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I talk a lot about change ...

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Jul 19th, 2013
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  1. I talk a lot about Change and how the world desperately needs it - if we still want to live on this planet in 50 years time.
  3. But the fact of the matter is - No one, or at least very few people, Have clearly and adequately laid out exactly what that change is.
  5. Sure we can start using clean energy and stop using oil, gas, coal and nuclear energy, stop completely! - We've had the technology, knowledge and proof of concepts for that for .. 60 years or so now... But that is only a small part of the larger problem
  7. Sure we can shuffle our government, flip flop between parties, we might see marginal short term improvements. But that's really just a band aid.. And still only a small part of the larger problem.
  9. Sure we can acknowledge the fact that Governments, Businesses and Media are essentially all owned by what like 2000 people? That message control and censorship is rampant and that access to good, factual, verified and vetted information is somewhat hard to come by -- If you don't know how to use Google or YouTube. But that's only a small part of the problem.
  11. Sure we can expose the blatant corruption, criminality, war crimes, human rights abuses and constitutional violations of Governments, Especially with increasing frequency and severity the United States and by extension Canadian and Israeli Governments -- and let me assure you, they are being exposed in grander and grander scale month after month as we power thru 2013 - But again this is only a small part of the problem.
  13. Sure we can inform the general public that the Wars on Terror, Drugs, Free Speech and Privacy are all based on lies (see message control and censorship) and continued to keep bank rolling the military industrial complex and line the pockets of bankers and the 1% that fund both sides of all conflicts. But this is still a small part of the problem.
  17. This is a psychological problem. The whole world is sick. You were all groomed this way to be the consumption machines you are now. Rampant Individualism and Materialism and Ownership. "This is Mine" "I own this, I have to own all of these. I *need* these and no one else can have it. I must hoard all of these for myself to show everyone how 'successful' I am." "I need to make as much money as possible" "I need money to live" "Money makes the world go round"
  19. Society has told you if you 'work hard' and 'screw over enough people' this gives you some overwhelming sense of 'entitlement' to behave and think the way you do. "I put in my time"
  21. Society has told you that if something is "beyond your control" That is "not your problem" Your absolved of all responsibility or guilt or complicity. You have no choice remember ? You just a cog in the wheel remember ? Your just trying to live and keep a roof over your head right ? Just keep passing the buck and the blame back up to the top of the chain to the 1% that don't care about us. When the world ends they'll be in their underground facilities. So surely they'll fix it before we all perish right? A very accurate analogy was once said "They are turning the live green earth, into dead gold bars."
  23. So lets make one thing clear. I care about you. I care about everyone. We are all in this together as the HUMAN RACE - Screw countries and borders and religions and genders and politics. Put your differences aside and stop hating each other because some book or politician or sacred text or talking head on TV told you to.
  25. SO ... With all that said. In closing I will direct you to some of the more broad all encompassing movements that show you HOW we can live in a better world. If we can just break free of the sick societal paradigm we've been manipulated into supporting.
  27. Namely these are: The Venus Project and The Zeitgeist Movement.
  33. I don't even know where all this came from ... I just started typing and this was what happened :P
  35. TL;DR Version. Remove Money, Politics, Religion, Borders and Race from the equation ... These are all tools to divide us, Imaginary creations. And just imagine how much is possible without them. Natural resources don't cost money. Electricity doesn't cost money. Your life, Should not cost money. And it absolutely doesn't have to. We have the means. You just need to know what they are and tell others. There is no reason we cant start living like this tomorrow if we can just get enough people to see the reality of it all
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