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  2. Antifa is the problem. The problem was that there wasn't a movement to counter the fascists. They are not being combative but they are not being effective against the fascist threats. And that's not necessarily a bad thing but the real danger is that it's a white supremacist-driven movement, right?
  4. So what are we going to do about it? We're doing a lot of work in the community to help build community support and to build the kind of grassroots organization that will resist fascism and defend marginalized communities. We're doing a lot of work in the communities to make sure that we have the necessary support resources. But it's a slow process because we're going to have to develop that political infrastructure.
  6. The first step is going to be, I'm in the process of developing a group for community organizing and organizing against fascists. I'm trying to set up the model for organizing this kind of project. What we're hoping to do is start to organize other groups that will help me in a much more comprehensive sort of way than people at this organizing meeting have been able to do,
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