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  1. So I was about to head home from work today. While waiting on my cab, I pulled up my bank account on my phone. -$300+. I raced home and hopped on the computer.
  3. 04/20/2010 AT&T PAYMENT -$150.44
  4. 04/20/2010 SPRINT8006396111 ACHBILLPAY -$254.07
  5. 04/20/2010 CHECK NUMBER 0625 -$366.00
  6. 04/20/2010 CHECK NUMBER 0626 -$420.00
  7. 04/19/2010 TOUCHTUNES MUSIC-GAMES800-5853021 -$5.00
  8. 04/19/2010 BILLMATRIX BILL PAY -$6.95
  9. 04/19/2010 CORR BILLING SVS BILL PAY -$100.85
  11. I'm thinking to myself wtf! I don't have sprint or at&t. Bill matrix? Corr Billing? Aww hell nah. Two cheques? Well I guess it is a good thing my bank scans all cheques for online viewing. I click them, and apparently I wrote two cheques to Tyrone Hazel. Get this, the fucker signed "Tyrone" where I'm supposed to sign.
  12. I chortle, call the police. They peel up ,and do the report. I show them the cheque scans and they just laugh their heads off. Two people around me named Tyrone Hazel it seemed. The police call me back about 45 minutes later. Mr Tyrone Hazel, apparently paid for phones and bills in his name with my account. "We are picking him up as we speak."
  13. I start social investigation. Apparently he is acquainted to me six people deep. He was over at my house with a friend of a friend of a friend (etc) of a housemate, while I was out. Get this... Mr. Hazel, went to my High school. He was a year beneath me. We have one mutual friend on facebook.
  14. I'm sipping Crown Royale right now, knowing my bank will refund my shit when I get there in the morning, while Tyrone gets to eat cheese sandwiches in lock-up. Shit is so cash.
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