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  1. [00:00] Bimps: I think we should stop talking about people beyond their backs
  2. [00:00] Bimps: I know I do it every day but fuck guys
  3. [00:00] Bimps: It isn't good at all, we're just as bad as everyone else that does it
  4. [00:01] Stalgia: If tried saying that before
  5. [00:01] Stalgia: That's why I never do it
  6. [00:01] Bimps: Thank you
  7. [00:01] Stalgia: If there's a problem then yeah we discuss it here
  8. [00:01] Bimps: I want to not do it anymore
  9. [00:02] Bimps: It's really hard though
  10. [00:02] Stalgia: But other than that then it doesn't matter
  11. [00:02] Stalgia: Just stop caring
  12. [00:02] Stalgia: Unless it's serious
  13. [00:02] Stalgia: But if it's about the way Numbers talks then nah
  14. [00:03] Bimps: You can't just say to stop caring
  15. [00:04] Joker: Yeah we're gonna still care at the end of the day. We just gotta learn to put some of that negative energy away from this server though
  16. [00:04] ATG123: I've been in a pissy mood today, so sorry.
  17. [00:09] Stalgia: Why do you care about how people talk
  18. [00:09] Stalgia: Why do you let it get to the point where you have to comment on it
  19. [00:09] Bimps: I don't know stalgia
  20. [00:10] Bimps: Why do you care about boomerang
  21. [00:10] Bimps: You just do
  22. [00:10] Bimps: You can't explain it
  23. [00:10] Stalgia: I don't
  24. [00:10] Stalgia: Lol
  25. [00:10] Bimps: It is a part of you now
  26. [00:10] Bimps: Fuck
  27. [00:10] Bimps: You can't just say to stop doing something
  28. [00:10] Bimps: That's such a stupid point of view
  29. [00:10] Bimps: I am bothered by it
  30. [00:10] Bimps: That's who I am
  31. [00:10] Bimps: So don't fucking tell me to stop
  32. [00:10] Bimps: Because that isn't helping
  33. [00:11] Stalgia:
  34. [00:11] Bimps: See this shit
  35. [00:11] Bimps: Fuck you
  36. [00:11] Bimps: Don't send a fucking reaction image
  37. [00:11] Bimps: Fuck off
  38. [00:12] Stalgia: Alright fine
  39. [00:12] Stalgia: Then continue to care
  40. [00:12] Bimps: How do I stop
  41. [00:12] Bimps: How do I stop
  42. [00:12] Bimps: Tell me how to stop caring stalgia
  43. [00:12] Bimps: I want your fucking answer
  44. [00:12] Bimps: Because I've been trying for years
  45. [00:12] Bimps: And nothing has worked
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