how can i change search snippet for my site on google?

Jul 2nd, 2020
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  1. how can i change search snippet for my site on google?
  2. I had launched a streaming site some days ago. submitted on google search console, but when I submit I just did not optimize it well, and its crawl like this image
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  14. now I just optimize meta title and meta description
  15. like this
  17. but my sites search snippet still does not appear like this. how can I actually change them,
  18. I want my site like this
  20. please any help
  21. PS: I just resubmit my new sitemap XML to google search console, but it still likes old search snippet :(
  23. If its wordpress site you need to update website title and tagline.
  24. Just wait for the google to recrawl your website, it will be optimized. Don't worry.
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