Bastets a cunt

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  1. >You are Anon, God of Revels, and you are getting sick of this manticores shit.
  2. >She has spent the last 30 minutes or so bitching and whining that you didn't honor her party despite feeding off the energy of it.
  3. >Of course as you explained when she walked in here, you didn't do rape parties and you certainly didn't define her raping a human womans husband as a party.
  4. >As you're slowly sinking further and further into your chair an angel bursts into the room and shoves the manticore aside.
  5. >You sit up, genuinely curious as to what would cause such a break in decorum.
  6. >The angel pants for a moment or two, attempting to catch her breathe while your loyal servants, the satyrs, forcibly remove the manticore.
  7. >Finally she stands upright and begins to speak, "God of Revels, another God has requested an audience with you."
  8. >You're quite frankly surprised, rare was it that any of the gods decided to actually follow this odd bit of protocol.
  9. >The collective lot of you usually came and went as you needed amongst the other God's realms and temples.
  10. >After a moment of hesitation you respond to the young messenger, "And just who is requesting an audience?"
  11. >She doesn't respond at first, taking a moment to collect and order her thoughts before answering, "Two goddesses, Set and a forgotten goddess, Baal."
  12. >You carefully consider the requests, Hathor had hinting several times that Set wanted to meet you, but nobody had heard from Baal since her worshipers had abandoned her.
  13. >"Allow them both entrance, but tell Baal that I must meet with another before I can see her.", you say in your most commanding voice.
  14. >As the angel turns to leave you extend your aura a bit, raising her lust significantly; her husband would be in for a wild time once she finished delivering your response.
  15. >Bastet smiled as she watched Set meet with her latest hechman.
  16. >She had been watching anon for some time and had come to two conclusions: one, that anon was weak, a major deity in title alone; and two, that adding his realm to her own would be just purrfect.
  17. >Not to mention it had been a long time since she had a fucktoy worth a damn.
  18. >Bastet rose from her throne and began the work of assembling her troops.
  19. >It was time for her to remind the other gods of the superiority of cats.
  20. >Meanwhile a Sahaguin calmly walked into the room, nodding at Set as they passed each other.
  21. >Anon rose up and rushed to greet the goddess.
  22. "Welcome, welcome, what can I do for you my dear?"
  23. >His pleasantness threw her off, she had expected anger at disturbing him, not joy and- her thoughts where interrupted by anon wrapping her in a bearhug.
  24. >"Meep", was the only reply she could come up with.
  25. >He set the diminutive woman down and took a step back.
  26. "So, as I said, what can I do for you?"
  27. >It took her a moment but she finally got her thoughts straight, "Well aside from a few more hugs like that I kinda need a favor."
  28. >He chuckled
  29. "Hugs I can do, favors... well that depends on what you need."
  30. >She took a deep breath and spoke rather curtly, "I was joking about the hugs, well not really but anyway; I need a place to stay and maybe some worship if you can spare it?"
  31. "Of course I can spare a few worshipers and here you can stay with me in my main temple, I just need to finish up with a few more visitors and then we'll get you set up!"
  32. >"O-oh, thank you!"
  33. "Don't mention it, anything for someone with a history like yours."
  34. >As he led her off to the are where she could wait for him Bastet began her assault on the temple, a hoard of cait siths and jinkos followed in her wake.
  35. >Anon returned to find a war going on, or rather a bunch of cats being assholes in the middle of his temple.
  36. >The satyrs where too drunk to defend the temple.
  37. >Now that he saw what was going on he extended his aura to the outer borders of the temple, filling the haughty cats with drunkenness and making his drunk satyrs into powerful hoplites.
  38. >From there it was a very short order to get the drunken shits rounded up and thrown out, leaving only their mistress.
  39. >That cat in particular was currently freaking the fuck out and fighting off his army in the main room.
  40. >Anon stormed into the room, having grabbed his staff on the way, to find Bastet fighting with everything she had.
  41. >It was a losing battle though, the sheer number of satyrs and the fact that anon started flinging fire at her meant she was subdued in short order.
  42. >Anon calmly walked up to the exhausted and bound catgirl with a smug smirk on his face.
  43. "Now what do we have here? A bitch who fancies herself a conqueror?"
  44. >Bastets only response was muffled by her own panties which had been stuffed into her mouth.
  45. "Don't bother trying to speak dear."
  46. >Anon reached up and grabbed her ear, rubbing it between his fingers, causing the catgirl to moan and struggle to get away from his teasing.
  47. >Anon continued this and even began scratching her behind her other ear, getting so into torturing the woman that he failled to notice the arrival of Ra.
  48. >Ra scattered the satyrs with a few beats of her wings and had Anon pinned to the wall before he could react.
  49. >"You had best learn your place, or else being cute wont' stop me from wrecking your shit.", she whispered harshly into his ear before grabbing Bastet and teleporting the both of them back to her realm.
  50. >Anon slowly stood up, leaning against the wall for support as his servants went about repairing the damage done by the invaders.
  51. "Fucking cats."
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