SoC - "AlternativA 1.2" first impressions

Oct 27th, 2013
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  1. AlternativA 1.2 was released today into the Russian community and having it machine-translated and tested, I have to say, I'm really surprised. Being into the mod an hour, it's fantastic.
  2. There is a whole new story, which takes place right after the plot of Shadow Of Chernobyl. A rookie (you), is sent to the Zone as a soldier working for the Army. Soon, you find out that you could also make money, by finding and selling artifacts in the Zone. You are given a choice either to stay in the Army and follow the plot or become a free Stalker and follow the deep rabbit hole down the Zone.
  3. The amount of details in AlternativA 1.2 surprised me too much. In the army base, there were NPCs carrying crates, following orders, patrolling in squads, switching shifts, etc. If you want to stay in the Army, you have to follow a strict military code. Really strict. Killing an innocent stalker teleports you into the army base jail, where you are tortured by the troops and eventually killed. You will follow missions where you fly helicopters in Pripyat or even exterminate ghosts and skeletons.
  4. The developers were also heavily influenced by Tarkovsky's "Stalker", you'll see why, once you've entered the actual Zone. I'm probably leaving out a lot, but you've got to find it out yourself. This is also a shoutout to all translators in need of some translating. I'd love to play the mod properly translated. The review of this won't be coming out before it has eventually been translated by someone.
  6. Until then, catch this mod from the torrent here
  7. And if you'd like the basic machine translations, you can get them from here
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