JP DTank backup (mash load + Bandana)

redslash Feb 20th, 2016 (edited) 283 Never
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  1. Dragon Tank (JP) - Mash load at Supervisor
  2. 2016-02-20
  4. BEFORE reloading: equip Lucca Bandana! (not needed for normal strat)
  6. - 5 frames to load -
  8. If you load without getting ANY audio/visual of the Load Menu (pure black), do this:
  10. (wait) Crono & Lucca atk, (wait) Crono atk,
  11. (wait for fires) Tonic Crono & Crono atk,
  12. (wait) Crono crit & Tonic Lucca, hold X, Lucca Firewhirl, hold X, Lucca Firewhirl, mash Cyclone
  14. If you mash load and get SOME audio/visual from the Load Menu, do one of these (watch Crono's opening 2 attacks):
  16. (wait) Crono atk, (wait) Crono atk:
  17. (wait for fires) Midtonic Crono & Crono crit,
  18. (wait) Crono crit & Lucca atk HEAD,
  19. Cyclone & Lucca atk, Crono crit & Lucca Tonic
  20. (wait) Crono atk, Lucca Firewhirl, hold X
  22. (wait) Crono atk, (wait) Crono CRIT:
  23. (wait for fires) Tonic Crono & Crono crit,
  24. (wait) Cyclone & hold X [Lucca atk BODY]
  25. hold X, Lucca Firewhirl
  26. (wait) Crono crit, Crono atk
  28. (wait) Crono CRIT, (wait) Crono CRIT:
  29. (wait for fires) Tonic Crono & Crono atk,
  30. (wait) Cyclone & hold X [Lucca atk BODY]
  31. hold X, Lucca Firewhirl
  32. (wait) Cyclone
  34. (wait) Crono CRIT, (wait) Crono atk,
  35. (wait for fires) Crono atk & Midtonic Crono,
  36. (wait) Crono crit & Lucca atk HEAD,
  37. Cyclone, Lucca Firewhirl
  38. (wait) Crono atk, Lucca atk, Firewhirl
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