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  1. The soft murmur of the car's radio filled my ear. I was slightly buzzed, but she had so much to drink she'd fallen asleep. Or was it that she couldn't handle as much? I could barely remember.
  2. She wrapped her arms around me, slightly shifting and groaning in her sleep. I rested my head on hers, pulling her close. The bounce of the car coasting on bumps in the road couldn't break our hold on each other.
  3. "You guys had a fun night, eh?" the driver chortled.
  4. "Yeah. Something like that." I smiled. I was getting tired. Did she see me in her dreams?
  5. "That's good. Good to enjoy your life now, before you wind up like me, driving for a living."
  6. "You don't enjoy your work?"
  7. He sighed. "Most times. It's fun for me to meet the young people, to see how different their lives are compared to mine. Brings me back to my own youth."
  8. "I think that's a good way to look at it." I looked down at her. I felt her breathing against my body, in unison with my own. "You still have a lot of time left," I said to the driver.
  9. I saw him smile in the rearview. "Absolutely. We all do."
  11. I tipped him a ten dollar bill as I left the cab, doing my best to pull her out with me. She was half asleep and pretty irked that I "woke her up during her beauty sleep." I managed to get her home, and escorted her to my bed. As I laid her down I felt her groggily reach her hands up to my face, lightly pulling my down towards her. I obliged, and was met with her lips. I could still taste the alcohol on them. I rubbed her cheek with my hand, pulling at her lips the way she did mine. She eventually pulled away, sleep calling to her again. I covered her with a spare blanket and made my way back to the living room, slightly stumbling over my own feet. I was asleep before my head hit the cushions.
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