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  1. Hardware Upgrades
  3. Stats
  4. 2 (2)
  5. 3 (4)
  6. 4 (6)
  7. 5 (8)
  8. 6 (10)
  9. 7 (12)
  10. SCORPIO 3C MK II (20): Extends the stat limit from 7 to 9. Adds 5 hit points.
  11. 8 (12)
  12. 9 (12)
  13. SCORPIO 3C STARLIGHT (30): Extends the stat limit from 9 to 12. Adds 10 hit points.
  14. 10 (15)
  15. 11 (15)
  16. 12 (15)
  18. Armor
  19. STEALTH CARAPACE (6): Can activate a stealth mode. Turns the armor a glowing ultraviolet color when in use. Distorts the light around us to render us invisible to visual means.
  20. -Stealth movements and attacks use the will stat.
  21. -Enables stealth upgrades
  23. FIRE GUARD (6): Reduces damage from heat and flame by 10 though thermal dispersal plates and nanite gel that we “sweat”.
  25. SHADOW BOXING (8): An upgrade to the stealth carapace created by Mr. E after seeing how badly Fox Fire got wrecked in hand to hand combat. It allows us to supplement our brawling with quick tactical holograms. We can fake out our opponents. We can project a left hook when in reality we go for the pile bunker uppercut.
  26. -Requires Stealth Carapace
  27. -We make a hack attack during a close combat action. If we fail nothing happens. If we succeed the opponent loses 3 dexterity as long as they keep brawling with us. It must be refreshed every turn.
  29. Tail
  30. THE BLADE (5): An incredibly powerful vibroblade that uses the entire tail as a generator. Can slice through metal like butter, but is vulnerable against EMP based weaponry and cannot damage force fields, which offset its vibrations.
  31. -Damage roll is 3d6+dexterity
  32. -Watch out for EMP and force fields. They can scramble the frequency and reduce it to a hunk of metal.
  33. -As the tail is used as a generator the weapon isn’t very flexible. The muscle cylinder coils were taken out for the engine. It cannot be used to ensnare or grapple with opponents
  35. PARTICLE CHAINSAW (5): This upgrade draws upon our main battery to power a “particle chainsaw” on the edge of the blade. Powerful magnetic forces cause the particles to dig and tear at the very structure of the atomic structure of the enemy’s armor.
  36. -We now add our horsepower rating to our damage roll
  37. -The armor rating of a hit part drops by 1. This decrease is cumulative
  38. THE HARPOON (4): Get over here.
  40. TRIFURCATION (4) Allows the photon stream to divide three times, connecting our enemy not only to us but potentially two other objects.
  41. -Slide an opponent around our photon web! Keep them off balance and away from us!
  42. -Spear more than one enemy!
  43. -Give us three places to zip to if we use our HARPOON for mobility
  44. -Give us a place to zip to AND attack!
  46. BEAM PROOF (6): This prevents us from being cooked by our own photon stream, allowing us to use handle it like a rope.
  47. -Can tie up opponents with the rope!
  48. -The rope burns, inflicting 3 damage per turn against each ensnared part. Ignores armor.
  49. -Trap those limbs!
  54. Hand Weapons
  56. PILE BUNKER (3): A powerful piston running up our arm drives our fist straight through the enemy.
  57. -Damage is 1d10+ Horsepower
  59. FORCE CORONA (3): A new silvery ring around the wrist of the power bunker allows us to channel the horsepower added to our damage roll to our to-hit dexterity roll. We transfer the force of the punch, usually concentrated in a small area, into a wave of energy.
  60. The wave is too short to be a viable ranged attack, but its shotgun pattern allows us to tag enemies we would normally miss. If we’re whiffing against an enemy with the PB, we should try using the FORCE CORONA
  61. Can be used to blow back traps , flames, and debris.
  63. THRUSTER PUNCH (2): With the aid of a new stabilizer we can now transfer some of the force of the blow into closing the gap and rocket toward our opponent…or miss them horribly.
  64. -Slam our fist into the enemy from far away!
  65. -Horsepower cost depends on how far away the enemy is.
  66. -Whiffing provokes an attack of opportunity…
  68. STRUCTURE SHATTER (6): A new energy shutter evenly distributes force throughout a hit object, allowing several advantages.
  69. It allows us to distribute the Horsepower bonus to damage rolls throughout the body of an opponent, and not just concentrate it all on a part that we hit. We can hit the right arm, and damage the left leg for instance. It allows us to punch the ground/wall of an arena and create a crevice beneath our opponent, or cave in a ceiling on top of them. Finally, it allows us to lower the armor rating of an entire robot by 1.
  70. -Attack through the ground with shockwaves or explode objects at our enemy. Our damage depends on the type of structure used and our attack roll is horsepower vs opponent’s targeting system.
  71. -Our PB punches decrease a robot’s armor through seismic vibrations that undermine the armors stability by 1.
  73. KNUCKLE INJECTORS (6): These four sharp spikes at the end of our knuckles use the momentum of the pile bunker to inject themselves underneath an enemy’s armor and inject harmful material straight into the internal workings.
  74. -On a successful hit with the PB the target loses 1 to melee, targeting system, and horsepower rolls involving that part.
  77. JAWS OF DEATH (8) Adds a pair of steel jaws that swing shut to trap the enemy when our PBs hit.
  78. -Ensnares the opponent. Good if you like trapping enemies but want to switch out THE HARPOON and FIXER
  79. -Or good if you just want to really, really, really make sure the enemy stays on our fist.
  81. BIGGER PUNCH (10): More steam! More punch! I love it!
  82. -Adds a d10 to our PB damage roll
  83. -Can be taken twice, giving us a 3d10+ horsepower rating damage
  85. SUDDEN IMPACT (12): The ultimate PB upgrade. Bring your enemies to terms with this device that targets our punch like a guided missile for maximum damage output.
  86. -Requires the enemy to be ensnared
  87. -Spend a turn charging the blow
  88. -The next turn launch an auto-hit that deals maximum damage.
  90. Fixers (3) Named so because they “affix” the enemy to the spot with a strong magnetic seal. The enemy must make a horsepower roll against us to break free on their turn.
  91. -Deals 1d4+5 damage
  92. -Don’t bite off more than you can chew!
  94. Fixer Upgrades:
  95. INSURANCE POLICY (4): Assuming they’re strong enough or sneaky enough to break away, they won’t get very far. This upgrade allows the fixer to set an electric charge all throughout an enemy’s armor. We can then set off the opposite charge in our fixer to draw the enemy toward us like a magnet, instantly sticking them back on the fixer with a successful horsepower roll.
  96. -The opposite charge can be applied to our entire body to draw the opponent toward us in an embrace. Be sure we can get the better of a grapple before using it! And be careful there’s nothing around that’s magnetic and we DON’T want to suddenly barrel toward us!
  97. -The opposite charge can also be applied to objects. Be creative!
  99. OLD SPARKY (4): Our fixer slowly damages the enemy through electric discharges the longer its stuck inside them. Lowers willpower.
  100. -1d4 damage each turn
  101. -damage is not reduced by armor
  102. -Lowers willpower by 1 each turn. Breaking away restores willpower lost this way
  104. PLAN B (4): Let’s say we’ve hooked someone on our fixer and we’ve found out that its better they weren’t so close to us. Or let’s say we want to toss them into something. This allows us to send the opponent flying with a quick magnetic pulse.
  105. -Allows us to pick up and throw objects! And robots!
  106. -Can be combined with INSURANCE POLICY to set up a charge in an object (or enemy) then throw that object, then recall that object. BOOMERANG ATTACK!
  108. Fire Gem Upgrades:
  110. SUPER NAPALM: Installs a small device in her palm of ONE of her fire-gems that mixes in a sticky chemical that bonds molecularly much like your blob shield. The chemical becomes super heated when exposed to fire, absorbing the heat of fox fire's flames to melt through armor.
  111. -cost: 5, 2 Credits provides 3 ammo. Starts with 3.
  112. -Replaces the 1d6 damage over time effect with a 1d6+2
  113. -Marks targets. The super-heated chemical shows up easily to scans.
  114. -makes Fox Fire's fires resistant to being put out.
  116. FIREBALL CASTER: Modifies a flame jewel to be able to fire a ball of fire that can move and snake around targets.
  117. -Cost: 5
  118. -Fireball only deals 5 damage plus splash and fire effect, but homes in on opponents, allowing missed rolls to be re-rolled
  120. RAY OF THE SUN: A modification to a single fire jewel that allows Fox Fire to sacrifice the fire effect and multi-part splash damage to super-heat and fire a round that can potentially disable a part in a single shot.
  121. -Cost 9 +1 per shot. Start with 3 shots.
  122. -Deals 30 damage
  123. -ignores anti-fire measures
  125. LASER CLAWS:Channels the power of a fire jewel through fox fires fingertips, shredding metal.
  126. -cost 7
  127. -inflicts 15 damage
  128. -no burn or splash, but can be used when grappled or in a situation where the jewel flame thrower isn't too useful
  129. -kitten has claws!
  131. Hologram Generator Upgrades:
  133. SHORT RANGE TELEPORTER:Sadly your heart-brain is far too simple and primitive to be able to use this ara ara but fortunately you know a certain bot with an advance CPU...
  134. -Cost 25
  135. -An experimental miniaturization of the space tunnels used across the solar system. It allows for Fox Fire to make a will check to teleport within 360 feet. It allows her to use her willpower as a defense mod against all attacks representing how she teleports out of the way
  136. -Jesus god its a teleportation device!
  138. Stealth Fur Upgrades:
  140. PLASMA SHADOWS: This upgrade Foxs illusion generator allows her to use her illusions to hide plasma discharges.
  141. -illusions now hurt! Deals 5 damage and splash and fire when touched
  145. Head Weapons
  146. SUPER EYES (2): These compound lenses implanted in our visual receptors help filter out simple illusions. We gain +3 willpower, but only against visual illusion attacks and hack attacks that affect our vision.
  147. -They also allow us to see across the electromagnet spectrum.
  149. CORRECTIVE VISION (4): This upgrade automatically refocuses our vision to maximize our chance of hitting a target.
  150. -Gives a cumulative +1 to targeting systems or dexterity
  151. -Requires us to perform the same action again and again.
  153. THIRD EYE (8): Not actually a third eye. Rather this is a visual program that crunches combat data to predict the enemy’s next action before they even know what it is.
  154. -Each turn in which we can see the enemy grants us a +1 to our “Third Eye” pool
  155. -We can choose to spend the entire pool to either add to a single attack or a single defense
  157. SIGHT BEYOND SIGHT (12): No more hiding. No more tricks. No more games. Mr. P has used a couple of bribes and some old wartime codes Mr. S remembered to give us a “repurposed” military observation satellite and Mr. E has routed its data straight to our eyeballs. We can see the enemy. We can see the battlefield. We know the fight from all angles.
  158. -Stealth and illusions do not work on us.
  159. -Enemies cannot hide from us.
  160. -We add our will to avoid ranged attacks
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