Corporation XVI Bosses

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  1. Corporation XVI Boss Descriptions and titles.
  2. Member I Cerebral Inflection (Pjcr)
  3. Weapons: Two Sky Blue Sai, duel wielded.
  4. Description: Simply put, his title equals Intelligent Tone. Which ties into his service as Adviser. His number is also of significance.
  5. Member II Radiant Seraph (Xiie)
  6. Weapons: Her first is a Sai, and she attacks only with this, her second is a book (presumably a Yaoi Manga)
  7. Description: Or Enthusiastic Goddess, ties well into her role.
  8. Member III Boundless Maw (Pacman)
  9. Weapons: Just his mouth.
  10. Description: Or infinite unconstrained mouth/appetite.
  11. Member IV Voguish Prodigy (Xzygon)
  12. Weapons: Light Glaive (Double-bladed sword that can be used in one hand.), Submachine Gun
  13. Description: Stylish Talented dude.
  14. Member V Forsaken Heart (Peva)
  15. Weapons: Tears (he actually is Isaac p/much)
  16. Description: Shunned by love. Title fits Peva's lack of a GF well.
  17. Member VI Devout Centurion (Basil)
  18. Weapons: Two energy scimitars.
  19. Description: Aspiring Knight in simpler terms. Basil has said in the past that he's inspired by me, my views and my charisma. So this sort of name was essentially unavoidable.
  20. Member VII: Machiavellian Caballero (Omegas7)
  21. Weapons: Two energy weapons each in the shape of a Horseshoe used like chakram. Can be thrown.
  22. Description: Title simplified is Scheming Lancer, since Omegas7 is from Costa Rica (a Spanish province) I figured incorporating the term for a Spanish Fencer would be appropriate.
  23. Member VIII Distant Virtuoso (Andinator)
  24. Weapons: Lorewalker Cane (2hstaff)
  25. Description: Expert from far away, this name plays into Andi being in China where none of the remainder live anywhere near.
  26. Member IX Vacuous Observer (Kappy)
  27. Weapons: Laser (Shot from red eye.)
  28. Description: Absent Watcher, fits Kaptain well.
  29. Member X Flawless Reflection (RGangsta)
  30. Weapons: None. He's not only fine... but perfect on his own.
  31. Description: Indisputably Perfect
  32. Member XI Umbral Rhapsody (MoneyMenace)
  33. Weapons: Duel wields hand-sized Pianos
  34. Description: Hazy Melody
  35. Member XII Impetuous Susurration (Bizarre Monkey)
  36. Weapons: 12" two-handed Energy sabre named Duodecim ("Twelve" in Latin)
  37. Description: The cloaked alias of Bizarre Monkey, uses clocks and time mechanics to further temporally boost the power of other abilities. His name in more simplicity translates to "Impulsive whisper"
  38. Member XIII Resounding Melody (Mitch)
  39. Weapons: Hellspawn Guitar
  40. Description: Impressively thorough Tune
  41. Member XIV Mute Impetus (Notte)
  42. Weapons: Just his hands.
  43. Description: Silent driving force.
  44. Member XV Vixen Host (Fielder)
  45. Weapons: I'll let him make something up.
  46. Description: Foxy (or Fox-like) Entertainer.
  47. Member XVI Prime Termagant (Amy)
  48. Weapons: A Kris and Falchion.
  49. Description: Title in less wise-ass terms is Absolute Violent Woman.
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