Anon - [Nameless] [Moon Dust/trap/romance/short/sfw]

Feb 27th, 2018
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  1. Full tags: Moon Dust, crossdressing, trap, romantic?, short
  3. >Be Moony
  4. >After discovering how pretty you looked for a colt, you decided to try out your looks.
  5. >You stare into the mirror, seeing how soft and lovely your face looked as compared to other colts.
  6. >You looked gentle and small in frame, truly a feminine build.
  7. >Your mother prided you on how beautiful you looked and you knew your mother was anything if not nurturing to your young, wondering mind.
  8. >You decide to tie back your mane and put on a simple dress; truly you looked the part.
  9. >Something was missing still ...
  10. >You find a pair of glasses on the table and swipe them, putting them on as your eyes took a moment to adjust.
  11. >You finally looked like a nice young mare and you had to admit, you liked how it felt.
  12. >Still, it felt odd but you wondered if others would know it was you.
  13. >Boldly, you step out of your house in the ensemble and trot your way to meet up with all the other young moths.
  14. >As you approached the group, they all stare at you with wide eyes and for a moment, you were worried that they knew who you were.
  15. >"Hey, who's the cutie?"
  16. >One of the colts mentioned as your ears perk up and cheeks begin to blush.
  17. >The same colt approached you and coincidentally it was a colt you knew. Beyond the mane and fur, your identity was well-hidden.
  18. >"What's your name?"
  19. >He brings himself closer, observing your feminine looks.
  20. "M-m-moon ... moonlight?"
  21. >You manage to sputter out, looking down at the ground in a flustered manner.
  22. >"Moonlight, huh? You look like someone I know but you're much too cute to be like him."
  23. >He confidently leans in and kisses you on the lips.
  24. >You panic a little but eased up after a moment or two, letting your wings flutter as your heart races.
  25. >He steps back after a couple of seconds and gives you a wink.
  26. >"Gotta get going, Moonlight. See ya later, right?"
  27. >He hurries off with his other friends who seemed a bit jealous of his catch while you stand there in a daze.
  28. >It felt so odd yet so satisfying.
  29. >Maybe this is what you want...
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