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Sep 16th, 2019
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  1. const embed = {
  2. "color": 15767629,
  3. "author": {
  4. "name": "Discord Rules",
  5. "icon_url": ""
  6. },
  7. "fields": [
  8. {
  9. "name": "No Spamming",
  10. "value": "Any kind of spamming in this server will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to:\nMessages with excessive caps\nMessages with excessive emojis\nSending many messages very quickly\nMass pinging groups of people\n\n{<@155149108183695360>} will automatically warn, mute, or ban you, depending on the offense, so please try to keep it cool."
  11. },
  12. {
  13. "name": "No Advertising",
  14. "value": "Advertising other servers, communities, networks, organizations and/or websites that are not associated with or approved by RGL Staff will result in a warning, and continued infractions of this rule will result in a mute. Staff may approve special exceptions to this, at their discretion."
  15. },
  16. {
  17. "name": "Bigotry is not tolerated here",
  18. "value": "RGL is a community built on respect. Everyone is welcome here, and all members of this discord and the league as a whole are expected to respect one another. Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and any and all other harassing language and behavior will be met with a mute, and if the issue persists, it will result in a ban."
  19. },
  20. {
  21. "name": "No Flaming",
  22. "value": "Comments intended to incite a negative response from others *are not tolerated here*. If you are trying to purposefully instigate an arguement or upset someone else in any way you will be asked to stop, and if you continue you will be dealt with appropriately."
  23. },
  24. {
  25. "name": "No Threats",
  26. "value": "Threatening another player is inappropriate and unacceptable. We will not allow intimdeation in this discord or in the league. This includes (but is not limited to) direct physical threats, threats to DDoS or hack another player, threats to a player's family, etc."
  27. },
  28. {
  29. "name": "No Impersonation or Alts",
  30. "value": "Do not impersonate any staff member or any other player inside or outside of this discord. This rule also applies to alt accounts of existing players inside or outside of this discord. If you are found out to be an alt account, *regardless of your current disciplinary status in the discord*, you will be dealt with on a case by case basis by the admin team."
  31. },
  32. {
  33. "name": "Only Staff can host PUGs",
  34. "value": "Though we appreciate the effort, only RGL Pug Runners and other approved Staff may host pugs. We have our own system of doing things here, which involves an ELO system, as well as our <@592158433332035596> bot that automatically manages moving people to certain voice channels and DMing them connect info if needed. You are welcome to host your own in-house pugs on your own server(s), but please, let us handle the PUGs here. "
  35. }
  36. ]
  37. };
  38. channel.send("Welcome to the NA Official Discord! Please take a look at the embeds below this message before chatting.", { embed });
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