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  1. [divbox=#f7f7f7][center][size=85][color=red]CONFIDENTIAL — CONFIDENTIAL — CONFIDENTIAL — CONFIDENTIAL — CONFIDENTIAL[/color][/size]
  2. [color=transparent]hi[/color]
  3. [aligntable=left,0,0,0,0,0,transparent][img]http://i.imgur.com/k8Ih6iF.png?1[/img][/aligntable]
  4. [aligntable=right,0,0,0,0,0,transparent][b]
  5.     Traffic Division
  6.     Los Santos Police Department
  7.     1 Pershing Square
  8.     Los Santos, SA 97447[/b][/aligntable]
  11. [size=180][b][color=#4d5f96]TRAFFIC COLLISION INVESTIGATOR EXAMINATION[/color][/b][/size][/center]
  12. [hr][/hr]
  13. [list][b]Full Name:[/b]
  14. [b]Department Rank:[/b]
  15. [b]Division Rank:[/b]
  16. [b]Traffic Squad:[/b] [color=darkred][b]ALPHA[/b][/color] / [color=darkblue][b]BRAVO[/b][/color] / [color=darkgreen][b]CHARLIE[/b][/color]
  17. [b]Link to awards topic:[/b] [url=LINKHERE]ACCESS[/url][/list]
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  19. [list]
  21. [b]1. What types of responses are in place for traffic collisions?[/b]
  22. [i]Code two and code three responses are in place for traffic collisions, depending on the circumstances. If a 911 call comes in and states a traffic accident as occured, but does not mention any injuries, an officer should respond with code two. However, if an injury is announced over the 911, an officer should respond code three.[/i]
  24. [b]2. Where would you park your car when arriving on a traffic collision scene, and why?[/b]
  25. [i]When arriving on a traffic collision scene, I would position my vehicle in a way that blocks the road along with the traffic accident it self. Doing this will make other people aware of the officer's presence, along with knowing that the road is closed.[/i]
  27. [b]3. What is needed in order to calculate the speed of a vehicle?[/b]
  28. [i]In order to calculate the speed of a vehicle, you would use a the traffic division's wheel. This is used to measure the distance of a skid mark, depending on how long the skid mark is, will determine the speed. The longer the skid mark, the higher the speed. ((This is where roleplay would be involved, you would have to roleplay measuring the distance of the skid mark, and in return, the wheel will return a speed. /me, /do is your friend.))[/i]
  30. [b]4. Name and explain the six orientations of impact.[/b]
  31. [i]1) Head on
  32. 2) Rear-End
  33. 3) T-Bone
  34. 4) Turn Over
  35. 5) Vehicle vs Object
  36. 6) Vehicle vs Pedisteration[/i]
  38. [b]5. What are some of the rules and regulations when interviewing drivers or witnesses?[/b]
  39. [i]When interviewing drivers or witnesses, it is important to interview all of them seperately and not near by. The reason for that is you do not want the drivers/witnesses mixing their stories together or making up a fake defense for themselves. Other things to check during the time of interviews is signs of any drug or beverage usage. Disorentied eyes, smell, and so forth.[/i]
  41. [b]6. List all of the types roadway markings, and how are they are made.[/b]
  42. [i]<Answer here.>[/i]
  44. [b]7. When will you use roadblocks at an incident and how?[/b]
  45. [i]I would use roadblocks at an incident when my cruiser/squad unit is not enough to cover the road. Some accidents require cones and other traffic equipment to close up several lanes of traffic to protect the original scene. [/i]
  47. [b]8. What is the legal limit for driving under the influence?[/b]
  48. [i]The legal limit for driving under the influence is 0.08 and below.[/i]
  50. [b]9. What are some of the roles of Traffic Division?[/b]
  51. [i]Some of the roles of the Traffic Division include the enforcement of the (PENAL CODE NUMBER HERE) road laws. Traffic Division is also responsible for impounding of vehicles after pursuits, illegal parking, or where ever it is requested. Traffic Division's duty is also to respond and handle traffic accidents as needed. [/i]
  53. [b]10. With [url=http://i.imgur.com/znCfsZW.jpg]this[/url] picture, what vehicles are in a Parking Violation, and why?[/b]
  54. [i]<Answer here.>[/i]
  56. [hr][/hr]
  57. [b]11. At the early afternoon of 16th of May 2017, at approximately 13:05 hours, you are responding to a 911 call regarding a Traffic Collision at the intersection of Star Street and Main Street. The caller reported that as there was a massive traffic collision and it seemed like one of the drivers involved in accident was laid out in the front seat of their vehicle and unresponsive.
  59. Upon your arrival, you notice there are three vehicles involved in the traffic collision. The first vehicle, a red-white Oceanic with the plates 0TDF088 with the unresponsive driver is sitting in the median. The second vehicle being a black Huntley with the plates of 4LIN039, being right next to the Oceanic and hanging out of the road in the northbound lane. The third vehicle, a black Premier, plates being 5DAV911 also seems to be involved which is in the southbound lane. Upon first viewing of the accident, traffic flow seems to be normal. The weather is pretty clear and sunny, therefore weather conditions have not played a role within the traffic collision.
  61. The Oceanic, during investigation is found to be traveling at 58 MPH / 93 KPH. The Premier is found traveling at 62 MPH / 99 KPH, and lastly the Huntley involved was found doing 78 MPH / 125 KPH. A CCTV camera "Market - Star Street 1' is also in place. The Market Star Street 1 camera shows the Black Huntley approaching the intersection from the East, where the intersection is then ran, causing the Huntley to then collide with the Oceanic. During this time the Oceanic is then sent into the incorrect lane of travel due to impact, hitting the Premier.
  63. [/b][/list]
  65. [list][b]Picture of scene:[/b]
  66. [spoiler][center][thumbnail]https://s21.postimg.org/lewzcvajb/Untitled-1.png[/thumbnail][thumbnail]https://s12.postimg.org/ff0gdr2jx/Traffic2.png[/thumbnail][/center][/spoiler]
  67. [b]11a. Write a list of all the actions you would take upon arriving at a Traffic Collision scene below. Name them by the order of which you would take them.[/b]
  68. [i]<Answer here>[/i][/list]
  70. [list][b][u]You question both drivers and the witness, and receive the following statements[/u]:[/b]
  72. [b][u]Driver of the Premier (Kaitlyn Carter)[/u]:[/b] [quote][i]I was in my car just driving south on Main Street and all of sudden I got hit by an Oceanic.[/i][/quote]
  74. [b][u]Driver of the Huntley (Alexander Montes)[/u]:[/b] [i][quote]Man. I was just minding my own business while making way to my apartment,
  75.  all of a sudden this Oceanic drove infront of me and I hit him. I think he needs to retake his driving course.[/quote][/i]
  77. [b][u]Driver of the Oceanic (Daniel Swenson)[/u]:[/b] [i][quote]--- Unavailable due to injuries and medical treatment ---[/quote][/i]
  79. [b][u]Witness (Ashley Dawson)[/u]:[/b] [i][quote]I was walking my dog and all of a sudden I see that Black Huntley over there drive hit both them cars. I swear people in this city just don't seem to know how to drive.[/quote][/i]
  81. While interviewing all parties you find no signs of alcohol or recent drug use. Daniel Swenson is unavailable for a statement due to his medical injuries.
  83. You also determine all drivers own their vehicles and have valid licenses, both of the drivers have had a few citations for speeding in the past.
  85. [b]11b. How do you conclude the scene? Who is at fault? What action(s) do you take, if any?[/b]
  86. [i]<Answer here.>[/i]
  88. [b]11c. Fill in a Traffic Collision Report using the details above. Make sure the report is filled up properly as this will have a significant influence on whether you pass the exam or not.[/b] [size=85]Note: Since you're not actually on scene for this MVA, you don't have to fill in section 6 in the report.[/size][/list]
  89. [list][spoiler][color=transparent].[/color]
  90. [center][img]http://i.imgur.com/ttrrjwC.png[/img][/center]
  92. [img]http://i.imgur.com/1fY2Oky.png[/img][size=170]TRAFFIC COLLISION REPORT[/size][img]http://i.imgur.com/1fY2Oky.png[/img][/center]
  93. [hr][/hr]
  94.     [b][size=120]Section 1 — General Information[/size][/b]
  96.     [list][b][u]1.1[/u] Date of incident:[/b] DD/MMM/YYYY
  97.     [b][u]1.2[/u] Time of incident:[/b] HH:MM
  98.     [b][u]1.3[/u] Location of incident:[/b] Street Name, Area
  99.     [b][u]1.4[/u] How received:[/b] Dispatched / 911 call / requested on scene / Other (specify).
  100.     [b][u]1.5[/u] Type of collision:[/b] Head-On / Side-Swipe / Rear-End / Vehicle vs. Object / Vehicle vs. Pedestrian / Overturned
  101.     [b][u]1.6[/u] Are you TCI certified?:[/b] Yes / No
  103.     [b][u]1.7[/u] Assisting Traffic Officers (2 points):[/b]
  104.     [list]
  105.     [*] Firstname Lastname - Squad
  106.     [*] Firstname Lastname - Squad[/list][/list]
  108.     [hr][/hr]
  109.     [b][size=120]Section 2 — Conditions[/size][/b]
  111.     [list][b][u]2.1[/u] Traffic:[/b] Low / Moderate / Heavy
  112.     [b][u]2.2[/u] Weather:[/b] Clear / Sunny / Rain / Storm / Snow
  113.     [b][u]2.3[/u] Light:[/b] Daylight / Dusk-Dawn / Dark (street lights) / Dark (no lights)[/list]
  115.     [hr][/hr]
  116.     [b][size=120]Section 3 — Collision Statistics[/size][/b]
  118.     [list][b][u]3.1[/u] Number of vehicles involved:[/b] 0
  119.     [b][u]3.2[/u] Number of people involved:[/b] 0
  120.     [b][u]3.3[/u] Number of people injured:[/b] 0
  121.     [b][u]3.4[/u] Number of people killed:[/b] 0[/list]
  123.     [hr][/hr]
  124.     [b][size=120]Section 4 — Personal Information[/size][/b]
  126.     [list][color=#F5BB3A][b]PARTY #01[/b][/color]
  127.     [b]Vehicle Model:[/b]
  128.     [b]Vehicle Color:[/b]
  129.     [b]Vehicle Owner:[/b]
  130.     [b]Vehicle Plates:[/b]
  132.     [b]Vehicle Driver:[/b]
  133.     [b]Times Occupied:[/b]
  134.     [b]List of Passengers:[/b]
  135.     [list]
  136.     [*] Firstname Lastname - Statement #2
  137.     [*] Firstname Lastname - Statement #3
  138.     [*] Firstname Lastname - Statement #4[/list][/list]
  140.     [b]Driver's Statement[/b]
  141.     [quote]<Write Statement Here>[/quote]
  143.     [b]Passenger Statement[/b]
  144.     [quote]<Write Statement Here>[/quote]
  146.     [list][color=#F5BB3A][b]PARTY #02[/b][/color]
  147.     [b]Vehicle Model:[/b]
  148.     [b]Vehicle Color:[/b]
  149.     [b]Vehicle Owner:[/b]
  150.     [b]Vehicle Plates:[/b]
  152.     [b]Vehicle Driver:[/b]
  153.     [b]Times Occupied:[/b]
  154.     [b]List of Passengers:[/b]
  155.     [list]
  156.     [*] Firstname Lastname - Statement #2
  157.     [*] Firstname Lastname - Statement #3
  158.     [*] Firstname Lastname - Statement #4[/list][/list]
  160.     [b]Driver's Statement[/b]
  161.     [quote]<Write Statement Here>[/quote]
  163.     [b]Passenger Statement[/b]
  164.     [quote]<Write Statement Here>[/quote]
  166.     [list][color=#F5BB3A][b]PARTY #03 - WITNESS[/b][/color]
  167.     [b]Name:[/b]
  168.     [b]Race/Ethnicity:[/b]
  169.     [b]Has a Drivers License:[/b][/list]
  171.     [b]Witness Statement[/b]
  172.     [quote]<Write Statement Here>[/quote]
  174.     [hr][/hr]
  176.     [b][size=120]Section 5 — Conclusion[/size][/b]
  178.     [list]
  179. [b]What response code did you use when driving to the Traffic Collision?[/b]
  180. [size=95][i]<Insert answer here.>[/i][/size]
  182. [b]How did the scene look like when you arrived and how did you secure the scene?[/b]
  183. [size=95][i]<Insert answer here.>[/i][/size]
  185. [b]Was the Fire Department notified? Did you do any medical treatment?[/b]
  186. [size=95][i]<Insert answer here.>[/i][/size]
  188. [b]Did you call for any backup on the scene?[/b]
  189. [size=95][i]<Insert answer here.>[/i][/size]
  191. [b]What kind of investigation did you do?[/b]
  192. [size=95][i]<Insert answer here.>[/i][/size]
  194. [b]Who was at fault and what kind of action did you take against that person?[/b]
  195. [size=95][i]<Insert answer here.>[/i][/size]
  196. [/list]
  198. [hr][/hr]
  200. [b][size=120]Section 6 — Investigation Photographs[/size][/b]
  201. [list][b]Photo 1[/b]
  202. [thumbnail]Link to Image[/thumbnail]
  204. [b]Photo 2[/b]
  205. [thumbnail]Link to Image[/thumbnail]
  207. [b]Photo 3[/b]
  208. [thumbnail]Link to Image[/thumbnail]
  209. [/list][/spoiler][/list]
  211. [center][size=85]CONFIDENTIAL — CONFIDENTIAL — CONFIDENTIAL — CONFIDENTIAL — CONFIDENTIAL[/size][/center][/divbox]
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