Aug 14th, 2016
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  1. [Technical paste] Renesas internal partitions and the machine brush machine theory
  2. Special Recommendation: We recommend to use the normal upgrade VOL-way, this way you will keep the previous installation. Apk and copy movies, music, novels and so on.
  4. Only the new version of the machine instructions, similar to the old version with this
  7. District Description -------------------------------------------------- ---------------
  8. Internal memory used iNand, which is a MMC interface (SD card interface with the same), can be seen as the built-in SD card.
  9. MMC interface in Linux has been created for the device mmcblk * p *, a * indicates that the device the first number, from 0, the second * represents the partition number, starting at 1. Therefore
  10. iNand equipment mmcblk0, corresponding to the SD card mmcblk1.
  11. iNand is divided into seven districts, namely as follows:
  12. mmcblk0p1 ---> uboot, for loading the boot code, the equivalent of the computer's BIOS. If this part is completely damaged will not start up. Turn vibration function is about to achieve here.
  13. mmcblkp02 ---> kernel, Linux kernel is stored where
  14. mmcblk0p3 ---> a small file system, when you press VOL-start is used when the file system.
  15. (Kernel is just the kernel, then also need to start the file system support, GUI, etc. are put here)
  16. mmcblk0p4 ---> extended partition. Because up to four primary partitions, so here is an extended partition
  17. mmcblk0p5 ---> android-fs. Start the file system is loaded
  18. mmcblk0p6 ---> data partition. Some users install apk is installed in this partition. Press VOL-to enter the upgrade mode, select "wipe data ..." is empty the contents of this partition.
  19. mmcblk0p7 ---> users to store movies, music and other partitions.
  21. VOL-upgrade works -------------------------------------------------- ---------------
  22. Press VOL-boot, this time after the CPU power grab mmcblk0p0 (uboot) partition contents, uboot load mmcblk0p2 after running up the Kernel, then load mmcblk0p3 the file system and perform the upgrade FF program. FF is the yellow text interface, which includes upgrades, Wipe data and other operations.
  23. When the user executes "update system from SDCard" command, FF will check the SD card in the update file (MD5 value calculated in comparison with the update.conf), then perform the upgrade if the same code, upgrade to:
  24. uboot4.bin--> copy the file to replace the existing uboot partition mmcblk01
  25. uImage4 ---> copy the file to replace the existing Kernel mmcblk0p2 partition
  26. android-fs4.tar.gz--> first empty mmcblk0p5 partition, then unpack the files to realize android-fs mmcblk0p5 partition update.
  27. Note: If you do not wipe data, then the previously installed apk be retained. However, if the version update, then more likely to be some baffling questions, then just press the VOL-executive wipe data can be
  29. VOL + upgrade works -------------------------------------------------- ---------------
  30. If you upgrade error, then press VOL-you can not start the machine up. Depending on the circumstances may exist:
  31. 1 boot power light, no shock: This is certainly mmcblk0p1 partition data errors. This SD card must be used to re-burn the firmware startup
  32. 2 boot shaking about, but no LOGO, remain blank: This may be mmcblk0p2 partition error, or mmcblk0p5 partition error.
  33. If this time according to VOL-to enter the FF error when it is mmcblk0p2
  34. 3. Open to look after the shock, and can display scrolling text LOGO and ANDROID, but has been rolling: It should be an exception when updating mmcblk0p5,
  35. Recommended at this time still use the VOL-upgrade once again to solve the boot while holding down the VOL +, CPU power to detect Press VOL + FAT file system will then load mmcblk1p1 (SD card) with the partition of sdboot.bin
  36. uboot-sd.bin file, if successful it will be loaded uImage4 loaded with cramfs4 file, uImage4 is the Linux kernel, if successful will be loaded as a file system using cramfs4 the system up and running.
  37. System up and running, will execute the file, the file in accordance with the contents of mmcblk0 re-partition, and will uboot4.bin,
  38. uImage4, cramfs4.tar.gz, android-fs4.tar.gz copy mmcblk0p * in. After replication has succeeded to boot.
  39. VOL-difference is with all of the files are stored on the SD card, so when the machine becomes a brick can be used herein means weight after burning the firmware.
  40. As the only support FAT, and FAT supports only 2G or less space, so need a <2G SD card formatted as FAT to operate. If your SD card is greater than the 2G upgrade package, please refer to the SD card doc file partition as 2G.
  43. file parsing -------------------------------------------------- ---------------
  44. 01. Started is not anything, mainly to determine the existence of some documents
  45. 02. Fdisk jump at this part of the code is the partition of mmcblk0 equipment (requires linux-based support, you can search the web for linux fdisk). Users need to change the partition size of the place is here. From the top you can see several + xxM place, this is the place to set the size of each partition. For example +5 M refers to the partition set to 5M. Which the order is:
  46. +5 M: mmcblk0p1, best not to change the partition size
  47. +10 M: mmcblk0p2, storage kernel. As uImage4 only 4.xM, so the district can be slightly smaller point
  48. +50 M: mmcblk0p3 store cramfs4.tar.gz place. Because storage is cramfs4.tar.gz extracted files should not arbitrarily reduce this partition
  49. +250 M: mmcblk0p5 local store android-fs
  50. +750 M: mmcblk0p6 data storage areas. If you need to install apk larger space can increase this number, for example, +1 G, etc. (The above partition is written from memory, some of the in date)
  51. Other: Other classified all the remaining space exists for the user movies, music
  52. 03 The following code is no good-looking, mainly in the file to mmcblk0
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