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Textos King of Dragons

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  1. Introdução [SNES] King of Dragons:
  3. "The red dragon Gildiss has crushed Peace under his iron tail. He must be stopped."
  5. "I've heard that many villages are being decimated by rampaging monsters. The folk of the northern castle are especially in trouble."
  7. ---------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. Textos no decorrer do jogo:
  11. "The red dragon Gildiss has risen from his long slumber. The northern folk are overrun with monsters." (Dito pelo plebeu que aparece ao se derrotar o 4º chefe, The Hydra)
  13. "Oh thanks buddy. I heard the red dragon is in the northern castle. Well you'd better take this with you." (Dito pelo Mr. Árvore que aparece ao fundo ao se derrotar o 7º chefe, The Giant Spider)
  15. "Princess Mari from the fortress has been abducted by monsters. Won't you go with me to help save her?" (Dito pelo cavaleiro que aparece ao se derrotar o 9º chefe, The Black Knight)
  17. "You saved me. But the northern castle has fallen to monsters. Will you lend us your aid?" (Dito pela princesa Mari ao se derrotar o 11º chefe, The Great Draconian)
  19. "Thank you. Now I can live in peace. If you're looking for Gildiss I think you should go to this cavern." (Dito pelo morador ancião ao se derrotar o 14º chefe, The Ice Wyvern)
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