Breakfast - Juices

Jun 8th, 2014
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  1. >... You are Shimmer Light.
  2. >You just woke up.
  3. >... There is something on you.
  4. >Why is it so difficult to move?
  5. >Wait, you're still wearing a lot of clothing.
  6. >What else?
  7. >... Oh no...
  8. >You're laying on your back while something else is laying on your front.
  9. >A quick glance down confirms your fears.
  10. >Hexferry is laying on top of you.
  11. >This is a bad start to a day.
  12. >... Though, you feel much better than you have for the past week.
  13. >... No.
  14. >Absolutely not.
  15. >Stop.
  16. >... She's making you feel better.
  17. >She's the one who made you feel bad in the first place, but that's not the point.
  18. >... Didn't you attempt to be nice to her last night?
  19. >... You've trapped yourself.
  20. >Great.
  21. >Well, you'll try to keep being nice to her.
  22. >Maybe you'll actually like it.
  23. >... If not, you could at least heal from your broken state.
  24. >Then you'll be back to your perfect self.
  25. >You feel the weight on your chest shifting around.
  26. >Hexferry's head would be digging into your chest fluff if you weren't wearing six jackets.
  27. >... Five?
  28. >Your top-most jacket isn't the same one as before.
  29. >The other one was soaked with tears, but you don't remember taking it off.
  30. >That's something you would do...
  31. >But you didn't.
  32. >... Hexferry stretches.
  33. >She hugs her fore-legs tightly around you.
  34. >You hate to think it, but you might be getting used to this.
  35. >After a few seconds, the hug ends and she lets out a sigh.
  36. >... Then she lets out a confused groan.
  37. >After a few readjustments, she looks up to you.
  38. >... And doesn't say anything.
  39. >Needless to say, you don't either.
  40. >... Neither of you say anything for what feels like an eternity.
  41. >... Hexferry slowly gets off you and puts herself in a sitting position on the other end of the couch.
  42. >You get up also.
  43. >"S-sorry, I... didn't think I'd fall asleep like that..."
  44. >Ah, she was recalling the situation in that time, not thinking of a reaction.
  47. >You just stare at her.
  48. >... You certainly don't have anything to say, not that you usually do.
  49. >... Something like this happened before, but it was Hexferry's house and not yours.
  50. >What did she do?
  51. >... Breakfast. She made breakfast.
  52. >Making breakfast for someone is considered "nice".
  53. >You get off your couch and make your way to the kitchen.
  54. >Let's see... Do you have anything Hexferry might like?
  55. >She doesn't look like a picky eater.
  56. >She can even eat solid foods.
  57. >... Wait, you can't.
  58. >Meaning you hardly have any.
  59. >The only solid foods you have are fruits, and only because you still want to make a smoothie better than the one she made for you.
  60. >Other than those, you have milk and a few fruit juices.
  61. >Nothing a food-eating moth can sustain themselves off.
  62. >... But you'll try anyway.
  63. >You open your refrigerator.
  64. >Strawberries, grapes, limes, pre-cut pineapple chunks, lemons, oranges...
  65. >You're certain you still have a few bananas on the counter.
  66. >... From what you recall, strawberries and pineapples went very well with bananas. What else did?
  67. >... Do limes, lemons and oranges got together well?
  68. >You should probably try that.
  69. >You take the strawberries and the pineapple chunks out of the refrigerator and move them over to the blender on the counter.
  70. >The bananas are right next to it.
  71. >... So you don't have to move far for them.
  72. >You put a bunch of pineapple chunks into the blender.
  73. >You pull at the drawer next to you, put something's in your way.
  74. >... Your hooves are still covered in socks.
  75. >Before you complete this smoothie process, you quickly take of all of your socks and a few jackets, pairs of pants, hats and scarves until you're down to one jacket, a pair of pants, a scarf and your wing covers.
  76. >They're quite convenient.
  77. >If you weren't wearing them last night, your wings could've been damaged by sleeping on them.
  79. >Now you open the drawer and pull out a tiny kni-
  80. >The one you had in mind isn't in there...
  81. >You didn't use it recently; it isn't dirty...
  82. >You search around to notice something quite different from before.
  83. >Hexferry is cutting the strawberries with the knife you were going to use.
  84. >... The strawberries are sparkling.
  85. >Even inanimate objects like Hexferry more than they like you.
  86. >They look... wet.
  87. >She washed them in your sink.
  88. >... Is that something you're supposed to do?
  89. >Oh.
  90. >That explains a few things.
  91. >Well, while she's doing that, you'll just cut the banan-
  92. >They're already in the blender.
  93. >... How long did it take you to take off those layers?
  94. >Seriously.
  95. >Now you can't really do anything to help.
  96. >... Great.
  97. >"Hey, is there anything else you want in this?"
  98. >... What does she mean by that?
  99. >It isn't for you, it's for her.
  100. >Wait...
  101. >You thought of her before you thought of yourself.
  102. >You're already great at this "nice" thing.
  103. >Though, you're hardly doing anything.
  104. >... How are you supposed to answer her question?
  105. >Okay, think...
  106. "... It's not for me..."
  107. >You've said four words today, and you already don't want to say anything ever again.
  108. >That was so... stupid.
  109. >She's just... staring at you... blankly.
  110. >Great.
  111. >You walk over to the refrigerator and look inside again.
  112. "Grapes, oranges, lemons and limes."
  113. >"Those... won't mix very well. At least, in my experience. I suppose I haven't used these very often..."
  114. "That's... fine. Start it."
  115. >You rummage through the various juices you have.
  116. >... Apple, pineapple, strawberry; grape, strawberry; kiwi, pineapple, banana...
  117. >You finally hear the noisy start of the blender.
  118. >After a while of contemplating your choices, you take a bottle of pineapple, strawberry, banana from the back.
  119. >You'll need a cup for this.
  120. >You're never uncouth, not even when you're alone.
  121. >You get a cup from the cupboard and...
  124. >... Hexferry will need one too...
  125. >You get a cup identical to the one you have.
  126. >The horrid sound of the blender stops.
  127. >You set the cups on the table and glance at Hexf-
  128. >... When did she take her jacket off?
  129. >... Anyway, you pull out two chairs next to each other and sit down.
  130. >She obviously takes the seat next to you.
  131. >You both pour your drinks into your cups.
  132. >Fantastic, this juice ran out.
  133. >Hexferry's cup is full while yours is only half filled.
  134. >She takes a sip of hers and lets out a satisfied sigh.
  135. >... Your drink isn't "make audible noises" good but you like it.
  136. >...
  137. >After a few minutes of sipping at your drinks, yours is finished.
  138. >Hexferry's isn't even close to being gone.
  139. >... You're still a little hungry.
  140. >"This is really good, Shimmer."
  141. >No wonder, you hardly did anything with it.
  142. >Hexferry extends the glass toward you.
  143. >"Do you want some?"
  144. >... You look at the cup, then at her.
  145. >You're not drinking out of the cup she drank from.
  146. >That's disgusting.
  147. >She pulls it back with a shrug and continues drinking it.
  148. >You aren't very hungry anymore...
  149. >...
  150. >You put the dishes in the sink to be washed.
  151. >"Well, I should probably get going, I have a few things I have to do..."
  152. >And finally, you'll be free of her.
  153. >Temporarily but still free.
  154. >... It brings a weird hollow feeling to your chest.
  155. >Do you seriously want her to stay?
  156. >... You won't stop hating yourself.
  157. >Ever.
  158. >You follow her to the front room, where she picks her jacket up off the couch.
  159. >She's at the door now.
  160. >... Are you going to do something?
  161. >"I'll see you later, I guess."
  162. >She opens the door and walks out...
  163. >... But takes the time to turn and wave.
  164. >... You wave back.
  165. >The door closes.
  166. >...
  167. >After a bit of cleaning up, you decide to draw.
  168. >You draw several pictures of a White Spring Moth... being happy.
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