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  1. Season 4
  3. Episode 5: A Living Archive
  4. Zone south of the Desolation, story centers on the Eternal Alchemy and a former feud between The Lost and The Apostate, who were minions of Abaddon, the god of secrets. The PC seeks them out for answers as to the workings of reality and how the world can be salvaged, as Caithe states The Apostate somehow had the knowledge to foresee current events in The All. A new mastery allows you to empower your mount's engage skill every 180 seconds. The effect varies depending on mount: Raptor creates a gust of blinding wind that pulls enemies from further away, Springer creates a localized quake that strikes and interrupts twice, Skimmer performs a boomerang-style engage that strikes and heals twice, Jackal distorts you briefly after its barrier runs out, Griffon knocks enemies into the air, and Roller Beetle pauses on the first enemy hit, knocks them down and rapidly grinds them for high single-target damage.
  6. This episode concludes with an ominous claim by The Apostate that things are too far gone and that the only shred of hope is to focus the magic of the dragons into a singularity: Kralkatorrik. Chaos Magic is the recipe of creation, a formula that the Inquest have always been researching and trying to understand, but have never perfected.
  8. Episode 6: Singularity
  9. Gorrik and Taimi appeal to the Infinity Coil, the Inquest reactor in Mount Maelstrom that houses five of six dragon magics - missing only one: That of the Deep Sea Dragon. Thaumanova and the Infinity Coil ended in disaster because they lacked that sixth ingredient. Taimi's condition has now worsened to the point that she can barely even walk without Scruffy. This episode adds a leviathan mount that can quickly descend and ascend in water, and even breach the surface at high velocity to gain altitude directly from water.
  11. The final episode is very dense in story and realizations, and has two substantial plot progressions:
  13. 1) The Largos have taken a sudden and violent turn towards all living things. The Deep Sea Dragon, with her domain of secrets, has now become aware that living things are beginning to understand the nature of reality, and she is now acting to silence them by mobilizing the Tethyos Houses. The Largos violently kill others, and kill themselves to prevent the DSD's corruption from being studied. Gorrik refers to them as the "Kill Switch of Tyria, to keep it from understanding itself". This leads to a conflict in the Scavenger's Causeway, where numerous Largos, greater Tethyos minions, and Tethyos herself have emerged on the coast. The Apostate, PC, Gorrik and Taimi agree that a living sample of the DSD's corruption needs to be captured and brought to the Infinity Coil to complete the Inquest's chaos magic research.
  15. In the course of this episode, Taimi willingly acts recklessly and gets herself corrupted by a Tethyos lieutenant before locking herself inside Scruffy and telling you to let the corruption run its course, then to take her to the Infinity Coil.
  17. 2) In the Infinity Coil, the six minion types are combined into chaos magic, creating a small universe that we step into. Though Taimi is gone, the universe has memorials to herself, Snaff, Eir, Blish, Aurene, and the PC, showing signs that she had a role in its design. We are interrupted by the universe trembling violently, and leave through a rift back to Tyria.
  19. Kralkatorrik has begun punching holes in the world, and if left unchecked it will be unsuitable for life. Aurene shares another vision: The remaining dragons, including the fully woken Tethyos (and a large portion of the endless sea), have been displaced amongst the mists and the void beyond. It is now clear that in order to create a new home, we must turn Kralkatorrik into a singularity, and use the mind of a good-natured creature to shape the new world. The PC, Aurene and co. set out into the mists after the displaced dragons, with Kralkatorrik in tow.
  22. Guild Wars 2 Expansion 3: Elegy of the Stars
  23. The expansion is set in two regions mapped over top of the Endless Ocean, and carries heavy tones of sci-fi, existentialism and surrealism than anything previously seen in Guild Wars:
  24. The Mists, a space beyond Tyria infested with Kralkatorrik's influence.
  25. The Void, a once null space beyond even the mists, now populated by displaced land, oceans and dragons from Tyria.
  27. Three new standout factions are enemies of each other in the expansion:
  28. - Glint's Legendary Army, echoes of past heroes led by an echo of Glint herself, standing as a last bastion of reality. Though these heroes are long-dead, the universe itself seems to conjure them from its own memories of their accomplishments.
  29. - Kralkatorrik's Riftstalkers, hell-bent on tracking Aurene and the party.
  30. - Tethyos's Cosmic Largos, trying to adapt to the mists and the void, and surviving against Kralkatorrik.
  32. Several new masteries feature in the expansion, based again on modifying player movement and to an extent, player physics. To keep distinct from mounts, many of these abilities can be used while in combat. This decision also allows us to leverage them in the raids of EotS.
  34. Freescaling:
  35. You don a pack developed by Gorrik and Blish, that they had hoped you would be able to use when the two of you traveled into the mists. It wasn't ready then, but it is now.
  36. I) Fire a grappling hook. Upon surface contact, hook yourself in an equidistant arc around the fulcrum that ends when you or the tether make contact with a surface.
  37. II) While arcing, you dodge attacks. Jumping in the middle of an arc will interrupt it and carry your momentum a short distance along your current path.
  38. III) Dodge once during an arc to increase velocity and reverse direction. Hitting a surface after a reversal will severely damage and stun nearby foes.
  39. IV) While out of combat, sending your grappling hook through enemies will impale and pull them to you.
  40. V) Ending an arc on a surface above or to your side will stabilize you on it. Spend stamina to ascend cliffs or climb on ceilings.
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