Half-Moon in Equestria 27 (Temporary end)

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  1. Holding out his talonhand, he says "You have yourself a deal Partner". Taking his claw in your hand, you shake, before saying "Before we deal with my rewards, lets open the Gate and get you the powers to conquer this world, and make my soon to be pets obedient."
  2. "But of course my new friend, but tell me, how do we access the Gate?"
  3. "It will take some time to set up" You say, looking around. "Give me ten Minutes, and I should be ready. In the mean time, please do as you will, but I would greatly appreciate it if you left my pets alone."
  4. Discord smiles, before saying "Of course partner, I dont want to damage our friendship by messing with your stuff. And I would be mad if someone messed with my new toys before I got a chance to play wiht them."
  5. Turning to an open area, you remove the blood-pen from your pocket, and remove the inkwell cover with your teeth. Spitting it off to one side, you draw the bladed inkwell over your right shoulder, cutting through the fabric and leaving a narrow gash that begins bleeding. Tossing the pen back towards the cap, you begin using your own blood to draw the circle. Its a long process, especially considering you need to make alterations that will allow a second mind to join yours at the gate.
  6. As you finish, you remove your shirt, using it to stop the bleeding. Being carefull not to drip on the circle, you walk around to where Discord is napping on the throne.
  7. Nudging him, you say "Its ready."
  8. He gets up, and the two of you walk over to the circle. "Is this it?"
  9. "Yes and No. This will allow us to access the Gate, but before I send us there, I must tell you a few things. First when we got to the gate,I need you to stay back for a moment while I explain the situation to the gatekeeper. When I motion you over, I want you to enter the gate. Ignore everything else, let nothing distract you or you will lose the chance. Inside the gate, all you have to do is open your mind and the knowledge will fill you. Once it has all been accumulated, you will be automatically return to here.. Got it?"
  10. "Yes, now how does this portal circle work?"
  11. "You simply stand in the middle, make sure not to damage any lines, and I will power it, bringing us there."
  12. Discord floats over, and lands in the middle of the circle. Setting yourself up on the edge, you give one last look around the room. Turning back to the circle, you press your palm to the circle and begin activation. The lines change from red to black, before they beginto glow. Everything goes black for you and Discord, before you find youselves in a familiar blank area.
  13. In front of you stands the gate, and in front of that sits a shadow of a human with a normal right arm.
  14. Nodding to Discord you step forward and adress the Shadow in low tones. "I have come to make a deal". As you say this the Shadow smiles, the white of its teeth contrasing with its black body. "The fellow you see behind me is Discord, the god of chaos for this world. I am offering you him, in return for my arm." The Shadows smile keeps growing. " I will send him through the gate, and I want you to take more than the necessary price for all the information he takes, and use that extra as payment for my arm. I want you to do everything in yuour power to consume him completely, he already desires to claim all knowledge in there." By this point the Shadows smile is practically splitting its face. It nods.
  15. Turning you motion Discord to the gate. He steps up to it, nods his head, and pushes it open and enters.
  16. Immediately small chunks of the shadoes human arm break off and float towards the bandaged shoulder. the wrapping dissapears and the chunks attach themselves, slowly reforming your arm. Soon you are back in the throne room, your arm still regenerating, and in front of you discord its writhing in the air, his body dissolving. Soon all that remains is a small glass orb, filled with swirling smoke that constantly changes colour. Stepping forward, you pick up the orb, and bring it up to examine.
  17. All around you the cages and pods start breaking and disolving. Rainbow Dash immediately launches herself at you, the impact sending you flying into the throne, where you find yourself being lifted by Celestia's magic. While being pulled over, you see the Changeling queen vanish in a poof of green flames.
  18. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't banish you to the Moon right now?" Celestia says, bringing you face to face with her.
  19. You smile and say "Because I just got rid of Discord, and saved all of Equestria, and possible even this planet."
  20. "And how may I ask did you do that? Did you not just give Discord access to all the power and knowledge of the universe?"
  21. "Yes I did, but the price he paid for that knowledge was his body and soul. All that remains is his essence, which is contained in this orb."
  22. The orb is pulled away by Luna's magic, and Celestia keeps staring you right in the eye.
  23. "Look, do some sort of mind reading thing, or truth telling spell and you will see that I am not lying."
  24. She sets you down, where you are pinned by the combined magic of Trixie and Twilight. Celestia lowers her horn to your forhead, and you feel her conciousness penetrate your mind. After a silen few minutes, she pulls back, and smiles.
  25. "I see now what you did. Though I can approve of your methods, the result was perfect. I wonder though, What would you have done if your plan didn't work, and you ended up in pessesion of us."
  26. Winking at the Princesses, you say "I would just have followed my dreams."
  27. Celestia and Luna blush deep crimson at this, and the others look at them confused.
  28. Turning back to the girls, you say "Told you I could handle it." You suddenly ifnd yourself under a pile of ponys. Namely Pinkie, Fluttershy, Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and surprisingly Trixie. "Im sorry I couldn't tell you about the plan, or it would have failed, and we would all have been in trouble. Now, how about we go deal with some changelings?"
  29. "Nope" Pinkie says, hopping up "Know what its time for? A PARTY!!!"
  30. Suddenly confetti, streamers and balloons everywhere. Everypony gets up off you, and you stand up. The room is covered in party decorations, and you can see Pinkie rushing around, talking to cooks and what not.
  31. Everyone just shrugs. Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie. Soon enough it seems like half on Canterlot is in the throne room partying. You, the Mane 6 and Trixie all get spots at the head of the table, with the Princesses. Many Stare at you, but on average you are accepted as a hero, and as a citizen of Equestria. As the party goes on, Rarity and Trixie seem to enjoy the attention of the Canterlot nobles. Pinkie Pie is pretty much everywhere at once, Fluttershy left for the gardens. Rainbow shows off, much to the amusement of many nobles. Twilight and you smend most of the time discussing her Alchemy training, untill the Princesses ask you to put on a show for everypony. The floor is cleared, and all the chairs are moved to make a set of stands.
  32. Claping your hands together, you press your palms against the floor, and it rises over you, before settling as a midnight blue cloak with a half-moon on the back.
  33. Adressing the crowd, you ask "May I have a volunteer? One who is not a Unicorn, to show that their is no external magic involved?". A number of volunteers raise their hooves, and you pick out a yellow pegasus with a flamelooking mane.
  34. "My assistant here..."
  35. "Spitfire." The Pegasus supplies
  36. "Spitfire will now assist me in an act of Alchemy that may not be appropriate for those with weak constitutions. Those who wish to leave now I advise do so. We well call you back as this display ends."
  37. A number of Pony's leave, but the majority stay.
  38. "Now Spitfire, if you would be so kind as to stand still while I create your container."
  39. "My what!?!" she exclaims, as you clap your hands. Pressing your palms into the floor, the ground rises over Spitfire, and wraps around her, forming a near skintight second skin over most of her body. Her face, mane and tail are still exposed, but the rest is covered in a stone layer."What are you doing!" She exclaims,trying to wiggle in her container.
  40. "You did volunteer, don't worry you are perfectly safe." Stepping back, you press your hands together , before pressing them to the floor. Drawing up, a steel sword about 3 feet in length comes up. Stepping back towards Spitfire, you set the blade, point first against the stone shell.
  41. "What are you doing!?!" Spitfire call out, unable to look back at you. Placing the end of teh sword in your mouth, you clap your hands, before grabbing the handle, and shoving the blade right "through" her and the stone. the blade that comes ou the other side drips red, and the crowd Gasps.
  42. Stepping back again, you walk around to the other side, and create another blade. You repeat the process and shove this one "through" her as well. The crowd is speechless, and you can see the guards are ready to attack you, but Celestia is keeping them at bay.
  43. A third sword goes straight down "through" and sticks out the bottom, "blood" dripping off this one as well. Transmuting a mirror, you hold it up for Spitfire to see herself.
  44. Her jaw drops, before she begins freaking out.
  45. "WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME!!!"
  46. You silently set down the mirror, and clap, before pulling the top sword out. It slides out smoothly and without a drop of "Blood" on it. Holding it up, you hear the crowds surprised reactions. Clapping again, you pull the second blade out. As you remove the third blade, the crowd has gone absolutely silent, and all eyes are on you.
  47. A final clap, and you make the stone shell sink back into the ground. Spitfire turns around, looking herself over, and the Crowd goes wild, cheering and stomping, seeing that she is unharmed.
  48. Spitfire turns to you, and jumps up and hovers by your shoulder, saying "That was amazing! If you ever want to get into a Wonderbolt show, feel free to ask, I will get you a Ticket."
  49. Turning to her, you reply "I'll be sure to do that, thanks for helping with this."
  50. She leans over, and gives you a quick kiss on the cheek, before flying back to the crowd with a flick of the tail, giving you a nice view of her plot.
  51. Calling in the rest of the guests, you continue your show with an array of tricks similar to the ones you used in your contest with Trixie. As the show ends, you take your seat, before being bombarded by questions and requests to perform, which you turn down, saying you have other responsibilitys for the next while.
  52. Eventually the guests are calmed enough, that you can excuse yourself from the chamber, and head out into the gardens.
  53. The torchlit pathways guide you along, under the ever watchful eye of the moon. Soon enough, you find yourself in an open area surrounded by statues. In the middle lies an empty pedastle. running your hand on the bottom, you can read *Discord God of Chaos*. Pressing your hands together, you transmute a simple spire with room for a small orb at the top, on the pedastle.
  54. "Im sorry I had to erase you like that. Nobody deserves to die like that, but I promise you I will never allow anyone to forget you."
  55. Lying back, you rest your head on the grass. Its been an interesting time, and it will ony get more interesting from here.
  58. Temporary end.
  59. I am currently thought blocked on this story, so I am starting a new one soon. I do plan on finishing this one eventually though.
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