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Jun 11th, 2014
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  1. a bleary eyed crowd of you and me with our webcams pointed to the sky I never knew you
  2. were dying and I always thought I'd be there to smell your smoke. one hundred years is
  3. what I sold and I can never find the buyer. grey pulse colours, a sign of our failed
  4. scans, and I hope that you can see between them (thats where I hid it).
  6. sound drops from above and escapes from the filters that we set up. how disturbing that
  7. we are roused and removed from our comfort pits. if only I had the ability to be mad at
  8. this. sound drops still and my ears reverse their decomposition process. ah, the
  9. stirring of frusteration, we were almost there.
  11. I have a new trick and that is to imagine it as a space that fills with sand. what
  12. could be stronger than a space filled with sand? another person buried in it another
  13. cut out piece of the sky fits like paper in between the grains and its existence is
  14. questionable.
  16. what could I say to convince you? what could I touch to give this back? senses were
  17. considered and left behind. refuse deposited along the roadways from the fleeing
  18. refuges. discarded clothes and a suitcase stretched across all lanes, spilt and dead.
  19. how far ahead are you? I heard that even leaving early was not protection enough.
  21. fallen posts begin to become my skeletal structure and soon enough you will find me
  22. under maintenance as a signpost that can be a useful contributer.
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