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  1. Pixeled: could you please play rust with me
  2. River: if you can convince my mom to give me my computer back
  3. Pixeled: what happened
  4. River: she took my computer
  5. Pixeled: why
  6. River: because when she left to be with her friends last weekend
  7. River: she told me to feed the cats and bring the chlorine into the house
  8. River: and when she came back
  9. River: she yelled at me for not replacing the cats water even though it was full
  10. River: and for not taking the chlorine outside
  11. River: even though in its a sealed container
  12. River: and has no danger of spilling
  13. River: so if u can tell her to give it back
  14. River: then sure
  15. Pixeled: I mean if it was over reacting then i would help but something as simple as bringing a container inside and pouring some food
  16. River: no like
  17. River: she said
  18. Pixeled: Im not sure what i could say
  19. River: bring the chlorine inside
  20. River: so i did
  21. River: and she got mad for not putting it outside
  22. River: and she said feed the cats
  23. River: and i did
  24. River: and she got mad for not refilling their full water
  25. Pixeled: sounds like over reacting
  26. River: ya
  27. Pixeled: and this was last weekend?
  28. River: ya
  29. Pixeled: when you say take your computer did she take the whole thing or did she say not to play on it
  30. River: she took the whole thing
  31. River: and prob broke some cables in the process
  32. Pixeled: i think you should be worried about the cables and grapics card
  33. River: the gpu is fine
  34. River: the cables are prob broken
  35. Pixeled: do you usaully play on you computer during the week
  36. River: yea
  37. Pixeled: well I think one week is enough
  38. Pixeled: for something that little
  39. River: same
  40. Pixeled: did you tell her that
  41. River: no
  42. River: she said ill get it back when i start caring about other things than myself
  43. Pixeled: well
  44. Pixeled: she kidda has a point
  45. Pixeled: welp
  46. River: well i cant play rust unless she gives it back
  47. Pixeled: did you say please
  48. River: lol
  49. River: no i havent asked for it back
  50. Pixeled: well ask nicely
  51. River: i dont think thatl work
  52. Pixeled: its worth a shot
  53. Pixeled: do you think saying you want to play with me would do anything
  54. River: prob
  55. River: prob would do more if u said u wanted to play with me
  56. Pixeled: well ok
  57. Pixeled: you have my phone number ye
  58. River: i dont think literally telling her would do anything
  59. Pixeled: well what then
  60. River: should i just say
  61. River: can i play with hadrian
  62. Pixeled: ye
  63. River: or should i say
  64. River: hadrian wants to play with me
  65. Pixeled: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ye
  66. Pixeled: did it work
  67. River: she said no
  68. Pixeled: aww man
  69. River: and told me that once i start doing the things on the list of things she gave me to do( which i already did all of them)
  70. River: shell decide
  71. River: im prob just gonna wait till she goes out
  72. River: bring a bunch of food into my room
  73. River: take my computer back myself
  74. River: and lock myself in my room
  75. Pixeled: oh my god
  76. Pixeled: what will you use for a bathroom
  77. River: idk
  78. Pixeled: what about water
  79. River: ill just have water bottles
  80. Pixeled: that doesnt sound like a good idea
  81. River: well its to show her that i her overreacting over bullshit isnt going to work with me
  82. River: and that her way of handling it as well
  83. River: isnt going to fucking work with me either
  84. River: and to show that i dont care about the consequences
  85. River: because i dont
  86. Pixeled: max this is a really bad idea
  87. River: oh well
  88. River: call her yourself then
  89. River: because i cant talk to her
  90. Pixeled: I dont have her number
  91. River: when she inevitably bangs on my door yelling my name
  92. River: i wont answer
  93. River: i have a key to my door that i can just take with me when i go to school
  94. Pixeled: this is starting to sound like a suicide
  95. River: to lock my room
  96. Pixeled: she can call a locksmith
  97. Pixeled: or break down said door
  98. River: true
  99. River: then how can i lock my room
  100. Pixeled: I dont think you should go though with this
  101. River: what else is there to do
  102. Pixeled: beg
  103. River: lol
  104. River: no
  105. Pixeled: convice her that you did the things
  106. River: im at the top of my classes in school
  107. River: school is my job
  108. River: and i do my job well
  109. Pixeled: bribe?
  110. River: and she doesnt care
  111. River: bribe her with what
  112. River: she taped that list of things on my door
  113. River: im going to dye it red and rip it up
  114. River: and tape the red shreds  on the door
  115. Pixeled: maybe care more for others
  116. River: lol
  117. River: the way she raised me
  118. River: is to seclude myself from people that make me angry
  119. Pixeled: well back then you had me over alot
  120. River: and every other moment in the actual world that i care about the affairs of others
  121. River: i get told to care for only myself
  122. River: everytime i try to just have a conversation with my mom
  123. Pixeled: what you are doing does not match the crime that she did
  124. River: not just this week but way before then
  125. Pixeled: oh fuk are you going emo
  126. River: she ruins the conversation by bringing politics into it
  127. River: and i fucking hate politics
  128. River: and ive told her this
  129. River: and she still fucking does it
  130. River: so whenever she does that i just leave her and she gets mad
  131. River: and thats another reason why she took it
  132. River: because "i cant have a conversation with her"
  133. Pixeled: what you are doing is really immature
  134. River: if she just said
  135. River: heres the checklist
  136. Pixeled: walking away cause you dont like the subject
  137. River: do these tasks
  138. River: and youll get it back
  139. River: id be fine
  140. River: but the fucking
  141. River: "ill decide then"
  142. River: will be her downfall
  143. Pixeled: max dont over throw her
  144. River: maybe i wont lock myself in my room
  145. River: but when she confronts me when i take it back
  146. River: then ill tell her that i hate beating around the bush
  147. River: fucking be definitive
  148. River: and then ill truly respect you
  149. Pixeled: this isnt how the world works max
  150. River: it actually is
  151. Pixeled: well maybe
  152. Pixeled: yeah
  153. River: jobs: complete this task and you get paid
  154. River: contracts: heres is an agreement and you must follow this agreement
  155. River: taxes: complete these payments and receive services
  156. River: there isnt fucking
  157. River: "uhh
  158. Pixeled: but not how a familly should work
  159. River: maybe you should pay first
  160. River: and then well decide whether you get what you want after"
  161. River: all this endeavour is doing
  162. River: is further proving my own mental point
  163. River: that i never want a girlfriend or a wife
  164. River: i hate family
  165. River: family gets in the way
  166. Pixeled: youve gone full emo
  167. River: prevents you from doing what you want
  168. River: if emo means you dont like being held back by bullshit
  169. River: then sure
  170. River: ive said before that id want to live with my mom even when i become an adult and make a living
  171. River: but now im having second thoughts
  172. River: and im also understanding what my dads reasoning was
  173. River: when he constantly fought with her
  174. River: or i can just copy and paste this conversation
  175. River: and send it to her
  176. Pixeled: you two need to express your feelings in a non hostil way
  177. River: cant do that in person
  178. River: doesnt work that way in my family
  179. River: it turns into a fight in person
  180. River: if i send her this conversation shell know how i feel
  181. Pixeled: are you actually going to send this
  182. River: why not
  183. Pixeled: welp
  184. Pixeled: there isnt a reason not too
  185. Pixeled: good luck
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