Non indexed backlinks

lyfsy Jan 21st, 2020 123 Never
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  1. Non indexed backlinks
  2. If a backlink is not indexed in google, will it hold any value to our website.?
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  14. Yes, several reasons:
  16. - It can bring potential leads and visitors
  17. - It increases your brand awareness (unless it's a garbage link)
  18. - There are other search engines that might index the link (Bing, Yandex, Yahoo, DDG)
  20. So I wouldn't worry about it.
  21. No, directly. But some links doesn't get indexed, still they show up in google console. That kind of links adds value to your website. Other than that non indexed backlinks won't influence your ranking. But it may bring couple of visitors here and there.
  22. The question is how old are those non-indexed ones? If they are new then chances are they will be crawled and be indexed eventually. Otherwise, they will be of less value and may only bring very less traffic.
  23. Backlink not indexed in google but may be the other tool MOZ,Majestic etc are crawel means the backlink is counted to your website.
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