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Apr 17th, 2016
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  1. Hi Razer,
  3. I'm including Amethyst and Sapphire in this and they've been told you have a complaint.
  5. I'm sending this email out to inform you of a few things:
  7. A) Your complaint has been taken /off/ the game to multiple sources. We've had a post confirmed on WORA and Quartz confirmed you were complaining to him elsemu*.
  9. B) I think you've severely over-reacted and you need to take a deep breath.
  11. For my part, I am sorry for my actions and I am very surprised after 8 months on here, this is YOUR reaction to my actions.
  13. If you wish to file a formal complaint about me though, it's on the verge of already being dismissed because you've ALREADY gone off-game and tried to stir up drama despite it only being a few hours.
  15. In essence, you've not given any time for the issue to be addressed and you have gone and acted emotionally over the issue.
  17. I honestly can't imagine going 8 months on a game and flipping out because a staffer and a player had an argument over video game streaming.
  19. Try to remember. I'm not paid for this. None of the staff are. Despite the fact, that MUSH players want to claim staff have to act like professionals; when they do not themselves. If you want staff to act like professionals, provide a salary.
  21. We're people, like you. Who instead of logging on a game and idling around or just RPing; take the time to run that game and provide enjoyment for others; others like you.
  23. Yes, you were told if you did not like what was going on last night to leave; maybe I should have been clearer with LEAVE CHANNEL but either way; you chose to involve yourself in an argument between two people and immediately took a side publicly.
  25. That will never get you anywhere. We're both aware, that you could have CHOSEN to page me but instead you chose to further escalate and add to the situation on public.
  27. I would suggest that you either stop with your drama-mongering over a simple argument over nothing of consquence and wait on Sapphire or Amethyst to deal with your complaint OR just go the whole nine yards, post this email, try to cause more problems here and burn some bridges and alienate an entire crowd of people because heaven forbid, a conversation you did not like occurred.
  29. You know? I may have been out of line with how I was responding to Brandy, but you've gone way out of line and overboard with your reaction and subsequent actions. Seriously? If this is how you react when you see one thing you dislike in 8 months and you're not dealing with other issues... I have no clue what to say to you man.
  31. That said, as usual, people have told me you're having issues and as usual, if you wish to talk I am here. It wouldn't be the first time I've been there for you in 8 months.
  33. What surprises me, once again? Your reaction and blowing up of a single incident.
  35. Take a deep breath, step back and relax man.
  37. I fucked up, but right now, you're rapidly making the situation worse.
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