PokéCommunity HotY 2017 Hack notes.

luckytyphlosion Feb 20th, 2018 70 Never
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  1. Mega Power:
  2. - difficulty presents itself as "grind more", rather than being more strategic
  3. - awful, safe-y colour green graphics
  4. - line colouring too thick
  5. - slight backtracking at beginning fo the game
  6. - marts make no sense, unplanned and heavily unbalanced
  7.     - pokecenter mart left side only sells low tier items throughout the first 6 gyms, while right side sells a weird assortment of high-tier items (e.g. Ultra Ball) and utility items
  8.     - no main mart sells poke balls or great balls
  9.     - snack shop obsoletes poke center mart by selling the cheap food medicine items (lava cookie, drinks)
  10.     - berries have a sell price too high, could be abused but money isn't an issue midgame
  11. - way too many trainers, frequently run out of PP without any free heals
  12. - game somewhat enforces coverage in the early game, although in later game major trainer Pokémon become samey and repetitive later on.
  13. - level curve too aggressive, requires extra wild grinding
  14. - barbaracle on first gym leader w/o wild options screws fire and normal pokes
  15. - beep boops
  16. - big mart sells all TMs, mostly obsoletes TMs from gym leaders and such
  17. - game sells lucky eggs in big mart
  18. - no way to beat walled fights other than get lucky or grind, game probably expects speedup grinding
  19. - start crashes in battle menu
  20. - many grammatical and spelling errors, hard to follow story this way, and makes dialogue unappealing to read
  21. - some textboxes poorly formatted, frequent text overflow
  22. - some signs and locations completely unaltered (minor)
  23. - average events
  24. - overall better pokemon (gen 5 & 6), but too much focus on the same pokemon
  25. - reusing HM locations
  26. - boring, long-drawn out events with too many trainers and not enough variety
  27. - evil team sections have way too many trainers
  28. - many battle sprites are terribly scaled
  30. Rocket Red:
  31. - dialogue well-polished and written
  32. - most NPCs had enjoyable and witty dialogue
  33. - lore well-developed, good story
  34. - Bill character over-the-top
  35. - Blue Lavender Tower arc a bit cringey and unbelievable
  36. - "Jesus Arceus Christ" etc.
  37. - Good Rattata gag
  38. - Used paused and punctuation in dialogue for more emphasis
  39. - most of the game left untouched, trainers and wild pokemon, item locations, maps
  40. - celadon mart being accessible at the start is unbalanced
  41. - eevee (early game and in general) is unbalanced
  42. - most pokemon are garbage except Clefable, Wigglytuff, Nidoqueen and Nidoking
  43.     - no real incentive to steal pokemon once found a suitable team/main as most kanto pokemon are below average
  44.     - rewards given for being bad aren't told to player, while rewards given for being good are, therefore decreases need to steal pokemon even further
  45. - sludge bomb TM is OP at the time of acquiring
  46. - interesting side events
  47. - morality is interesting but no depth or direction with rewards
  48. - half of trainer/NPC dialogue is unchanged
  49. - graphics unchanged
  50. - phone description crashes
  52. Orange:
  53. - well polished, nothign out of place except walking and bonking animation
  54. - some music choices questionable
  55. - water routes too big, requires awkward zigzag pattern to traverse
  56. - learnsets are too reminiscent of gen 2 (i.e. trash)
  57. - mediocre Tms
  58. - green palette's saturation is slightly high
  59. - most ground maps have limited colours -> uninteresting
  60. - bwexp and exp.share (gen 6) is good
  61. - some maps are slightly confusing to navigate
  62. - mostly smooth mechanical features (e.g. menus)
  63. - instant text
  64. - auto-surf
  65. - pre-engages to rival battle are a bit anti-climatic
  66. - order of HMs follow own original structure
  68. Adventure Red:
  69. - Dialogue composed of either shoehorned memes, sexual innuendos, arrogant self-projections, or uninteresting generic dialogue
  70. - treats NPC dialogue as a quota to fill
  71. - not a fan of gen 4 tilesets in gen 3, not properly scaled
  72. - colours of tileset too bright and flashy at times, doesn't fit in well
  73. - many, many graphical oddities
  74. - politied is too broken
  75.     - early trade stone before brock
  76.     - has drizzle and learns perfect coverage
  77. - marts are poorly designed
  78.     - sells only regular potions for first four marts
  79.     - no repels until vermillion
  80.     - back cabinet allows buying drink items in bulk
  81. - good item and hidden item placement
  82. - decent events and sidequests
  83.     - catches edge cases with certain pokemon in party during cutscenes
  84. - some things feel out of place without context that it's from the manga (e.g. geodudes and arbok slice)
  85. - slightly underleveled trainers
  86. - good amount of trainers
  87. - general mediocrity of gen 1 pokemon = easy fights
  88. - very unpolished at times, from visuals to dialogue
  89. - older version had many visual bugs, grammatical errors and outright crashes
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