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  1. I was born in Tucson, Arizona and since I was a little boy I was always fascinated by the police duties. I loved calling my friends over to watch police movie and in my free time, I was reading detective and police books as they were fascinating me by keeping me in suspense all the time because you don't know what is going to happen next. I started to document about the police cruisers and their equipment like weaponry, technology and so on. I was eleven when we moved out to Rock Hill, a small city in South Carolina. Three years after we moved out, my mother deceased because of lung cancer as she was smoking a lot.
  3. I kept going to the local school in my city, and eventually, in 2006 I and my dad moved to Miami, where I went to the Miami Dade College. I was studying so hard to be able to pass the final exam with the highest mark I could and to prove my mother that she was wrong the whole time, telling me I will never achieve anything in life and become a drug addict. When I was not going to school or studying I was working by the hour as a janitor in a local burger shop in order to get some money. After many years of studying and work done, I managed to get a B+. I was sure that my mother would have been proud of me, and she would have realized that she was wrong the whole time but she wasn't there.
  5. After the graduation, I got a job in a supermarket not too far away from my house and I was really happy to work there as my workmates were friendly and I was getting a pretty good paycheck. One day, not even 10 minutes after I arrived at the supermarket I got a call from the local police department regarding some recent shots fired in my neighborhood. They said that the victim is my father and he is at the morgue. I buried him, sold his car and moved to Red County, Los Santos, promising to myself to become a law enforcement officer so no one will ever have to go through what I went.
  7. As I loved the officer duties from a young age, and as my dad was shot by some drunk kids, I decided to apply to San Andreas County Sherrif's Office, just to try and make the city a safer place, where there will be fewer criminals roaming on the street, and fewer families torn apart.
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