The Emperors New Clothes

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  1. Design Notes: A fun little trick I imagined when going through ideas of mythology/folk tales for magic items.
  3. Flavor: Affectionately named after the eponymous Danish folktale by Guardians with a sense of humor, this Relic is actually an amulet charm worn strung around the neck. Whether or not it actually has anything to do with the story's origin has yet to be determined, or at least not public knowledge. In any event, it has a singular and fairly potent use, which is to render articles of clothing and armor invisible. The amulet is favored by spies, assassins, and covert operatives of all stripes within the Aegis Kai Doru. After all, knowing is half the battle, and if the other guy doesn't know you are decked out in riot gear with a assault rifle strapped to your back, you've already got an edge. However, its name is warranted, and the Relic has a tendency to hilariously (or horribly, depending on your perspective) backfire if the user isn't paying attention.
  5. Prerequisities: Status (Aegis Kai Doru) 1
  6. Mechanics: As a instant action you may activate the amulet to selectively render any number of your worn equipment or clothing items invisible. Weapons may be made invisible while holstered or sheathed, but not when wielded. Objects stored inside an invisible container are likewise invisible. Objects immediately become visible upon leaving your person. You may likewise, as a reflexive action, use the amulet to make an invisible item on your person visible once more. Invisible items cannot be detected visually, and checks to identify the presence of an invisible item by other means take a -5. You may not activate the amulet more than once per turn, regardless whether you are making items visible or invisible.
  8. Invisible armor still protects you, and you may still hear audio output from invisible headphones, however the item is invisible to you as well and attempting to use an item in a way that normally requires sight may take up to a -5 penalty, depending on the circumstance. You can't read an invisible book or writing, but if the item produces light or a similar visible effect, it can be seen as normal (I.E. you can still see the beam of a flashlight, the screen of a cellphone, or the display of your infrared goggles while they are invisible, but not the device itself).
  10. Drawback: Each time you activate the amulet you must pass a Wits + Composure check. If you fail, the amulet renders *all* your equipment invisible, leaving you seemingly naked, while simultaneously deluding you into believing you are appropriately dressed for the rest of the scene. Being naked in polite society is often frowned upon, and usually imposes a -3 on all social rolls. Anyone may attempt to persuade you of your apparent nudity and end the delusion by rolling an exceptional success on an appropriate social skill roll of their choice.
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