves. Except Rainbow Dash didn't have a thing for cop costumes. She doesn't whip stallions does she?"
  168. >You couldn't help but snicker at that, Rainbow Dash? Some cop clad dominatrix? Weird she'd even mention anything close to that. But funny just the same.
  169. "No, she's the actual chief of police back in Flimsville and Flamsville. But yeah, those are them. And they are also elements of harmony. Which should be super good. Because-"
  170. >Sunset cuts you off, again. coming to the same conclusion you did.
  172. >"Because of Princess Celestia's visions, right? Anon, you're a genius! if Princess Celestia sees them. It might show her that there's still hope. She might actually..." Sunset stops as tears flow from her eyes. She just sits back and grabs you. Hugging you as she sniffed and whimpered. :You've done so much Anon. When we had to keep making more and more food. I almost thought you weren't coming back. But to come back with the elements...I really had forgotten, Just like Princess Celestia, that there was good ponies in this world...or any world really." She slowly stopped hugging you, and turned towards the dining room. "Come on....let's go help Princess Celestia make new friends"
  174. >It was time
  175. >You and Sunset entered the room last. Rainbow was so damn ready to eat at this point. Chrysalis peered over to you, and pointed to Pinkie, telling you "politely" to talk to her so she could walk away. And Twilight was still looking over all the stuff from the castle.
  176. >"Finally have the last piece for dinner, canned hay. I don't know why you insisted we cook everything in the house Sunset, but I have to say I had a....." Celestia steps out, and immediately stops when she sees a full dining room full of ponies. "...blast", Her expression was pure and utter shock. She just stared at all of you. Not knowing what to say any further. It spooked Sunset something fierce. Making her drop the can
  177. >"Princess Celestia, are you alright?!" She rushes up to her Checking on her immediately "is anything wrong?"
  178. >Oh shit, despite her expression being frozen, there was tears running down her eyes. It was as if she had come in contact with friends she hadn't met in years. "S-sunset, are these our guests?"
  179. >Sunset looks over to them, then looks up to her, too worried to present them with a smile "Yes, Princess Celestia. They came to eat with us, and be friends"
  180. >Celestia didn't move, she only said in a low voice "I see"
  181. >You didn't even know what the fuck to do.
  182. >No one did.
  183. >Except for one...
  184. >Pinkie rushed up to Celestia, unphased by her shock. She gave her a huge smile and looked right up at her. "Hiya! I'm Pinkie Pie! You must be Celestia! You wanna be friends?"
  185. >Sunset just looked at her, she was now uber worried. To be so upfront? "You can't just do that! Princess Celestia is very..."
  186. >Celestia leaned down to grab Pinkie Pie and started snuggling into her. "I would LOVE to be friends!In fact, you seem like a pony who has a very loving family" Celestia continued to snuggle hug with her.
  187. >"I do! How did ya know?!" Pinkie says as she starts to bring her head under her mane. finding the rainbowness of it all very neato.
  189. >"I just had a feeling, if you'd like. You could bring them over for dinner next time you're over." Celestia said, with a genuine, noncrazy smile.
  190. >"Wow! it's like you're reading my mind!" Pinkie hopped off the hug, smiling up at Celestia as she points at her with childlike wonderment "How are you doing it!? It's super neat!"
  191. >Celestia giggled "Let's just say I had a feeling. And besides, I like having friends. I hope Pinkie, that you are also willing to be friends with my best friend." Celestia put her hoof on the shocked Sunset Shimmer. "Sunset Shimmer, she's very organized and fun. Isn't that right Sunset?"
  192. >Sunset was going to cry, Celestia was coming back before her eyes. The way she was talking was like her old self. "Y-yeah..o-of course"
  193. >"See? And..." Celestia walks up to Rainbow Dash "I've seen you in the newspaper, the valiant and brave Chief Rainbow Dash. You stopped those bank robbers without a team last month, right?"
  194. >Rainbow Dash had a big arrogant grin on her face. She started acting in her usual form of modesty "Yeah, well. It was no big deal really. I do it all the time. But, since you read about me, you must know how cool I am. Right? Because only cool ponies can hang with this mare..yep"
  195. >Celestia let out a soft laugh and pointed to herself "Am I "cool" enough? Chief Dash?"
  196. >Rainbow Dash shrugged and tried to seem aloof about it. "Yeah, sure, I guess. I mean, a former princess is pretty neat to have as a friend."
  197. >Celestia looked to the side, and put on a stoic look "Yeah, I guess having a chief is pretty ok as a friend." She looks at her hoof, looking bored "I mean, catching thieves is neat and all, but it's nothing compared than raising the sun. Sometimes keeping it up a little longer for some extra beach time" Celestia then shifts her eyes to Rainbow Dash with a cute arrogant smile of her own.
  198. >Rainbow Dash snickered at that "Ok ok, I get it. That is cooler than catching badguys, I admit it"
  200. >Celestia then looked to Twilight. Twilight had turned her attention to Celestia when she came into the room. But had said nothing. She felt unworthy to mention anything to her. Even after everything that happened. She really had always looked up to her, and now. Celestia was giving her the attention she had once given her during her test as a filly. A test she failed.
  201. >"H....H..He-..." Twilight doesn't even know how to open the conversation. So Celestia starts instead.
  202. >"Hello, Twilight Sparkle" Celestia said in a motherly, very gentle voice.
  203. >Twilight was so surprised, her pupils shrunk. "Y-y-you know my name? H-how?"
  204. >Celestia gave a gentle nod "I do, I know you have an appetite for knowledge as well. You know Twilight, I know you are probably the type who has trouble accepting friends." Celestia gives her a regally stoic look.
  205. >Twilight's ears droop, She starts rubbing along her leg nervously as she looks down in shame. Hearing it from her. It actually hurt. It was like being looked down on by your favorite hero.
  206. >"..That's why I'd like you to assist Sunset and myself in organizing the archives. We have many of starswirls written works in the shed in the back just thrown about. Completely unorganized. I was never much on picking an organization process, and Sunset insists to take on the task herself despite always being busy taking care of me. I'm sure if we had your skills, all three of us could have it done in no time. Then perhaps we could have a small break and actually read some of the scrolls he's written."
  207. >Did she hear right? Did Celestia just say that?
  208. >Twilight's excitement reached Pinkie levels upon hearing that. As she looked to Celestia with excited eyes, she started hopping about happily. Ha! That's the Twilight you knew.
  211. >Celestia manages to stay standing as she feels feelings that she thought had completely left her. She could feel the feelings of lament and pain leave her. She knew, in the back of her mind, who these ponies were. And they were as friendly as the dreams made them out to be. And if these were the ponies of her dreams...then that meant..Luna, would come back....sooner or later.
  212. >Celestia just leaned her head into Twilight to giver her affectation. The moment she did. Twilight stopped, and slowly ended her hug. And looked to Celestia, her eyes full of tears. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to act like that. I don't even know you and I got all excited. I don't actually act like that, I promise."
  213. >Celestia shook her head and pulled in Twilight for another hug "That's disappointing to hear, I like it when you show just how happy and excited you actually are. I want to get to know you Twilight, so please. Just act like....you" Celestia then turns to the rest of the group "In fact,, I'd like to get to know all my friends better"
  214. >Celestia gave her the warmest hug she could muster. Making Pinkie Pie comment with a cute little "awwwww!"
  215. >After that, everything was gravy. both food wise and friend wise. Twilight had finally softened up, while still being a little awkward. Rainbow Dash was telling stories of her times on duty, and Pinkie Pie was talking about...well, what wouldn't she talk about really.
  216. >And nobody was gonna eat ALL of this fucking food.
  217. >Sunset looked the most relieved at this point. She had never seen Celestia act so casual. It was like back in the days when she was a filly. It was like having her old teacher back.
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