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Jul 17th, 2020
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  1. Circles
  3. You've got me wrapped around you finger,
  4. But all you see is her.
  6. You tell me you love me but only as a friend,
  7. But when I lay my eyes on someone else, I hear you say, "Please don't, you'll break my heart beyond amend."
  9. So, I sit in this circle as you walk around me,
  10. When I ask you who you love, you answer with, "Nobody."
  12. You pour your heart out to my ears and eyes
  13. The lows, the crying, the laughter and the highs.
  15. I stay for it all, joyously nodding along to the beat of my steadily breaking heart,
  16. Simply because I cannot take it when we're apart.
  18. I let myself believe that everything will work out in the end,
  19. That my heart won't be bleeding out one day, you'll lift me in your arms and say, "I will love you until my back is bent."
  21. An impossible fantasy is all that's keeping me in this circle, chasing after you,
  22. The thought that we could be something so bright, beautiful and brand-new.
  24. With wide, hopefully eyes, I ask again, "Do you love me?"
  25. You answer with "No, but I won't set you free."
  27. And so, we keep round and round in these never-ending circles.
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