DF Game Club: Toonstruck (part 3 plus devchat)

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  1. (06:57:52) Syd: I hope Keith is still able to join us today.
  2. (06:57:56) Cheeseness: Yeah
  3. (06:57:59) Keith_Arem [] entered the room.
  4. (06:58:06) Cheeseness: Welcome, Keith_Arem
  5. (06:58:06) Lightkey: ha
  6. (06:58:11) Syd: Haha, I just mentioned you, Keith_Arem
  7. (06:58:24) Syd: Welcome! The stream will be live in a few minutes
  8. (06:58:26) Stanto [] entered the room.
  9. (06:58:33) Cheeseness: Hey Stanto
  10. (06:58:33) Stanto: ahh, toonstruck
  11. (06:58:36) Keith_Arem: Howdy-hi campers!
  12. (06:58:50) Stanto: Hello
  13. (06:58:53) Syd: We'll be picking up right at the beginning of the second act, when Drew is imprisoned by Nefarious
  14. (06:59:13) Stanto: I was so glad to get toonstruck working with scummvm...
  15. (06:59:20) Stanto: Then I discovered my CD was damaged Q_Q
  16. (06:59:25) Syd: Aww :(
  17. (06:59:30) Cheeseness: Darn
  18. (06:59:50) GameClubFan_522405 [] entered the room.
  19. (07:00:11) flesk [] entered the room.
  20. (07:00:12) Stanto: I remember reading rumour that a lot was cut from the original game and was still sat somewhere...
  21. (07:00:15) flesk: Hi.
  22. (07:00:15) Lightkey: I've got a few spares, it was in some budget edition that I got several times..
  23. (07:00:16) Cheeseness: Alrighty, tweets are out
  24. (07:00:19) Cheeseness: Hey flesk
  25. (07:00:36) Syd: Alright, going live. Let me know when the title screen is up and I'll play the intro stuff.
  26. (07:00:44) Cheeseness: Cheers, Syd
  27. (07:01:02) Syd: Err, not title screen, but the card thingy
  28. (07:01:08) Syd: The regulars know what I mean, lol
  29. (07:01:10) Cheeseness: It's up :)
  30. (07:01:56) Cheeseness: Keith_Arem: I hope I pronounced your name right there ^_^
  31. (07:01:56) Keith_Arem: The game was originally planned as 4 acts
  32. (07:02:30) Stanto: Doot dee doot
  33. (07:02:41) Cheeseness: Nice
  34. (07:02:49) fuzzie: icky :)
  35. (07:03:11) Keith_Arem left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  36. (07:03:16) Stanto: D:
  37. (07:03:20) flesk: That cover art looks appropriately nightmare inducing.
  38. (07:03:27) Cheeseness: I'm sure he's just refreshed the page or something
  39. (07:03:38) Keith_Arem [] entered the room.
  40. (07:03:47) Cheeseness: Welcome back :D
  41. (07:03:56) Syd: The clown from the cover (at least one of the covers the game had) will be seen later on. :P
  42. (07:04:00) Keith_Arem: :-)
  43. (07:04:03) Sven_Q45 [] entered the room.
  44. (07:04:06) Sven_Q45: hi.
  45. (07:04:07) Cheeseness: Keith_Arem: What was your involvement in the original game?
  46. (07:04:09) Cheeseness: Hey Sven_Q45
  47. (07:04:48) Sven_Q45: After the great evening yesterday I´m back here. :)
  48. (07:04:54) Keith_Arem: I was the Director of Audio for Virgin, and I supervised all of the dialog, performances, music, sound design, and cinematics for the game.
  49. (07:06:28) Cheeseness: Had you previously worked with a cast like this? Toonstruck's cast is full of big name voice actors
  50. (07:06:55) flesk: That sounds like a ton of work for a game of this scope.
  51. (07:07:01) Cheeseness: Yeah
  52. (07:07:10) Keith_Arem: Toonstruck was my first time directing actors. In fact, Tim Curry was the first session I did. Terrifying.
  53. (07:07:22) Stanto: Nice
  54. (07:07:32) Cheeseness: Ha, that would have been crazy daunting
  55. (07:07:48) Keith_Arem: Our mixing console died the morning of the session, and it was literally being repaired when he entered our studios.
  56. (07:08:10) Syd: Drew's gotten turned around. :P
  57. (07:08:34) Syd: There, got him back in place
  58. (07:08:42) Keith_Arem: He was incredible to work with, and was one of the most professional actors I've directed.
  59. (07:09:28) Cheeseness: Did the voice actors interact at all, or were they all recorded individually?
  60. (07:10:53) Cheeseness: Ha ha, nothing like a light cartoon inventory
  61. (07:10:54) Keith_Arem: Most of the celebrities recorded individually, but I had the pleasure to have Rob Paulsen, Jim Cummings, and Corey Burton all record the PTP together.
  62. (07:11:03) Keith_Arem: Best session ever.
  63. (07:11:06) Cheeseness: Nice :D
  64. (07:11:37) Keith_Arem: Toonstruck contained almost 40,000 PARAGRAPHS of dialog that (later) had to be cut up into individual lines.
  65. (07:12:08) Keith_Arem: In the end, almost 60-80k lines of VO recorded over 2 years.
  66. (07:12:15) fuzzie: crazy.
  67. (07:12:44) Sven_Q45: I recognise the voice of the parrot.
  68. (07:12:58) Stanto: What budget did Toonstruck have ?
  69. (07:13:00) Cheeseness: Did you work with Christopher LLoyd as well, or was he directed deparately?
  70. (07:13:12) Sven_Q45: 7 million I heard.
  71. (07:13:24) Sven_Q45: The most expensive 2D adventure.
  72. (07:13:37) Keith_Arem: We worked with Christopher Lloyd on our green screen stage, as well as our internal studios.
  73. (07:14:18) Keith_Arem: The budget was never fully disclosed, but that sounds fairly accurate.
  74. (07:14:24) Syd: Woops, forgot to get the chloroform from the bathroom
  75. (07:14:34) Sven_Q45: Yeah 80.000 lines are very much. :O
  76. (07:14:35) Keith_Arem: plus marketing :-)
  77. (07:14:41) Cheeseness: Adjusted for inflation, or would that be in 80s millions?
  78. (07:15:05) flesk: Did the game sell well?
  79. (07:15:28) flesk: I can't remember seeing it on shelves around here at the time.
  80. (07:15:40) Keith_Arem: I had the fortune to supervise all of the foreign versions as well. I worked in France, Spain, Germany for months with all celebrity casts there as well.
  81. (07:16:24) flesk: I didn't actually hear about Toonstruck until a few years ago.
  82. (07:16:28) Keith_Arem: When TS was released, it came out along side HUNDREDS of new releases from studios entering the interactive market.
  83. (07:16:46) Syd: The clown door thing takes a little while to get past
  84. (07:16:57) Keith_Arem: The game was reviewed very well, but sold poorly compared to its budget.
  85. (07:17:08) Glog78 [] entered the room.
  86. (07:17:10) Cheeseness: It was a huge production
  87. (07:17:12) Cheeseness: Hi Glog78
  88. (07:17:23) Glog78: Hi Cheeseness
  89. (07:17:31) flesk: Oh, it's one of those kinds of puzzles. :)
  90. (07:17:43) Cheeseness: That eye poking sound
  91. (07:18:07) Keith_Arem: The games were modified in the 11th hour to attract mid-core gamers
  92. (07:18:26) Stanto: In what way ?
  93. (07:18:57) Keith_Arem: The puzzles were made more difficult, and much longer than originally planned
  94. (07:19:07) Keith_Arem: I think that may have hurt some of the main stream appeal
  95. (07:19:34) Cheeseness: Do you feel that that impacted on the flow of the game much?
  96. (07:20:01) Keith_Arem: Personally I do
  97. (07:20:25) Keith_Arem: I'd actually like to get opinions from players on their thoughts about the mini-game puzzles and some of the adult themes too
  98. (07:21:23) Syd: I was not much of a fan of the sliding tile puzzle in the safe, but those are generally the bane of my existence anyway
  99. (07:21:25) Keith_Arem: Spike is my favorite FMV
  100. (07:21:41) Keith_Arem: We used this for the trailers as well
  101. (07:21:50) Cheeseness: And there's that cover scene
  102. (07:21:57) flesk: I like mini-games in point and click adventures as long as they fit with the theme of the game. Not too fond of some of the mini-games in the Deponia trilogy.
  103. (07:22:08) Keith_Arem: That was a last minute change for the European version
  104. (07:22:15) Stanto: I recall enjoying them. The adult themes were hilarious.
  105. (07:22:48) Syd: I thought the adult themes were funny, though at the time it might have caused some confusion over who the game was aimed towards
  106. (07:23:05) Cheeseness: Were ratings a concern at all during development?
  107. (07:23:39) Keith_Arem: That's the concern moving forward. Rating were not as much of an issue, since we wanted to attract older players.
  108. (07:23:48) Syd: We're gonna get an encore of the Spike FMV
  109. (07:24:30) Keith_Arem: How about the S&M barn scene? Are today's audiences ready for that if kids play the game?
  110. (07:24:35) Stanto: I believe I was definitely in my early teens when playing toonstruck. The shops were sporadic at enforcing age ratings.
  111. (07:25:01) Cheeseness: Yeah, it's a tricky one to pitch
  112. (07:25:27) Keith_Arem: Jeff Bennett is a VO god
  113. (07:26:12) GameClubFan_522405 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  114. (07:26:23) Cheeseness: The spoken word Mr Tamborine Man line is awesome
  115. (07:26:26) Syd: Gotta wait for Spike to set his nose down...
  116. (07:26:30) Keith_Arem: Hi Dennis Hopper is amazing
  117. (07:26:39) Stanto: S&M barn scene would probably be related to 50 shades these days.
  118. (07:26:44) Keith_Arem: *his*
  119. (07:28:11) Lightkey: Keith_Arem: and using animation meant it was rated for 6 and up in German since everything animated is for kids, as we found out in a previous session
  120. (07:28:20) Lightkey: +y
  121. (07:28:40) Sven_Q45: Today it´s not that big issue like back then.
  122. (07:29:13) Cheeseness: Keith_Arem: If you were working on Toonstruck today, how do you think production would differ?
  123. (07:29:48) Keith_Arem: First would be the interface
  124. (07:30:08) Sven_Q45: Lightkey I don´t trust USK. There seriuos but it doesn´t fit everywhere.
  125. (07:30:09) Keith_Arem: adapting this for touch screens and interactivity
  126. (07:30:34) Sven_Q45: They´re
  127. (07:31:02) Keith_Arem: The story for Acts 3&4 was shorter and not 100% complete, so some redesign and retooling is necessary
  128. (07:31:31) Syd: Was all the voice acting and FMV recordings already completed for acts 3 and 4?
  129. (07:31:40) Keith_Arem: Ideally, I'd like to incorporate both halves into one complete titles
  130. (07:32:01) flesk: So there are concrete plans for releasing acts 3 and 4?
  131. (07:32:27) Keith_Arem: We did over 135 hours of character voice recordings, including 43 minutes of animation for 3 & 4.
  132. (07:33:10) Keith_Arem: We've been assembling assets over the past 15 years to complete the project.
  133. (07:33:20) Cheeseness: Do you feel that there's scope for making the game available as it currently is somewhere like using SummVM?
  134. (07:33:39) Cheeseness: You can never have too many keys
  135. (07:34:12) Keith_Arem: Due to its scope, budget, talent agreements, and sale of Virgin, many individual rights have been splintered over the years.
  136. (07:34:34) Cheeseness: Ahh, that makes things awkward
  137. (07:35:00) Cheeseness: Syd: Want to talk about this book puzzle?
  138. (07:35:05) Cheeseness: Is it trial and error?
  139. (07:35:18) Keith_Arem: We've been planning an animated series or movie using the original Nelvana animation, but over the past 5 years we've been trying to tie together all of the interactive rights as well.
  140. (07:35:25) Syd: That bird from right after I got Drew out of prison gave you all the info you need for the book puzzle
  141. (07:35:28) Linkpro40 [] entered the room.
  142. (07:35:32) Cheeseness: Hi Linkpro40
  143. (07:35:39) Cheeseness: Ah, of course it did
  144. (07:36:01) Linkpro40: This is one of the Best Point and Click games ever
  145. (07:36:01) Cheeseness: Keith_Arem: That's super interesting
  146. (07:36:07) Cheeseness: :D
  147. (07:36:38) Linkpro40: I'm glad I still own my copy of it
  148. (07:37:59) flesk: How close are you to tying together the interactive rights?
  149. (07:38:28) Keith_Arem: This was a secret Contagion song I never released
  150. (07:39:18) Sven_Q45: Funny but good song on this radio. :D
  151. (07:39:59) Keith_Arem: We've been close several times, and we had hoped to make an announcement at Comic Con this summer. Unfortunately, we're not quite there yet.
  152. (07:40:17) Cheeseness: Is there anything that fans can do to show support?
  153. (07:41:55) Keith_Arem: Events like this, and fan petitions have been extremely valuable in our negotiations.
  154. (07:42:12) Cheeseness: Good to hear :D
  155. (07:42:43) Keith_Arem: The game industry has polarized in recent years, and I believe TS is perfect for the new generation of platforms and players
  156. (07:42:57) Keith_Arem: as well as the original fans who have supported us for so many years
  157. (07:43:23) TimeGentleman [Mibbit@BE2C1FEB.661CC8CE.628FE0CD.IP] entered the room.
  158. (07:43:36) Cheeseness: Hey TimeGentleman
  159. (07:43:36) Syd: Hey TimeGentleman!
  160. (07:43:54) TimeGentleman: Hey! Sorry I'm late! Been looking forward to this then got caught up!
  161. (07:44:08) Cheeseness: I thought for a moment you weren't going to make it
  162. (07:44:20) Keith_Arem: that voice is me :-)
  163. (07:44:31) Cheeseness: Keith_Arem was just saying that events like this and fan petitions have been valuable in negotiating rights
  164. (07:44:50) Glog78: Keith ..may i correct you this voice was you
  165. (07:44:50) TimeGentleman: Keith - the alligator voice?
  166. (07:44:56) Glog78: damm i love comic humor
  167. (07:45:33) Cheeseness: Epic music for picking up that pool cue
  168. (07:45:48) Keith_Arem: Yes..all three apologies :-)
  169. (07:45:58) Cheeseness: :D
  170. (07:46:02) TimeGentleman: Has Keith talked about his history with the game? I'm guessing you asked all those questions already!
  171. (07:46:23) TimeGentleman: Keith - that's excellent toon acting, well done!
  172. (07:47:00) Cheeseness: Did you have to audition for those parts, Keith_Arem? :D
  173. (07:47:35) TimeGentleman: This room is brilliant - comedy setpiece!
  174. (07:47:36) Linkpro40: I softlocked the game in this room
  175. (07:47:44) Galley [] entered the room.
  176. (07:48:11) Keith_Arem: TS remains one of my favorite games I've ever worked on.
  177. (07:48:41) Linkpro40: When I got the sunglasses I exited the room and I didn't get the glasses but they weren't on the ground either
  178. (07:49:17) Cheeseness: TimeGentleman: Keith recounted some directing experiences. We touched on rating concerns, the amount of dialogue recorded, and a few other bits and pieces.
  179. (07:49:42) Cheeseness: I wasn't familiar with Toonstruck until Syd introduced me. It's pretty charming
  180. (07:50:06) Galley: Is this just a stream of someone playing thru the game?
  181. Galley GameClubFan_122845
  182. (07:50:15) Syd: I'm playing through it right now
  183. (07:50:19) TimeGentleman: Ah, cool. Will read the log later! I'm mostly curious about how Keith_Arem got the rights - one would normally expect the company or perhaps the game director to have them...
  184. (07:50:26) Cheeseness: Galley: Yeah, Syd's playing through it. It's meant to provide some background for the discussion here :)
  185. (07:50:31) Cyrus [] entered the room.
  186. (07:50:35) Syd: I'm going to purposefully fail the sunglasses thing with Ms. Fortune for the cinematic
  187. (07:50:35) Cheeseness: Hi Cyrus
  188. (07:51:02) Cheeseness: That was almost a finglonger
  189. (07:51:04) TimeGentleman: It's impressive how big this game is - I was so surprised when I learnt there was even more cut out!
  190. (07:51:22) Galley left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  191. (07:51:49) TimeGentleman: Ha ha, Cat Scan
  192. (07:52:01) Keith_Arem: When the game shipped, it was considered an internal failure, and most people distanced themselves from the property.
  193. (07:52:07) flesk: Which other games have you worked on, Keith Arem?
  194. (07:52:10) Linkpro40: If you watch an old trailer of the game you can see some of the cut content
  195. (07:52:15) Cheeseness: TimeGentleman: Keither was mentioning earlier that there there's another 43 minutes of animation for acts 3 and 4
  196. (07:52:30) Cheeseness: Err, Keith^
  197. (07:52:43) Linkpro40: There was supposed to be 4 acts
  198. (07:52:50) Linkpro40: that would have been awesome
  199. (07:52:59) Keith_Arem: After working on the game for several years, I had proposed bring the animation to television as a limited series or feature
  200. (07:54:23) Keith_Arem: When Virgin was sold to EA, I acquired the animation and broadcast rights from Spelling (our parent company), as well as the production assets.
  201. (07:54:30) Stanto: What're the original assets like to work with? Is there anything awkward audio/video wise ?
  202. (07:54:48) Cyrus: Any cheesy plot/gameplay details you can share, Mr. Arem?)
  203. (07:54:58) Cheeseness: Dancing :D
  204. (07:55:08) GameClubFan_385689 [] entered the room.
  205. (07:55:15) Syd: I couldn't pass up on this cinematic, even if it means being thrown back in prison
  206. (07:55:24) TimeGentleman: Syd good choice!
  207. (07:55:34) Cheeseness: Ha ha, the best
  208. (07:56:10) Keith_Arem: We've been working to rejoin the remaining rights and re-release the entire franchise
  209. (07:56:44) Glog78: would be so cool
  210. (07:57:01) Cheeseness: Rights wrangling is a long and awkward process from what I hear
  211. (07:57:06) Keith_Arem: The original dialog and music assets were recorded at full broadcast fidelity, so they will translate really well.
  212. (07:57:07) Sven_Q45: So there will be a TS 2?
  213. (07:57:21) GameClubFan_385689: does the recent popularity of vintage games cause more problems or helps?
  214. (07:57:21) Syd: Drew likes to get turned around in that cell
  215. (07:57:25) Glog78: what about the video ?
  216. (07:57:31) Glog78: and animations ?
  217. (07:57:38) Sven_Q45: Cheeseness Yeah Jane wrangled years for the GK licence.
  218. (07:57:39) Keith_Arem: The video was recorded on Digital Betacam, which is SD, unfortunately
  219. (07:57:45) TimeGentleman: Keith_Arem ahh, I see. Good luck with it!
  220. (07:58:24) Keith_Arem: We're looking into options for re-scanning the animation cels and backgrounds, but the FMV cinematics would have to be completely recreated
  221. (07:59:33) Keith_Arem: Hey flesk, here's a list of the other games I've worked on:!credit-list/c1j8w
  222. (07:59:42) Cyrus: Can you estimate when will you finish the legal issues? End of 2014, 2015 or sometime later?
  223. (08:00:13) flesk: Thanks for the list. :)
  224. (08:00:14) Cheeseness: Did many/any of the cast express opinions about the game after its release?
  225. (08:00:30) Cyrus left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  226. (08:00:48) Glog78: omg what a list keith thats impressing
  227. (08:00:53) TimeGentleman: I hope at the very least Chris Lloyd gets some good fan feedback for TS occasionally
  228. (08:01:09) Sven_Q45: Yeah. And hey also Saints Row 3 is in this list!
  229. (08:01:10) Cheeseness: Legal things like that can be tricky. They might seem to be on the cusp of resolution and wind up dragging out for years. Other times, the right people might have the right conversations at the right time and things could come together quickly
  230. (08:02:28) Keith_Arem: The game was very well reviewed, and the cast really enjoyed the game. I ran into Ben Stein a couple of years ago, and he still mentions how much fun the game was.
  231. (08:02:48) TimeGentleman: Yeah, hopefully people won't just sit on their rights for no good reason
  232. (08:02:52) Cheeseness: :)
  233. (08:02:52) GameClubFan_385689: do Games like Grim Fandago coming back make the path easier or make the other rights holders more problamatic
  234. (08:03:12) flesk: Keith_Arem: That's a huge number of games. :O
  235. (08:03:18) Syd: Almost forgot to grab the warp device, heh
  236. (08:03:26) TimeGentleman: Keith_Arem - Ben Stein? Ha, thats funny, he only had that one scene! He must have enjoyed working with Lloyd?
  237. (08:03:39) Syd: Ben Stein is in the opening and the ending
  238. (08:03:48) TimeGentleman: Syd oh yeah, oops!
  239. (08:03:52) Cheeseness: Maybe somebody never finished the game :D
  240. (08:03:59) Syd: Time for the ending!
  241. (08:04:00) Keith_Arem: Ben quoted Blade Runner the whole time he was on set. Classic. Especially with his demeanor.
  242. (08:04:19) TimeGentleman: Keith_arem that's hilarious, I can just hear that in my head!
  243. (08:04:34) Cheeseness: Hah, awesome
  244. (08:04:34) TimeGentleman: Cheeseness - I finished it! I'm sure he filmed it all in one day, though
  245. (08:04:43) Cheeseness: Oh yes, for sure
  246. (08:04:56) Keith_Arem: "I want more life...f&%er."
  247. (08:05:20) Syd: I like that Jetsons sound effect the Malevolator/Cutifier make when flying
  248. (08:05:29) Keith_Arem: Tie fighter :-)
  249. (08:05:54) TimeGentleman: Keith - yeah! Did you make your own version of the TIE sound?
  250. (08:06:16) Keith_Arem: Nope. That's the original Lucas one :-)
  251. (08:06:20) TimeGentleman: To avoid legalities? Or can you get away with that?
  252. (08:06:23) GameClubFan_385689: flux looked so much younger then.
  253. (08:06:34) Keith_Arem: Lucasfilm license their library
  254. (08:06:42) Keith_Arem: This was the added ending
  255. (08:06:51) TimeGentleman: iirc the TIE fighter sound was tires screeching on a wet surface ples an elephant roaring...
  256. (08:07:29) Keith_Arem: This scene was not part of the original 4 acts
  257. (08:07:47) Cheeseness: I was about to ask
  258. (08:08:00) TimeGentleman: Oh man, I just assumed a few puzzles were chopped out from before Nefarious' castle
  259. (08:08:05) Keith_Arem: This scene was the original ending from the game
  260. (08:08:16) Cheeseness: That was going to be my next question :D
  261. (08:08:38) Keith_Arem: We bridged this to set up the sequel
  262. (08:08:58) TimeGentleman: So the plan was that Drew would be all toon in the sequel?
  263. (08:09:47) GameClubFan_848022 [Mibbit@E4D78CD.8194B4E1.3DA66735.IP] entered the room.
  264. (08:10:17) Keith_Arem: Sort of. :-) (***Spoiler***) He does become a cartoon in acts 3 & 4
  265. (08:10:48) Keith_Arem: This was also added to set up the sequel...
  266. (08:11:50) Syd: I hope you're able to get all the rights together. I'd love to see what was in store for acts 3 and 4!
  267. (08:11:56) TimeGentleman: So in the original 4-act game, you play the last bits with him as a toon, then he wakes up as a real guy and goes sees Ben Stein, then what happens?!
  268. (08:11:59) Keith_Arem: me too :-)
  269. (08:12:29) Glog78: he puts out the wacky hammer and kicks steins ass
  270. (08:12:59) Stanto: Or it ends up like Tron Legacy and he's stuck in toon world. ;)
  271. (08:13:02) Glog78: like every toon in the art of flux widely would do ?!
  272. (08:13:13) TimeGentleman: APPLAUDS KEITH@S NAME IN CREDITS
  273. (08:13:17) Cheeseness: \o/
  274. (08:13:30) TimeGentleman: Toon Legacy
  275. (08:13:54) Keith_Arem: There is a full arc for 3 and 4, especially backgrounds and animation
  276. (08:14:19) GameClubFan_385689: I cant wait. great work Keith
  277. (08:14:23) Keith_Arem: but many of the puzzles were never completed
  278. (08:14:35) GameClubFan_848022: So you got all the rights for the game Keith?
  279. (08:14:39) TimeGentleman: Keith_Arem I hope you'll be able to include this ending plus some explanation/interviews as special features
  280. (08:15:13) Keith_Arem: After today’s session, I’ll continue to post updated via twitter @KeithArem
  281. (08:15:13) Syd: Let me know when the outro audio ends
  282. (08:15:16) Cheeseness: Fans love commentary tracks
  283. (08:15:19) TimeGentleman: it's a very interesting story
  284. (08:15:27) Glog78: now
  285. (08:15:30) TimeGentleman: Syd it's ended
  286. (08:15:34) Cheeseness: Cheers, Syd
  287. (08:15:39) Syd: Thanks for everything you've done and continue to do for Toonstruck, Keith!
  288. (08:15:42) TimeGentleman: thanks Syd
  289. (08:15:43) flesk: Thanks for streaming Syd and for joining Keith Arem.
  290. (08:15:47) Sven_Q45: And what about Not-Twitter users?
  291. (08:15:49) TimeGentleman: And thanks Keith!
  292. (08:15:50) Keith_Arem: Thanks for having me today folks!
  293. (08:15:57) flesk: So The Maker's Eden is next.
  294. (08:16:01) TimeGentleman: Sven I believe ther's a facebook page..?
  295. (08:16:05) Syd: Isn't there a Toonstruck Facebook fan page as well? I don't really use Facebook but I have heard about it
  296. (08:16:13) Sven_Q45: Thank you Keith. :)
  297. (08:16:17) Stanto: Thanks Keith
  298. (08:16:28) Keith_Arem: Thanks guys!
  299. (08:16:29) Sven_Q45: I don´t use both of them. ;)
  300. (08:16:45) GameClubFan_848022 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  301. (08:16:45) Glog78: Thanks alot for all the infos
  302. (08:16:50) Cheeseness: Thanks so much for joining us, Keith_Arem :)
  303. (08:16:53) Cheeseness: And best of luck!
  304. (08:17:16) TimeGentleman: Keith - I wasn't aware of how much was cut out/changed etc. Has deffo made me even more excited for your re-release of it!
  305. (08:17:23) Cheeseness: Don't forget to leave an opinion on Toonstruck in the forum thread
  306. (08:18:27) Syd: I've gotta head out. Thanks again for joining us, Keith!
  307. (08:18:34) Cheeseness: Thanks again, Syd!
  308. (08:18:41) Syd left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  309. (08:18:47) Cheeseness: I'll wrap up the chat log there
  310. (08:19:05) Keith_Arem: Thanks all. I hope to have updates for you soon.
  311. (08:19:11) Cheeseness: Next week we're going to run through Act 1 of Screwy Lightbulb's motion comic The Maker's Eden
  312. (08:19:28) Keith_Arem: Thanks again for the support!
  313. (08:19:44) Keith_Arem: Bye!
  314. (08:19:45) TimeGentleman: Keith, thanks! (I was also going to say well done on having overlapping speech in the game - Lucasarts never managed that!)
  315. (08:19:49) TimeGentleman: Bye Keith!
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