Eamon vs Saruke (4/4/2021)

Apr 6th, 2021
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  1. Saruke vs Eamon
  2. R1:
  3. Both fighters start off moving towards each other. Eamon starts with a body kick that is blocked by Saruke.
  4. Saruke attempts to hit a low kick but does not make meaningful impact.
  5. Saruke is then caught by Eamon as he is off-balance, recovering from the low kick.
  6. Saruke catches Eamon off-balance with a hook to the ribs.
  7. Eamon effectively knocks Saruke down.
  8. Saruke gets up and jabs Eamon in the face.
  9. Eamon misses a straight and goes towards a sloppy back fist to frame for a low kick.
  10. Saruke tries to begin grappling but Eamon capoeiras his way out of it.
  11. Saruke switches to striking, Eamon gets up and hits him first with a back fist while getting caught with a hook/elbow.
  12. But, while Saruke is off balance from his strike, Eamon catches him with his own hook/elbow.
  13. Saruke tries to come back with the left but Eamon has his hands up so he parries the strike and catches Saruke with the left shovel hook.
  14. Eamon catches Saruke trying to swing and makes him sprawl out from a good sweep.
  15. The last exchange will be disregarded entirely since no meaningful impact occured.
  17. 10-9 Eamon - Saruke
  19. R2:
  20. Eamon starts off running towards Saruke and throws a front kick to the midsection. A bit cheesy to start off with a front kick, this strike will be disregarded.
  21. Saruke tries to catch his balance and strike but Eamon catches his open face with a left uppercut. Eamon attempts to windshield wipe back across the face with the left hand but is caught by a leaping left hook in the process.
  22. Saruke then ducks his face completely into the ground to throw his right overhand. Eamon blocks and front kicks Saruke right in the midsection.
  23. Saruke has a lateral balance failure and is forced to take a knee.
  24. Saruke bounces back up to try and grapple Eamon. Eamon frames out and backsteps from any danger.
  25. Saruke tries to come back with a front kick but is parried by Eamon. Eamon misses a right hook and Saruke misses a right hook due to Eamon's left frame against the shoulder.
  26. They both try kicks and then flop to the ground.
  28. 10 - 9 Eamon - Saruke
  30. R3:
  31. Eamon comes flying in with a kick and chops Saruke's face. As Eamon tries to follow with another kick, Saruke frames against Eamon and pushes him away. He then tries to catch a leg for a takedown. But Eamon starts to generate force by spinning around to avoid the takedown. Saruke has a balance failure as Eamon starts working behind him. They both get up, Saruke tries a kick and falls down.
  32. Eamon falls down, Saruke gets up and tries to hit a people's elbow.
  34. 10 - 10
  36. 30-28 - Eamon by decision.
  37. Clearly had the more meaningful impact, pushed the pace of the fight and was on his feet the majority of the feet trying to strike with his opponent.
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