Invasive Surgery (Light Gore)

Dec 9th, 2012
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  1. Day Invasive Surgery in Equestria
  2. >You are Doctor Stable. You have worked as a doctor for countless years. You started as a generalist, and eventually moved to surgery. You found that you loved invasive surgery. Seeing organs splayed about aroused you.
  3. >One day, you were performing surgery, and became distracted. The beating heart you saw before you mesmerized you. It’s so simple. So beautiful. The patient died.
  4. >You had a record of… complications. The others couldn’t prove that it was deliberate malpractice, but that was the last straw. You lost your medical license.
  5. >Now you make a living treating criminals and other scum. The bits are good. Ponies pay handsomely for silence. Sometimes you ask for patients – for practice. You need the practice so you can improve. Sometimes the criminals help you. Sometimes you accidentally go too far.
  6. >You now live in a dark alley in Ponyville. It’s the bad part of town that ponies don’t go to. Only the bottom feeders live here. Alcoholics, drug addicts, and the poor.
  7. >You wonder… is it possible to transplant organs from one pony into another? You lick your lips at the possibilities.
  8. >You look out your window. The sky is blood red. It’s going to be a good day.
  9. ----
  10. >You are now Anon.
  11. “Hmmm…” The doctor says as he looks at charts
  12. >You are sitting down in front of him. Yellow Quiet is by your side
  13. What do you mean, ‘Hmmm?’
  14. “Well Anon,” he thinks for a moment. “You have a bum ticker.”
  15. “Oh no!” Yellow Quiet starts crying. She suddenly stops. “Uh, what does that mean?”
  16. It means I have a bad heart.
  17. “No, your heart is good. You are so kind to everypony.” Yellow Quiet says as she holds you close.
  18. >The doctor shakes his head. “No Fluttershy. Anon has a bad heart. He is going to have to start taking it easy.”
  19. You mean I can’t work at Sweet Apple Acres anymore?
  20. >He nods. “You should get some light exercise, but apple bucking is out of the question.”
  21. >The doctor thinks for a moment.
  22. “This was just a small episode. The next time…” He starts waving his hoof. He looks concerned.
  23. Yes?
  24. >The doctor sighs heavily. “Next time we might not be able to save you. What you have is an accident waiting to happen.”
  25. Will I die? How long do I have?
  26. >”There’s no way to be certain. A few months? Maybe a year? Either way it will be sudden and unexpected. If I were you; I would start making preparations.”
  27. >Yellow Quiet sobs heavily into your chest.
  28. Is there anything you can do? Anything at all?
  29. >“I’m afraid not. Magic might help for a short time, but it’s not a cure.” The doctor frowns at you. “There was a p0ny who tried to fix your condition, but he kept failing. He was thrown out of the medical community. There is no way any p0ny can transplant organs. It’s not possible!”
  30. >You thank the doctor for his time.
  31. >Yellow Quiet is holding on to you tightly. You hug her back. You have to be strong – for her.
  32. ---
  33. >Several weeks pass.
  34. >You and Yellow Quiet have been searching for a doctor who can help. You traveled to Canterlot and saw the princess’s personal physician. You traveled to Manehatten and the response was the same.
  35. >You have less than a year to live is all they would say.
  36. >You have given up hope.
  37. >You friends visited you often, trying to cheer you up, but you have fallen into a depression.
  38. >All you care about is drinking. You would rather die in a drunken stupor than face death sober.
  39. >Your drinking has caused you to become irratic and unpredictable. Slowly, you friends stop visiting.
  40. >Except one. Yellow Quiet
  41. >She visits and tells you about how she is still searching for help.
  42. >”I’m sure the next doctor will know what to do.”
  43. Give up, Fluttershy. I don’t want to live anymore anyway.
  44. >Yellow Quiet moves toward you.
  45. >”Don’t say that mister. You’re going to be just fine.”
  46. Stop saying that! I’m not going to be fine.
  47. >Yellow Quiet starts crying.
  48. Leave me alone.
  49. >”I can’t do that Anon. I love you.”
  50. I said fucking leave me alone!
  51. >You throw a bottle at her.
  52. >She flies away.
  53. >You continue drinking.
  54. ----
  55. >You are now Yellow Quiet.
  56. >You don’t like being here. You’re in the bad part of town. It’s dirty and smells like urine.
  57. >You’re doing this for Anon.
  58. >If you can find somep0ny to help him, he will finally realize his love for you.
  59. >Earlier today you received a letter offering help. It told you to come alone.
  60. >You have arrived. It’s a run down stone house.
  61. “Be strong Fluttershy. This is for Anon,” You say to yourself.
  62. >You knock on the door.
  63. >No one answers.
  64. >After a moment, the door opens. Doctor Stable looks you over and smiles darkly. He moves to the side, inviting you in.
  65. >”I’m glad you came Fluttershy.”
  66. Oh, uh, thank you.
  67. >”I heard about what happened with Anon… It’s so tragic.” The p0ny says slowly.
  68. Oh I know. We have looked everywhere for help. Every p0ny just sends us away.
  69. >The doctor nods knowingly. He motions to ask if you want some tea. You shake your head.
  70. >”That’s because they aren’t visionaries, like me.” The doctor smirks.
  71. So you can help Anon?
  72. >He looks down. I can… I think I can.” He turns his back to you. “I was so close.”
  73. So close?
  74. >”I almost saved a pony with a similar condition as Anon. There was a slight accident, and I lost my medical license.”
  75. Oh no
  76. >”Oh no indeed. I could have helped so many ponies with this new medical procedure,” he says as he walks to the window. His back is still turned to you.
  77. You can try it on Anon.
  78. >”I wish I could, but I am out of practice. There is no way I can do it now.”
  79. If its bits you want, I have plenty.
  80. >The doctor smirks.
  81. >”Bits are good…” He turns to you. “but what I need are patients to practice on.”
  82. >You don’t like the look in his eyes. You hide behind your mane.
  83. >”I can put a new heart in Anon, but the chance of success would be low without live ponies to practice on.”
  84. >You back away.
  85. >”That where you come in.” He says as he moves toward you. “If you can get me patients to transplant hearts into, then I can guarantee that Anon will be fine.”
  86. >You don’t like his smile.
  87. You promise?
  88. >He nods slowly.
  89. Who should I get?
  90. >”Vagrants. Drunks… anypony that nopony will ever miss.”
  91. And you only need two
  92. >”Two or three.”
  93. It’s a deal doctor.
  94. ---
  95. >You are now Doctor Stable. It’s been days since Yellow Quiet’s visit. You are starting to think that she won’t return. You spent all this time sharpening your stolen instruments. What a waste.
  96. >You sit down by the fire with a glass of cider. It burns going down.
  97. >You pull out a scrapbook of your previous surgery’s. So much blood. You pet the picture of your first real patient. The pony who helped you realize that invasive surgery is the only true answer. You remember feeling so alive.
  98. >She died three days later, but the possibility was there.
  99. >You hear a knock at the door. You smile to yourself. Nopony ever visits you unless it’s a patient. You need this.
  100. >You open the door. It’s Yellow Quiet. Shes crying. She throws a sack toward you.
  101. I did what you wanted. Can you help Anon now?
  102. >”No… Not yet my dear. I need time. Come back tomorrow with another patient.”
  103. >She gives you a horrified look.
  104. >You hold her. “I know this is hard for you, but I need more if I will be able to save Anon.”
  105. >She’s shaking, but nods.
  106. Come back tomorrow.
  107. >You close the door.
  108. >You hear whimpering from the bag. You grab it and carry it to your basement. It’s light.
  109. >You place the bag on the operating table. You shake out the contents. It’s a pegasus filly.
  110. >You smile. Its been so long since you have operated on somepony so small.
  111. >She’s bleeding from her head. Probably blunt trauma.
  112. >You tie her down. She’s starting to wake up.
  113. >”Where am I?”
  114. In a hospital. You fell down.
  115. >She’s shaking.
  116. What’s your name?
  117. >”Scootaloo”
  118. Very good. Don’t worry, everything will be alright, but I’m going to have to operate to save you.
  119. >You pet her mane. She smells so good.
  120. But I don’t work for free.
  121. >”I don’t have any bits.”
  122. Don’t worry… Your body will provide all the payment I need.
  123. >She gives you a horrified look.
  124. >You put a gag over her mouth, and kiss her gently.
  125. >You rub her little body. She’s so soft. It’s been a while since you have enjoyed a mare’s touch.
  126. >You climb on the table and start smelling her. She tries to move away from you, but the restraints keep her in place. She’s whimpering.
  127. >You fondle her premature crotch tits. You tease her nipples. She tries to scream and kick you. You stomp her until she stops. She returns to a low whimper.
  128. >You start licking her nethers. He folds are so tasty. So juicy.
  129. >You position yourself over the filly. You measure your unsheathed cock over her barrel. It’s going to be a tight squeeze.
  130. >You use a hoof to guide yourself in, but it slides out several times. The filly has given up resisting.
  131. >Finally you enter her tiny body. She shrieks and you hit her again.
  132. >Sweet Celestia she’s tight.
  133. >You pump into her several times. You start licking her face.
  134. >You feel yourself cuming. You unload your seed into her body. You hold her tightly, wanting to feel every inch of her against your body.
  135. >Finally, you are satisfied.
  136. >You walk away and open a pen. Inside are several pigs. You pick one about her size. It squeals loudly as you grab it and tie it next to the operating table.
  137. >”I’m going to take out this pig’s heart, and replace yours with its.
  138. >The filly’s eyes are wide open. You grab a needle and inject her with some anesthetic. You want her to live through this.
  139. >You grab your favorite scalpel. You lick it, and slightly cut your tounge. You like the pain.
  140. >You start at her gaping hole. No one said you had to be delicate. She just has to live.
  141. >You start cutting upward toward her neck. Her organs are exposed before you. Celestia you love your job.
  142. >You look at her insides with awe. You start feeling them. You feel them moving under your gentle hoof. You are getting aroused again.
  143. >No. This is for science. You return to your task.
  144. >Her heart is beating in front of you.
  145. >You wonder if you should put other organs in as well.
  146. >Why not?
  147. >You slice the pig’s throat and flip it on it’s back. Quickly now. Can’t let it spoil.
  148. >You cut deeply into the pig. You don’t waste your time. You compare its insides to Scootaloo.
  149. >The kidneys look close enough you reason. You cut out the kidneys and the heart.
  150. >Put place the organs next to Scootaloo.
  151. >Carefully you cut out the Scootaloo’s kidneys. They shrink away from you just like the little filly did earlier. This amuses you.
  152. >You toss them to the side, and replace them with the pig’s organs. When you are satisfied with your work you return to her heart.
  153. >It’s still beating strongly. You rub it slightly. You can feel her blood pumping through the heart’s walls.
  154. >You place the pig’s heart next to her’s and quickly cut her’s out. You control the bleeding with your magic. Soon, the deed is done.
  155. >The heart isn’t moving.
  156. >You use your magic and squeeze it several times.
  157. >Nothing.
  158. >You hit it with your hoof.
  159. >It starts beating.
  160. >Success.
  161. >You sow her up slowly.
  162. >You remove her gag, but leave her tied to the table. You want to hear her when she wakes up.
  163. End of part 1
  165. Previously on Invasive Surgery.
  166. Anon has a bad heart, and nop0ny can help him. Yellow Quiet has found a disgraced surgeon willing to try. Dr Stable has a hunger for patients, and Yellow Quiet gave him a filly to practice on.
  168. >You are Doctor Stable.
  169. >You hear groaning coming from the basement. Your Little Abomination™ is awake.
  170. >You go downstairs. You can hear the moans louder now. You brace yourself for the worst.
  171. >You arrive at Scootaloo’s side. She’s breathing heavily. Her eyes are closed tightly. You undo her restraints.
  172. >She quickly moves her hooves to her barrel. She looks up at you. Her eyes are pleading for help.
  173. >You listen to her heart with a stethoscope. Its weak. You check her gums. Pale.
  174. >You sigh to yourself. You don’t like aftercare, but you understand it’s necessary.
  175. >You hand her a glass of water and antibiotics. She drinks it slowly.
  176. How are you feeling little one?
  177. >”Not so good. Everything hurts.”
  178. I know. I’ll give you something for that.
  179. >You reach for the cart and mix some anesthetic drugs with an analgesic. You measure out just enough for her small body.
  180. You can have something to eat when you wake up.
  181. >She smiles at you weakly as you inject her with the mixture.
  182. >You sit by her side, and wait for her to fall asleep. Your eyes look over your hoofywork. Sometimes you amaze yourself.
  183. >Scootaloo is alive. You have done it. Those hacks in the medical community will shit themselves when they hear of this!
  184. >You pet her mane unconsciously as you imagine the looks on their faces. It amuses you.
  185. >You put a blanket over Scootaloo. You need her to recover.
  186. >You kiss her head gently before you leave.
  187. ---
  188. >It’s been two weeks since Yellow Quiet’s visit. You told that whore to come back in one day. What is she doing?
  189. >Scootaloo is walking around now. You have coerced her to stay. You explained to her that nop0ny will be able to help her if she escapes. She isn’t so scared of you now. Her presence makes you happy.
  190. >You decide to pay Yellow Quiet a visit.
  191. >You make the long walk to her home outside of the Everfree forest.
  192. >You knock on the door. A monkey opens up the door. He looks weak and smells of cider.
  193. >”What do you want?”
  194. You must be Anon. I’ve heard so much about you.
  195. >You eye him hungrily. He doesn’t like you looking him over.
  196. I’ve heard about… your condition
  197. >”And you are?”
  198. My name is Dr. Stable. I want to help you, but first I need to see Fluttershy.
  199. >Anon moves to the side.
  200. >”She’s upstairs. She’s been crying for the last few weeks. She won’t tell me what’s wrong.
  201. >You nod. You know what the problem is.
  202. >You walk to her room.
  203. >Yellow Quiet is sobbing on her bed. Small animals are trying to console her.
  204. >You sit beside her.
  205. >She looks up at you through teary eyes.
  206. >You move to hug her, but decide against it. You retract your hooves.
  207. She’s alive.
  208. >Yellow Quiet’s sobs slow down.
  209. >”I can’t do that again.”
  210. She’s fine. She will make a full recovery.
  211. >Yellow Quiet says nothing
  212. Soon, I will be able to help Anon. I just need one more.
  213. >”I can’t do that again” she repeats.
  214. >You sigh.
  215. I am going to take a look at Anon. Don’t tell him anything.
  216. >She doesn’t look at you as you leave.
  217. >You go back downstairs. Anon is sitting on the couch.
  218. Can I examine you?
  219. >”Why? No one can help me.”
  220. That’s where I think you are wrong. Have you ever considered the possibility of a transplant?
  221. >Anon looks up at you quickly.
  222. >”That’s common back on Earth.”
  223. “Earth?” You remember that this monkey claims to be from another world. “Well, it’s not performed here. It’s blasphemous to even talk of it.”
  224. >”I’ve heard about you. You killed those p0nies.”
  225. It’s an imperfect science. I’m the only p0ny that has ever tried it.
  226. >You sit next to him
  227. And it worked.
  228. >Anon smiles slowly. He must be realizing that you are his only chance.
  229. Take off your clothes.
  230. >Anon starts unbuttoning his pants.
  231. No, just your… top. This isn’t that kind of examination.
  232. >He complies. You close your eyes and listen to his heart.
  233. >His heartbeat is fast. Faster than most stallions. You try to ignore the arrhythmia.
  234. >Sweet Celestia. You have heard this sound before.
  235. >Royalty.
  236. >Fuck. This is going to be harder than you thought.
  237. >”How’s it sound?”
  238. Good. Very good. I think I can help you Anon. The problem will be finding a suitable replacement.
  239. >”Back home we tried using pigs, but it usually didn’t work.”
  240. >You are fascinated. You talk for hours about his culture’s bizarre medical practices.
  241. >Its dark. You tell Anon to cut back on drinking, and politely excuse yourself. You tell him that you will be back when you are ready.
  242. >He thanks you for your time.
  243. >You start walking back home. You think of all of those sadistic procedures they do to keep monkeys alive. It’s thrilling.
  244. >You shake yourself back to reality. You need another patient, and Yellow Quiet won’t help you.
  245. >You know the perfect one.
  246. >You head toward the bar.
  247. >The mare is sitting at the bar. She’s obviously drunk. This is going to be so easy.
  248. “One cider for me, and one for my good friend here.” You say to the bartender.
  249. >Berry Punch turns toward you, “Thanks mister.”
  250. It’s doctor actually.
  251. >”Oh?” She smiles widely. Her eyes are half lidded. It’s not even that late.
  252. >You drink your cider quickly.
  253. Another round!
  254. >Now Berry is really interested.
  255. >You order her a few more beverages, but drink yours slowly. You will need your senses for later.
  256. >”Hey doctor *hic* what do you say we get out of here?”
  257. My thoughts exactly.
  258. >She kisses you sloppily. You pet her mane.
  259. Let’s go to my place.
  260. >She smiles and follows you out the door.
  261. >You arrive at your house. Scootaloo is nowhere to be seen. You have allowed her to sleep in your spare bedroom. You have become fond of the little filly.
  262. >Berry Punch pushes you against the wall. She’s kissing you all over. You return her deep kisses and stroke her body.
  263. Let’s go downstairs
  264. >She smiles and nods. She leans against you for balance. You both walk downstairs.
  265. >”Doctor, I didn’t know you were into this kinky stuff.” She slurs. “I like it.”
  266. I’m glad. Lay down on the table.
  267. >She complies and spreads herself.
  268. >”Like what you see?”
  269. >Her gaping hole disgusts you. She must have been with every stallion in P0nyville.
  270. >You grab a syringe and kiss her deeply.
  271. This will make it… even more pleasurable.
  272. >Berry Punch smiles and offers you her forearm.
  273. >You inject her slowly. You can’t contain your smile.
  274. >She starts breathing heavily.
  275. >”This is good stuff,” she mutters as her eyes become droopy.
  276. Too good for you.
  277. >She’s asleep.
  278. >Your curiosity gets the better of you, and you smell her crotch.
  279. >Disgusting
  280. >You return to the task at hoof.
  281. >You tie her down and start opening her up.
  282. >Her hide is tough, not like the little filly at all.
  283. >You switch to your thickest scalpel. You don’t want to damage your favorite one.
  284. >Finally, she is open before you.
  285. >You frown.
  286. >She is ruined.
  287. >You poke her liver. Its fatty.
  288. >You lick it. You can taste the fat.
  289. >This mare is hardly worth the effort. You can’t even masturbate to her diseased organs.
  290. >You sigh heavily. Might as well try.
  291. >You try to arouse yourself, but give up after a minute.
  292. >You choose a pig about her size.
  293. >You repeat the procedure.
  294. >This time you will replace everything.
  295. >Liver first. It slips in your hoof. You try to grab it several times but it keeps slipping. You spear it and throw it against the wall.
  296. >One by one you replace her organs with the pig’s.
  297. >You are sweating heavily. You are running out of magic. The sun is starting to poke through your basement’s boarded up windows.
  298. >Finally, the deed is done.
  299. >You sow her up quickly. She’s not worth the effort.
  300. >You walk toward the wall and stomp all of her organs. At least you can get some pleasure from this.
  301. >You inject her with more medicine, and retreat upstairs.
  302. >You will need to plan your next move.
  303. >How can you get a member of the royal family back to your hovel?
  304. >Time to call in a favor.
  305. End of Chapter 2
  306. >
  307. Previously on Invasive Surgery.
  308. Doctor Stable met Anon and explained that he wants to give Anon a new heart. Anon liked the idea, but he has been shielded from the truth. The doctor seduced Berry Punch and lured her to his hovel. Scootaloo is recovering, and depends on the doctor for everything.
  309. And now, the conclusion.
  310. >You are Doctor Stable. You are meeting with Mr. Rich under the abandoned clocktower. You have asked him for help in capturing a member of the royal family.
  311. >”Does it matter which one?
  312. I don’t know. Whichever.
  313. >Mr Rich leans back, thinking.
  314. >”It will have to be the Prince then. Can you mount him? We need another trophy.”
  315. I wouldn’t know where to begin.
  316. >He frowns
  317. >”Our services don’t come cheap.”
  318. >You put a bag of bits in front of him. He examines them.
  319. >”This will be a good down payment. I’ll collect the rest later.”
  320. >You nod. Now is not the time to haggle.
  321. --
  323. >You are now Anon. It’s been a week since the doctor’s visit.
  324. >Yellow Quiet is upset about something, and has locked herself in her room. She came out today.
  325. >”You stayed here for me, Anon?”
  326. I did
  327. >She walks up to you
  328. >”You aren’t drinking.”
  329. >You smile at her.
  330. Doctor Stable gave me hope. He says he can fix me.
  331. >She starts tearing up when she hears his name.
  332. What’s wrong Fluttershy?
  333. >You grab her and pull her close. She nuzzles your chest. You can feel the moisture from her tears.
  334. >”Nothing.”
  335. Don’t give me that Fluttershy. This is the first time I’ve seen you outside of your room in weeks. Tell me what’s wrong.
  336. >She pulls away from you.
  337. >”I would do anything for you Anon.”
  338. I know.
  339. >”You promise you won’t be mad?”
  340. Of course.
  341. >She whimpers and hides behind her mane.
  342. >”I gave Dr Stable a patient to practice on.”
  343. What do you mean?
  344. >”I found a little filly on the streets,” she says between sobs. “and I gave her to him”
  345. >You are confused. How could tha- oh.
  346. >Now you understand.
  347. >You push her away.
  348. You’re both sick. I want to get better, but not like this. I’m going to tell Twilight
  349. >”You can’t do that. If he gets thrown in jail, he won’t be able to help you.”
  350. I don’t care anymore.
  351. >You get up and leave. Yellow Quiet follows behind. She’s pleading with you to stop.
  352. >You ignore her.
  353. >You both arrive at Purple Smart’s house.
  354. >You knock on the door. Purple Smart answers.
  355. >”Oh hello Anon. You’re looking better.”
  356. I feel better too. Can we come in?
  357. >She moves to the side and you and Yellow Quiet enter. You all go to the living room and sit.
  358. Twilight, I met a doctor last week who said he can help me.
  359. >”That’s wonderful Anon. Everyp0ny will be happy to hear that.”
  360. But there’s a problem. He has been practicing on live p0nies. He takes healthy p0nies, and does who knows what to them.
  361. >You don’t tell her of Yellow Quiet’s involvement.
  362. >Purple Smart looks at you, but waits for you to continue.
  363. He claims he can transplant organs from one p0ny to another. He claims that his patients live.
  364. >”That’s blasphemy Anon. Nop0ny can do that. If it was possible we would have tried. Are you sure?”
  365. I am.
  366. >”Where does he live?”
  367. I don’t know. Fluttershy met him before. She might know.
  368. >”No. I don’t k-know anything. He wants to help you Anon. Why can’t you see that?”
  369. >Purple Smart frowns. She grabs a pen and paper and starts writing a letter.
  370. >”Don’t do that Twilight. He can fix Anon!”
  371. >She ignores Yellow Quiet.
  372. >”Spike!”
  373. >Spike comes quickly.
  374. >”Send this to the princess.”
  375. >He nods and dutifully sends the letter. Yellow Quiet is sobbing.
  376. >”You ruined everything!.” She yells as she flies away. “I-I hate you!”
  377. >”What happened?” Spike says.
  378. >”Nothing. Fluttery is just overreacting.”
  379. I’ll talk to her later.
  380. ---
  381. >You are now Dr Stable. It’s been two days since your meeting with Mr. Rich. You and Scootaloo are sitting by the fire. She has become attached to you. She believes that you saved her life. She falls asleep on the couch.
  382. >You get up and check on your patient downstairs.
  383. >She’s been getting progressively worse. Her body must not be used to healthy organs, you think to yourself.
  384. >You caress your monster.
  385. >She’s cold.
  386. >You quickly check her breathing.
  387. >Nothing.
  388. >You look for a pulse.
  389. >Again, nothing.
  390. >Fuck. You stomp her body several times.
  391. >You sigh heavily.
  392. >You lost another p0ny. You shake your head.
  393. >She was too diseased anyway. She couldn’t be saved you reason.
  394. >You pick her up and throw her into the pig pen.
  395. >The pigs squeal at their feast. They begin to enjoy her meat.
  396. >You go back upstairs.
  397. >You hear a knock at the door.
  398. >You look through the peephole. It’s a Thunderlane and Gustave.
  399. >You open the door.
  400. >”We have a present for you doctor.” Gustave says.
  401. >He brings a forward a large burlap sack.
  402. >”Where do you want him?”
  403. >You put your ear up to the bag. You can hear the same heartbeat as the monkey.
  404. Downstairs. Put him on the floor, next to the bed.
  405. >They enter, and you show Gustave the door to the basement.
  406. Where was the prince?
  407. > [spoiler]In the Gay Bathhouse[/spoiler]
  408. >You smile. You didn’t know the prince was into that kind of thing.
  409. >Thunderlane eyes Scootaloo on the couch.
  410. >”Maybe we can stay for a small snack?” he asks you.
  411. She’s mine. Leave her alone.
  412. >Thunderlane frowns.
  413. >Gustave returns. “You are a sick p0ny, doctor. I like it.”
  414. >They walk to the door.
  415. >”I’ll be back in a few days for the rest of the payment. Don’t make me look for you.”
  416. I’ll be here.
  417. >They fly off.
  418. >You put on your coat and walk to Fluttershy’s house. It’s time.
  419. >You knock on the door. Anon answers. He grabs you and pulls you inside. He starts punching you. You fall to the ground.
  420. “You’re fucked in the head!”
  421. Stop Anon! I -
  422. >He keeps hitting you.
  423. >You hear a loud clang. Anon falls on top of you. You see Yellow Quiet hovering over him. She’s holding a frying pan.
  424. I told you not to tell anyp0ny anything!
  425. >”I’m sor-sorry doctor.”
  426. >You touch your face. You can feel bruises forming.
  427. >”Twilight sent a letter to the princess. They are going to be looking for you.”
  428. >Fuck
  429. That can’t be helped now. I have an organ donor. It’s now or never.
  430. >Yellow Quiet helps you put Anon in a cart. You pull it toward your hovel.
  431. >You arrive.
  432. >You drag Anon downstairs.
  433. You don’t want to see the next part Fluttershy. Stay upstairs.
  434. >She nods and sits by the fire.
  435. >Celestia this monkey is heavy.
  436. >You put him on the table.
  437. >The prince is on the floor, chained to the bed.
  438. >Your thoughts move to humiliating him. He was the one who personally delivered the message revoking your medical license.
  439. No time for games today.
  440. >You inject both the donor and patient.
  441. >You cut as delicately as possible. This will be your shining moment. Your masterpiece. P0nyes will talk of this forever.
  442. >Anon’s ribcage splits open. You can see his beautiful heart beating irraticly.
  443. >You grab the prince and split him open as well. You try to cut cleanly. Mr Rich will want as little damage as possible.
  444. >Finally you see it.
  445. >Its big. Maybe too big. Definitely too big.
  446. >Fuck me.
  447. >You have to try.
  448. >You cut it out and carefully replace Anon’s heart with the prince’s. You are using every ounce of your magic.
  449. >You squeeze the heart with your magic. It doesn’t come back to life.
  450. >You compress it manually. Still no result.
  451. >You rip out the wires from you life sign monitor. You test the electricity. It sparks.
  452. >You shock Anon’s new heart again and again.
  453. >Finally, it starts beating on its own.
  454. >Success.
  455. >You sow him up quickly. You hastily bandage him.
  456. >You go back upstairs.
  457. >Yellow Quiet jumps up when she sees you.
  458. >”How is he?”
  459. He going to be fine, you say as you grab a piece of paper. You hand it to Yellow Quiet when you are done
  460. Here are instructions for you. It tells you what medicines to use, and when to give them to Anon.
  461. >You think for a moment.
  462. >You write another letter.
  463. >You hand it to Yellow Quiet
  464. This letter says you and Anon had nothing to do with this.
  465. >Yellow Quiet is crying.
  466. Scootaloo is upstairs. Take care of her. I have to go.
  467. >You grab a few things, and leave.
  468. ---
  470. >You are now Anon.
  471. >You wake up in a clean hospital. The light shines through the open window. Everything hurts. You hold your chest tightly.
  472. >”You’re awake!”
  473. What happened?
  474. >”The doctor took you and made you all better.”
  475. >You look under the blanket. You have clean bandages.
  476. >You lean back.
  477. >”I did it for you Anon.”
  478. >You sigh. You move to get up.
  479. >”No! The doctors said you have to stay in bed.”
  480. >You ignore her. Every movement brings you more pain, but you feel stronger. Stronger than ever.
  481. >You look out the window. You are in Ponyville hospital.
  482. >The insane p0ny was right.
  483. >You shouldn’t have betrayed him.
  484. >You grab the newspaper.
  485. >On the front cover is a picture of Dr. Stable.
  486. >He was tried for several counts of murder.
  487. >He was executed at 0:01 this morning.
  488. >That p0ny helped you.
  489. >He saved your life.
  490. >You have a life debt to him.
  491. >Someone has to carry on his memory.
  492. >A heavy cloud blocks the sun. The room darkens.
  493. >You put on a lab coat.
  494. >It’s too small.
  495. >You like it.
  496. >You look back at Yellow Quiet
  497. Are you coming?
  498. >She squeaks and follows you.
  499. >You put an arm around her. You pull her close.
  500. >”What now?
  501. Now, we practice some medicine.
  503. fin
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