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Fallout: Beyond Equestria. Session 14

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  2. Session Start: Wed Oct 17 15:45:39 2012
  3. Session Ident: #FalloutEquestriaPNP
  4. 03[15:45] * Now talking in #FalloutEquestriaPNP
  5. 03[15:45] * Topic is 'Session logs : http://derpy.me/n67Uw Current rulebook: http://derpy.me/Ktve7 Dicebot/OOC Chat #FalloutEquestriaDice Find all of the forum threads you could possibly need here: http://derpy.me/pnpboard New character sheets!: http://derpy.me/charsheet'
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  21. [16:23] <@Kkat> Okay, Sedgewick isn't here today...
  22. [16:23] <@Kkat> So someone else will need to go logs, please?
  23. [16:24] <@CopyCat> sure, I usually don't d/c so I could do that
  24. [16:25] <@Kkat> BTW: I think the session log from last week is missing?
  25. 03[16:25] * Kid (Fridge@Pony-kgknd5.tmodns.net) has joined #FalloutEquestriaPNP
  26. [16:26] <@CopyCat> I probably have the logs from last time too
  27. [16:26] <@Kkat> The session on October 3rd was, I believe, Session 13.  The logs only go up to Session 12.
  28. [16:27] <@Kkat> Yay!
  29. 06[16:27] * @Kkat hugs CopyCat.  "You are a lifesaver!"
  30. [16:28] <@CopyCat> ah, I only have up until I left. did anything happen after the assassin was subdued?
  31. [16:29] <@Kkat> Not really.
  32. [16:30] <@Kkat> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Fourteen: Darkness Falls (Part Four - concluded)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PPtEHWDca8&feature=youtu.be
  33. [16:31] <@Kkat> 3Recap:
  34. [16:35] <@Kkat> 3Weeks ago, a group of ponies, a griffin and a hellhound were hired through Crimson's Caravans for a job that would take them beyond the borders of Equestria.  They were told that they were one of two groups being sent on this mission, each by a different route, and were given their choice of traveling via Whitecap or Darkness Falls...
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  36. [16:37] <@Kkat> 3They were to get the particulars of their mission when they got to the Crimson's Caravan office at either Whitecap or Darkness Falls.  The pay: 200 caps up front for supplies, another 200 upon arrival at Darkness Falls, and 1000 caps when the mission was complete.  That is per caravan member, with caravan membership counted at Darkness Falls.
  37. [16:41] <@Kkat> 3Upon approach to Darkness Falls, the group intervened in the attempted assassination of a wealthy pony carrying a briefcase with an odd, golden symbol.  They managed to save the pony's life, and capture the would-be assassin -- a griffin of the Black Talons, a mercenary group with no allegiances.
  38. [16:42] <@Kkat> 3The pony, as it turned out, was the representative of their mysterious client, and was on his way to Darkness Falls to meet with them.  He is now recovering from his injuries in one of their hotel rooms at the Lightbringer Inn in Darkness Falls, a town on the very border of the effects of Sunshine and Rainbows.
  39. [16:43] <@Kkat> 3Within the town of Darkness Falls, a second assassin made an attempt on the pony's life.  And again, the party was able to thwart the murder and subdue the attacking griffin, another member of the Black Talons.
  40. [16:43] <@Kkat> 3Now, with their client's agent finally awakening, they have their chance to get some answers.  And to get paid.
  41. [16:43] <@Kkat> 3--- Session Begins ---
  42. [16:44] <@Kkat> 3The gentlestallion moans.
  43. 06[16:46] * +Noble_Heart snorts slightly as she moves through the now cleared room, carefully moving CopyCat to a bed that the other alicorn could sleep off her temporary (hopefully) unconsciousness. "We are not amused by these roughians attacking Our charge." She gave a brief death-glare towards the griffins still restrained, only to be cut off by the moans of their employer's agent. "Ah, excellent. Answers."
  44. 03[16:47] * Mitzi sets mode: +v Kid
  45. [16:48] <+Kid> "Mornin', sleepyhooves."
  46. [16:50] <@Kkat> 3"My head..." the gentlestallion groans.  "Please, would anyone have some painkiller?"
  47. 06[16:54] * @Mitzi stands at the back, keeping her eyes on the captured assassin. She kept an ear cocked at the conversation, but kept most of her focus on the captured griffon.
  48. 02[16:57] * +Kid (Fridge@Pony-kgknd5.tmodns.net) Quit (Quit: Bye)
  49. 06[16:57] * @CopyCat mumbles in her sleep. "Five more minutes..."
  50. 06[16:58] * +Noble_Heart steps forwards towards the gentlestallion. "Alas, We do not have the magic to relieve your pain, despite Our desire to help you." She towers over the earthpony on the bed, looking down at him curiously. "You have survived thanks to Our friends, and the loyalty of your guard." She even gave a little bit of a smile at that, as though knowing other ponies would work for the betterment of others was satisfying to her.
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  53. 03[16:58] * CopyCat sets mode: +v Kid
  54. 06[17:00] * +Kid "Welp; head hurtin' is a sleight better n' dead, an' th' only painkiller I got ain't the one you want." Kid was pensively waiting for the griffon twins to get up. Her shotgun never strayed too far from them. "Now. On account of us perventin' ya'll from meetin' Luna, ah suggest ya'll get a little chatty."
  55. 04[17:00] <@Kkat> 3The gentlestallion begins to sit up, looking about the room blearily.  "Where am I?  What..."  He stops when he spots first Noble_Heart then the alicorn on the other bed.  He grabs for his briefcase, backing up, holding it against himself like a shield.
  56. 06[17:01] * +Kid rolled her good eye. "Relax. She's big an' scary, but she's dumb."
  57. 06[17:03] * +Noble_Heart did her best to give a reassuring smile, "We-" Her words cut off by Kid's comment. At first she didn't answer, before speaking again. "We would not wish to harm you, though We cannot speak for Our smaller companion. She comes from a less civilized place than We do, and lesser ponies can sometimes give in to their more base natures than Our kind ever would." She looked down at the gentlepony with relative calmness. "We are Noble Heart. You are the one We have been sent to meet, as have Our friends."
  58. [17:07] <@Kkat> 3The gentlestallion frowns nervously.  "Y-you're with Crimson's Caravans?"
  59. 06[17:10] * +Kid shrugs. "Ah' am. Not sure why she tagged along, but she-" Pointing to Copycat. "-Is here because we couldn't leave better off alone, He-" Pointing towards Shatara. "-Is here due to some paperwork mixup, and another pony-" Referring to Bookwright. "- Got some kinda lost that's actually kinda admirable."
  60. 06[17:11] * +Kid scratches her mane. "Come t' think of it, Noble, why did ya'll come an' find us?"
  61. 06[17:13] * +Noble_Heart nods her head. "We find Ourselves with those you have come to speak to." She frowns slightly at Kid's question, a long pause as she tried to decide how to answer it. "... We had come far on Our own and wished to end Our isolation." Yeah, right, that's a lie about as believable as claiming the sky was orange. "Our purpose is to help all the little ponies of Equestria, after all. We would not dream to shirk Our duty."
  62. [17:14] <@Kkat> 3The gentlestallion watches this exchange with growing amusement.
  63. [17:15] <@Kkat> 3And confusion.
  64. 06[17:17] * +Kid listened to that, and felt her thoughts grow dark. "Yeah, well, you ain't th' only one, and nopony jus' goes an' goes out without no push." Like the guilt of a brother driven out finally catching up to you. She seemed to drop the issue after that, retreating into a sort of angry that's not too far from something out of a bizarro zen state.
  65. [17:17] <@Kkat> 3The gentlestallion finally interrupts.  "I... see?"  He looks down at his briefcase.  "My client... your client... instructed me to take a tally of those on the caravan.  How many of you are under my client's employ?  All of you?"
  66. 06[17:18] * +Kid "Eeyup."
  67. 06[17:19] * +Noble_Heart nods her head in agreement with Kid's confirmation.
  68. 06[17:20] * @CopyCat sits up and sways slightly, already suffering from bed-head. "Ah, good morning everypony. Sorry I was just resting my eyes... I will finish the cleaning in just a moment then I'll be out of your mane." She falls off the bed, stands up, then makes the bed.
  69. 06[17:20] * +Shatara grunts softly in the corner.
  70. 04[17:21] <@Kkat> 3"Well then..." The gentlestallion runs a hoof over the edge of the briefcase, keying in a combination that causes the case to open with a snikt.  He pauses, watching the curious other alicorn.  Then looks to Noble_Heart and Kid questioningly.
  71. 06[17:22] * +Noble_Heart frowns, moving towards CopyCat for the moment. "Nonsense. You wish to come with Us, did you not? We will take care of you as best We can and see to your safety. Staying here and living a life of abused servitude is no fate for one of Our sisters." She does actually move to use her magic to help CopyCat make the bed, no less.
  72. 06[17:22] * +Kid looks at Shatara. "Ey', you. How'd you get here again? Weren't ya'll from th' initial hirin'?" She drops the issue when her curious little eye met the briefcase. Not going to get into semantics, there is something /far/ more interesting to be considered!
  73. [17:25] <@Kkat> 3The gentlestallion looks to Shatara and nods.  "Y-yes.  You two match descriptions I was given of the employees.  As does that one," he says, nodding towards Mitzi.  "But I was forewarned that the roster was expected to change.
  74. [17:26] <@Kkat> 3"That is why the client wants a counting here rather than back in Nexus.  It was expected that some might abandon the job and others might hire on.
  75. 06[17:26] * +Kid still keeps staring at that briefcase. Greed was a hell of a motivator. "Yeah. Changin'. Ponies nowadays jus' don't know how t' keep a job n' stay put." She said, half-paying attention to him.
  76. 04[17:27] * @CopyCat seems surprised then she smiles at Noble_Heart. "Oh yes! I remember now. It had all seemed so quick I thought it was a dream."
  77. 06[17:27] * @Mitzi waves a paw vaguely at the rich pony
  78. 06[17:29] * +Noble_Heart carefully helps CopyCat make the bed before leading her fellow alicorn back towards the gentlestallion. "We have joined Our companions within Gaia Valley. The adventures there are something We would not wish to distract you with." She looks down at the briefcase curiously, then takes a brief glance back towards their captives. "Our employer seems most hated in this part of the world."
  79. 06[17:30] * @Mitzi twitches and ear, then looks back to the female griffon. She narrows her eyes at her, then puts a claw up to her throat while calling to the rest of the group; "Dis un's awake."
  80. [17:31] <@Kkat> 3The gentlestallion opens the briefcase, revealing packets of papers and maps, as well as a case full of caps, bundled in rolls of 100.  He pulls out a clipboard, a pencil attached to it by a string.  "Now, if I could get each of your names, I can give you the second part of your payment."
  81. 06[17:31] * +Shatara tightens the grip on his pistol as he moves closer, examining the bound griffons.
  82. 06[17:33] * +Kid blinks. Shit. "One sec'." She points her shotgun at the female griffon. "Ma'am, if ya'll even -think- about movin' one stray muscle that I don't approve of, yer gonna become real acquinted wi' th' ins an' outs of lead poisonin'."
  83. [17:34] <@Kkat> 3The Black Talon girl sighs with contempt and opens her eyes, glowering at the room.
  84. 06[17:34] * @Mitzi has her claws close enoguh to the griffon's throat to make a point
  85. 06[17:35] * @CopyCat flattens her ears and tries to look smaller. "I don't think she likes us."
  86. 06[17:35] * +Noble_Heart looks up as one of the two captive griffins awake. "Wonderful. We have so many questions and so few capable of answering them." She gives a smile which is not friendly or reassuring in the least, but is at least not malicious or sadistic. A moment later she levitated the pencil up, taking a moment to read the paper presented to her before she would sign it.
  87. 06[17:36] * +Kid snarls. It's actually kind of funny watching a filly try to be intimidating. "See, Greeny. I don' think I much care what she thinks about us no more."
  88. 02[17:38] * Waak (chatzilla@Pony-hpoh8k.elisa-mobile.fi) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 16.0.1/20121010144125])
  89. 06[17:42] * @Mitzi cracks the knuckles of her free paw. Oddly enough, those big digits popping sounds strangely similar to a gun being cocked.
  90. [17:43] <@Kkat> 3The paper is a contract to travel into the lands of the former zebra nation, retrieve a package and deliver it to the client in Stalliongrad.
  91. [17:44] <@Kkat> 3The client is identified as Golden Buckle Enterprises.  Pay is delineated, but there are spaces clearly designed for amendments. There are a dozen lines for signatures.
  92. 06[17:46] * +Noble_Heart raised the pencil with her magic, signing her name in flowing, articulate script one would probably more closely associated with a pre-war dignitary than a post-war pony recovering from mind many, many years of mind control. Finally she drew her attention away from the contract and back towards the griffin, stepping forwards with curiousity. "Now, now, my little ponies, hellhound and griffin. There's no need to be rude to Our very special guests. They went through such trouble to get themselves into Our graces. It would not be right to treat them without the respect they deserve."
  93. 06[17:50] * @Mitzi pulls her claw backa smidge
  94. 06[17:51] * +Kid is the next one up to sign, performing a kind of pointy-gun shuffle. Aiming and moving at the same time is kind of hard when you're an Earth Pony. Aiming and moving while trying to read and sign a contract just looks silly. After going through it rather clearly, she signs on the dot "Sugar Whiskey". That was the name she used in the Crimson Caravans, that's the one she uses now. "Ah ain't...
  95. 06[17:51] * +Kid ...yer pony, and ah ain't that lil'."
  96. 03[17:52] * Strifer (Pantzar@Pony-7or5gr.customer.t3.se) has joined #FalloutEquestriaPNP
  97. 06[17:56] * @CopyCat reads the contract as well, not wanting to be left out. She signs "C.C." and smiles up at Effigy.
  98. 03[17:56] * Butterfly is now known as DotA
  99. 06[17:57] * +Shatara takes the clipboard in his left talon, reaching across with his right talon for the pencil...and finding it still holding his pistol. He hesitates, looking between the pistol, the pencil and the hellhounds for a moment. Then raises his left for the pencil...still holding the clipboard. Eventually, he puts the pistol in his left talon, rests the clipboard between his chest
  100. 06[17:57] * +Shatara and left foreleg, and takes the pencil with his right talon, signing on his line after glancing over the contract.
  101. 04[18:02] <@Kkat> 3The gentlestallion opens the case and hoofs out two rolls of 100 caps, offering them to Noble_Heart.  Another two for Kid.  And another two for CopyCat.  
  102. [18:02] <@Kkat> 3Once Shatara has signed the contract, he passes the griffin two hundred caps as well.  
  103. [18:03] <@Kkat> 3(The same is presumably done for Bookwright and Get_Lost.)
  104. 06[18:03] * +Kid grins. Money! Loads of money! At last, payment for her weary, tired filly heart!
  105. 06[18:05] * +Noble_Heart carefully collects the caps and tucks them away into her pack, bowing her head to the gentlestallion. "We thank you. We shall do all We can to see Our companions return safely and accomplish Our mission." She turns back to the griffin and steps forwards to look down at her immobilized form. "As for you, We would know who has employed you to attack Our employer. Simple greed might have made your actions sensible, but would not explain your companion's persistance."
  106. 06[18:06] * +Shatara transfers his pistol back to his strong side before tucking his share of the caps away.
  107. 06[18:11] * @Mitzi looks to Kid, then turns away from the griffon for a moment to look at the sheet of paper that people were signing. She attempts to grasp the pencil in her massive pay, only to nearly knock the clipboard flying. Second attempt, she uses a finger and thumb to try and gingerly pick the pencil up by the eraser end.
  108. 06[18:11] * @CopyCat places the caps into a pocket. "Thank you very much sir! We shall be sure to do our very best!"
  109. 06[18:13] * @Mitzi successfully picks up the pencil and attempts to scribbles something resembling pony squiggles. However, too much pressure snaps the pencil. Not just the lead, but the whole pencil clean in half. Mitzi does not look pleased.
  110. 06[18:14] * +Kid leaves the intimidation to Noble. Dark fur, red eyes, and towering over them does not a filly outscare. Instead, she splits her attention to the gentlestallion. "Effigy, right? Ya'll work for Golden Buckle. What'd they do?" She giggles a little at Mitzi's antic's. If nopony else, she's alright. You know, for a Hellhound.
  111. [18:14] <+Kid> (antics*)
  112. 06[18:16] * @Mitzi grumbles about the pencil; "Dis so much easier wit chalk." She tosses the broken half of the pencil away and just slaps her paw down on the line, leaving a large paw print there, probably taking up more than half the page. She looks to Effigy; "Dat gud?"
  113. [18:24] <@Kkat> 3The griffin snorts.  "You folks need to get your priorities straight."
  114. 06[18:25] * +Shatara chuckles. "Theres a priority above getting paid? What kinda merc are you?"
  115. [18:26] <@Kkat> 3Effigy watches Mitzi struggle.  With the pawprint, he nods.  "That should do nicely."
  116. 06[18:26] * @Mitzi gives a big, toothy, and probably frightening to small children grin.
  117. [18:27] <@Kkat> 3The griffin glares at Shatara.  "I mean, it would be nice if the right talon knew what the left talon was up to."
  118. [18:31] <@Kkat> 3"Or... maybe it does?"  She looks over the lot of you, her gaze lingering a moment on CopyCat and widening fearfully at Mitzi.  She focuses back on Shatara.  The griffin girl smirks.  "As a Black Talon, who hires me is between me and my employer.  But that's fine, considerin' I reckon my employer is here in this room."
  119. 06[18:31] * +Noble_Heart chuckles politely, covering it with a forehoof briefly before she smacks the hoof back down on the flooring. "Now, now. No need to be rude to Our friends. If you have something to say you should really come out and say it. We have questions, after all. And you? You have answers." She lowers her head slightly to look the griffin in the eyes, her own red eyes not the most comforting things in Equestria. "We would not wish to have cause to harm you further, after all."
  120. 06[18:35] * @CopyCat heads over to the griffin, all smiles. "I would like to get my priorities straight... what are my priorities?"
  121. [18:35] <@Kkat> 3The griffin frowns.  "You tell me.  Aren't you the one that hired me?"  
  122. 04[18:37] * @Mitzi quickly turns her attention back to Noble Heart and the griffon. That sounded bad
  123. 06[18:37] * @CopyCat looks confused. "I did? Oh dear, I must have been forgetting things again."
  124. 06[18:38] * +Shatara ponders. "Are you saying you were hired by an alicorn?"
  125. 06[18:38] * +Kid starts to look at Noble in a rather distrusting light. "Noble, what's she talkin' 'bout?"
  126. 06[18:39] * +Noble_Heart frowns and tilts her head to one side, raising an eyebrow slightly. "Truly? Our sister would do so? From what We know, We doubt she did so for her own sake. Unless, ofcourse, you mistake her for another of Our kind. Ponies and Griffins alike do such things quite often, We have found. A frustration that they cannot see what makes Us unique." She gives a snort of irritation.
  127. [18:40] <@Kkat> 3The griffin grimaces and sighs.  "Well, it was one of you green ones anyway.  All you Followers look alike to me."
  128. 06[18:43] * +Kid remembers another green one. "... Oh, that fuckin' rat bastard."
  129. 06[18:43] * +Noble_Heart frowns, her expression growing dire. Moving from being merely curious and perhaps slightly confused to being actually angry. At the mention of the followers she smacks her hoof against the flooring, lowering her muzzle to glare at the griffin. "No child of Our new mother would order the death of an innocent pony. Your words will not make Us believe that one of Our family would do so. Perhaps one of Our siblings who did not join the new mother wishes to see Our goals here ended. But We do not believe any true Follower would order such an attack. Our mother would not stand for it!"
  130. 06[18:45] * +Shatara glances towards Kid curiously.
  131. 06[18:46] * @Mitzi looks to the bound griffon; "For Ur kind, lyeen to alphas eez bad bad crime. Yu get yur tongue cut off eef dey catch yu."
  132. 06[18:46] * +Kid felt rather... Indignant. Angry. "Naw, this sounds right up their alley. Stickin' their hooves right where nopony's business should be." She glares at Noble. "Naw, you remember that one green one that ditched a while back? Ah think that pony did it. It'd make too much sense." Not that she cared for the other green ones. Or really, alicorns in general.
  133. 06[18:48] * @CopyCat leans over to Kid, partially to get out of Noble's blast zone. "She's quite loud isn't she?"
  134. 06[18:49] * +Kid snarled at CopyCat. "You get the hell away from me." One bad memory too many, miss.
  135. 06[18:50] * +Kid glares at the griffon. "Was it male or female, ma'am?"
  136. 06[18:50] * @CopyCat shrinks back like she'd been physically struck and slinks away to a corner.
  137. [18:51] <@Kkat> 3The griffin shrugs.  "Didn't ask.  I thought they were all female."
  138. 06[18:52] * +Noble_Heart glared back at Kid. "Velvet Remedy would never accept such an idea!" She trotted back towards CopyCat. "We apologize for Our outburst. Our new family has been most accepting and kind to Us, and We will not stand to see Her good name tarnished by the waggling tongues of some empty-headed mercenaries. She has been patient, noble and caring for those in Her charge. Not at all like the Goddess who ruled Us before." She gave a death glare back at the griffin. "Now. When did this Alicorn hire you? Surely it must have been some time ago, as We did not even know how Our charge would arrive here."
  139. 04[18:52] <@Kkat> 3The griffin glares back at Noble_Heart with a smirk, "Maybe you don't know your family as well as you think you do.  Or maybe, some of them are working behind your tail."
  140. 06[18:54] * +Kid stepped forward and pointed the shotgun at the Griffin. "Now, that ain't th' right answer and you know it. Y' had t' see 'em to know they were green, and if you were that close, y'd be able t' see what they were packin'. Yer makin' less sense than ever, and it's makin' m' trigger hoof mighty itchy."
  141. 02[18:55] * Shadow (Shadow7777777@Pony-vr6u1u.mo.charter.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
  142. [18:56] <@Kkat> 3The griffin scoffs.  "Sorry, pony.  I don't go around checking out alicorns' packages.  I take it you do?"
  143. [18:57] <@Kkat> 3She laughs, "I *thought* you and the purple one argued like an old married couple!"
  144. 06[18:58] * +Noble_Heart frowns as she moves up to shoo Kid back just a bit. "Now. No shooting our prisoners." She glares down at the griffin. "It is a simple question We ask you. Whence did you meet this Alicorn who paid you!?" She doesn't look pleased, nor particularly patient, at this point. A glow encompassing her horn though she hadn't actually cast any spell yet. "We shall not ask again."
  145. 03[18:58] * Pony_59122 (Shadow7777777@Pony-vr6u1u.mo.charter.com) has joined #FalloutEquestriaPNP
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  147. 06[19:00] * +Kid 's eyes widened in a window of righteous fury. Not only did she embarrass her, she then decided to pair her up with Noble, and that didn't fly at all. She let off a shot right by her head. "I have one eye. I don't miss twice. If you want t' walk outta here, I suggest you start talkin' a lot more sense." Her voice was much more clear and concise than usual, but clearly had a very violent undertone.
  148. 02[19:01] * Yondalor (Yondalor@Pony-lnt3bq.ip2.netikka.fi) Quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
  149. [19:02] <@Kkat> 3The griffin backs up against the wall just a bit, but there is a wicked gleam in her eyes.  "A few days ago.  Was worried that one," she nods towards the still unconscious male griffin, "Wouldn't be up to the job.  Said you guys wanted a contingency."
  150. [19:05] <@Kkat> 3The griffin shoots a look to Kid.  "Touched a nerve, did I?  What, it wasn't public yet?"  Her smirk broadens.  "Okay, I've gotta know.  Which one of you is the sub in the relationship?"
  151. 06[19:07] * +Shatara blushes, his eyes darting between pony, alicorn, and griffon as his mind clouds with a bizarre mix of embarassment and terror.
  152. 06[19:10] * +Noble_Heart glares down at the Griffin with irritation, both at the joke and at the answer. Her horn glowed brightly as a spray of purple beams lanced across the griffin's body, leaving no obvious wounds. With a snorth she turned around and stepped away. "Our family would not do such a thing. Those of Our siblings who have refused Our mother's embrace may still engage in such activities. But We will deal with them as the disgraces to Our kind that they are."
  153. 01[19:10] <+Noble_Heart> The griffin, by comparison, swiftly found herself slumped against the wall again, thoroughly unconscious for the second time today.
  154. [19:11] <@Kkat> 3Effigy has backed up against the wall, again holding his briefcase (once again closed) against him like a shield.  He is staring between the two alicorns in fear.
  155. 06[19:13] * +Kid had the shotgun pointed at her face, ready to shoot before Noble intervened. "Thank you." She said, just about as irritated as Noble. "Fuckin' stupid... What's a sub, anyway?"
  156. 06[19:14] * @Mitzi looks to Kid; "Eez type of sandwich."
  157. 06[19:15] * +Shatara glances sidelong and scratches his foreleg as he puts away his pistol, still blushing awkwardly. "No idea. Nope. None at all."
  158. 06[19:16] * +Noble_Heart slowly moves over to where CopyCat was hiding, leaning down to nuzzle the other Alicorn. "We are sorry if We frightened you. Those who would profane against Our new mother and seek to soil Her great works draw Our ire quite easily." She gave a quiet sigh and looked away with more than a little bit of shame before her attention returned to Effigy. She stood again and did her best to resume her regal position. "You have no reason to fear Us. We did not come here to harm you, nor would We wish it. We have risked Ourself to protect you, and would do so again. We only wish to understand why others would wish your failure."
  159. 06[19:19] * +Kid rolls her eye. "Why's she talkin' about who's th' sandwich in any relationship? Featherbrain's gone nuts." With a sigh and a grimace, she looked back at Effigy. "Yeah, whatever. We're here t' help. We jus' wanna know a few questions, and th' more ya'll tell us, th' rougher we get t' be with Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dumbflank."
  160. 06[19:22] * +Kid coughed into her hoof. "Fer starters, ya'll could answer who those Golden Buckle ponies are."
  161. [19:23] <@Kkat> 3Effigy seems to mull over that a while before nodding.  "I... honestly, your employer said there might be parties with ill intent towards this endevour.  That's why the details were kept secret until you had arrived this far safely."
  162. 02[19:24] * Strifer (Pantzar@Pony-7or5gr.customer.t3.se) Quit (Quit: ASCII a stupid question, get a stupid ANSI!)
  163. 06[19:24] * @CopyCat gets to her hooves and stays near Noble, peering at Kid shyly over the other alicorn while trying to remain hidden.
  164. 06[19:25] * +Kid raises an eyebrow. "What details? Come t' think, ya'll haven't even told us what th' hell we're deliverin'."
  165. [19:26] <@Kkat> 3Effigy nods.  "Are you aware of the power crisis that Equestria is facing?"
  166. 06[19:26] * @Mitzi looks clueless
  167. 06[19:28] * +Noble_Heart nods her head, slowly sitting down and laying a wing across CopyCat reassuringly. "We have heard of the troubles, yes."
  168. [19:28] <@Kkat> 3"Pony cities like Darkness Falls stay alive because of electricity," Effigy explains.  "But, unlike here, most place do not have a convenient waterfall to generate hydro-electric power.  Cities like New Canterlot and Nexus are fast outgrowing the rather limited resources available."
  169. 06[19:28] * +Kid looks behind her, then to Effigy. "Naw. I jus' came from Froggy Bottom. We ain't got no power that don't come from a battery." Though, the bright neon lights of the Nexus strip didn't help, she figured.
  170. 06[19:29] * +Kid snickered lightly. "It'd help if they didn't keep th' lights goin' all th' time."
  171. 06[19:29] * +Shatara 's eyes continue to dart around the room. Subs? Nuzzling? Sandwiches in relationships!? He considers excusing himself to his bunk, but that would be...embarassingly obvious. Instead, he sit's tight in a corner, doing his best not to look at the mares in the room. His rifle! Yes! He pulls out his rifle and begins tinkering with it.
  172. [19:30] <@Kkat> 3"It may seem like a minor concern, but the war that destroyed our world grew out of a shortage of coal.  And we have none of that to speak of."
  173. [19:31] <@Kkat> 3Effigy looks over the group and hazards, "Although, perhaps a concern that might seem less ephemeral: you are aware of the problem with ghouls?"
  174. 06[19:33] * +Kid pff's. "Ah always kinda assumed unicorns kinda powered stuff nowadays." Sparkle batteries, how do they work? "What about ghouls?"
  175. 06[19:33] * @Mitzi once again looks clueless
  176. 06[19:33] * +Noble_Heart frowns slightly and nods her head. "From what We have heard, Ghouls cannot heal without radiation. When the wasteland was cleaned, the radiation was removed and now they suffer wounds which will never close and bodies which slowly fall apart." She shook her head sadly and looked down. "A fate not to condemn any pony, zebra nor griffin to."
  177. 06[19:33] * @Mitzi notices that Hellhounds weren't included in that disclaimer
  178. 06[19:34] * +Kid remembers Old Teeter by the bog before she left. "Ah. Yeah, I kinda get that. Sucks, but what're y' gonna do?"
  179. 06[19:39] * +Kid remembers playing checkers with Old Teeter. He was the only pony reliably around the bog. His head was a bit... Well, he talked about the Chupacabra a bit too much for comfort, and he wore tinfoil hats, but he was still company.
  180. 06[19:47] * @CopyCat looks over at Effigy. "Would we be able to help them?"
  181. [19:48] <@Kkat> 3Effigy nods to CopyCat.
  182. 03[19:49] * Arcane_Scroll[A] is now known as Arcane_Scroll
  183. 06[19:50] * +Kid lifted her not singed-off eyebrow. "How?"
  184. [19:50] <@Kkat> 3"The ghouls of Equestria are being sustained by irradiated water that is hauled into the country from foreign lands by caravans.  But the trips are long and dangerous... and grow moreso every day.  Many good ponies have been lost trying to bring dirty water from the zebra lands.  Soon, it may become too dangerous to continue..."
  185. [19:51] <@Kkat> 3Effigy frowns, "Or the water may become too expensive for many ghouls to afford."
  186. 06[19:51] * +Kid grumbles. "Look, is there a point t' this? What 'r we deliverin'? Some sorta balefire talisman or whatsit?"
  187. [19:54] <@Kkat> 3Effigy nods.  "Equestria would benefit greatly from having an irradiated zone within our borders.  One which provided life-giving irradiated water for the ghouls... and irradiated material we could use to fuel Red Eye's old radiation engines."
  188. [19:54] <@Kkat> 3"But thanks to the Gardens of Equestria, no such place exists here.  To create a new one, we would need a balefire bomb."
  189. 06[19:57] * @Mitzi speaks up; "Balefire Bomb eez big. Yu can't make smaller radiating ting?"
  190. 06[19:57] * +Kid blinked. "... No. Nonononononono. No. No. You ain't suggestin..."
  191. 06[19:59] * +Shatara slowly looks up from his rifle.
  192. 06[20:00] * @CopyCat ponders. "Then... ghouls could live there and be healthy. That would be a good thing, but... surely we just need a source of necromancy? Is a bomb really needed?"
  193. 06[20:01] * +Kid 's forehooves flop to her side, eyes kind of watering up a bit. "You are suggestin'. Aw, Celestia, you are suggestin
  194. 02[20:01] * Micro_Sparkle (Zepheniah@Pony-jb5nhe.pool.mediaWays.net) Quit (Connection closed)
  195. [20:02] <+Kid> (suggestin' it." Why'd he go and suggest that they find a balefire bomb? Why them?)
  196. 06[20:06] * +Shatara ponders. "That would certainly explain why the Followers are hiring assasins against us..."
  197. 06[20:08] * +Kid folds her hooves. "No. Uh-uh. That ain't right. You're tellin' us t' go to th' most dangerous place on th' planet, to get ya'll th' most horrible weapon known to equine, and somehow find one an' bring it back from folks that mos' likely still want us dead. /If/ we can find one."
  198. 06[20:09] * +Kid "-And /if/ it don't blow us up on th' way back!"
  199. [20:09] <@Kkat> 3Effigy glances nervously at the unconscious assassins.  "And since creating our own is not an option, we need to procure one from the old zebra territories."
  200. 06[20:10] * @Mitzi rubs the back of her head; "Why yu need big bomb? Eez dere no leetle one?"
  201. [20:11] <@Kkat> 3Effigy shakes his head.  "Only a full balefire bomb is capable of permanently irradiating an area.  Do you want to save the ghouls for just a few years?  Or forever?"
  202. 03[20:11] * Strifer (Pantzar@Pony-7or5gr.customer.t3.se) has joined #FalloutEquestriaPNP
  203. 03[20:11] * Strifer is now known as Pantzar
  204. 06[20:12] * +Kid half-lids her eyes. "Ya'll still ain't makin' this sound worth it. We don't even know where t' start!"
  205. [20:13] <@Kkat> 3Effigy pulls out a set of maps.  "There are only two routes by which balefire bombs have been smuggled into Equestria in the past.  The first is by sea, through Whitecap.  We know that Four Stars smuggled in the bomb that destroyed Manehattan that wa..."  
  206. [20:14] <@Kkat> 3way..."
  207. [20:15] <@Kkat> 3He pulls out another map.  "And then there was one brought in over the Shattered Hoof Ridge pass, used by Solaris to smuggle a smaller balefire bomb into Equestria for some sort of experiment.  This map has the path they took, including the origin point -- the zebra facility that their bomb came from."
  208. 02[20:30] * Pantzar (Pantzar@Pony-7or5gr.customer.t3.se) Quit (Quit: ASCII a stupid question, get a stupid ANSI!)
  209. 06[20:31] * +Kid snarls. "Listen. Ya'll still ain't makin' this sound any kinda good! Ya'll still ain't..." And then she froze and slowly turned her head towards Shatara. Machinations fired up in the back of her mind. "... Fine. But we ain't doin' it fer no one thousand. Too risky."
  210. 06[20:34] * +Noble_Heart listens quietly to Effigy's comments, her expression growing grave. One of her eyes twitched slightly. That would explain- No, that would be too... But it would make sense. And... She let out a small growl. "We will see to getting you a solution to your problem. But We will not be party to seeing the lands of Equestria tainted so once again." She glared at him angrily. "If you wish to create such a place of death and pain, pick a place which is safe to Equestria as a whole. That is Our demand. We will not see the mistakes of the past remade over desires of growth and power!"
  211. 06[20:36] * @Mitzi points out; "Yu said dere eez smaller bombs? Dat's better, right?"
  212. 06[20:39] * +Kid thinks for a moment. "... How're we supposed t' get th' damn thing back safe like, anyway?"
  213. 06[20:41] * +Noble_Heart contemplates a bit longer before rubbing her head. "No. We will not be party to seeing Equestria defiled again." She dug the 200 caps from her bag and tossed them to the pony's feet. "No amount of caps would be enough to see the efforts of the Lightbringer and the Bearers of Harmony undone in such a way. Unless you can provide Us proof of where such a thing would be done, We cannot agree to assist."
  214. 06[20:43] * +Shatara blinks and scratches behind his head. <Why's the filly looking at me?>
  215. [20:44] <@Kkat> 3Effigy raises a hoof.  "You don't need to worry.  We have a perfect location to set the bomb off -- isolated and already designed to prevent radiation leakage into the general countryside.  You..."  He pauses.  "You are familiar with Gaia Valley, right?"
  216. 04[20:45] * @CopyCat watches Noble_Heart for a moment then does exactly the same thing with her caps.
  217. 06[20:45] * @Kkat 3adds, "It's been done there before."
  218. [20:45] <@Kkat> 3Effigy adds, "It's been done there before."
  219. 06[20:46] * +Noble_Heart frowns, nodding her head slowly. "We have passed through that place. Are you aware of the Punga Plants which grew upon it? Which feed on radiation?" She wasn't certain how much research this group had done after all...
  220. 06[20:47] * +Kid shakes her head. "Naw, don't you remember Noble? Those Punga died when the Gardens came. Th' only ones left were th' ones that mutated enough t' be differn't."
  221. 03[20:47] * Arcane_Scroll is now known as Arcane_Eating[A]
  222. 06[20:48] * +Noble_Heart frowns, not seeming terribly convinced. At long last she gave a quiet sigh and took the role of caps back. "Then... We will remain and accompany and assist as best We can. If only to ensure that nopony involved does anything foolish." She kept her gaze steadily upon Effigy when she said that, not even the little bit of joking hint about her own companions. "If you put Equestria in danger once more, We will see you face judgement for it."
  223. [20:49] <@Kkat> 3Effigy smiles.  "Perfect..  Gaia Valley is artificially constructed to be an enclosed zone for just such a detonation.  The balefire bomb could be set off within Equestria's borders safely."
  224. [20:49] <@Kkat> 3Effigy watches that, then nudges CopyCat's bottlecaps back towards her.
  225. 06[20:51] * @CopyCat cocks her head then puts her caps away again.
  226. [20:51] <@Kkat> 3Effigy turns to Kid.  "That would be up to you.  You are the caravaners.  Delivering items safely across distances is your specialty."  He draws the clipboard with the contract close.  "However, I am authorized to negotiate additional hazard pay."
  227. 06[20:53] * +Kid gave a sly smirk absentmindedly. Yes! She won one over Noble. Her expression flattened when she realized he hadn't really answered her question. "Still. Not all of us get t' be Princess over here. Some of us actually have t' worry 'bout stuff like radiation; how do we deal with that?" She frowned, then sat down. "Three thousand. Each. Enough to set us up for a good long time after we do this...
  228. 06[20:53] * +Kid ...shit."
  229. 02[20:55] * &Arcane_Eating[A] (Littlepip@Pony-vrk45t.ca.comcast.net) Quit (Connection closed)
  230. [20:55] <@Kkat> 3Effigy considers.  And takes a mane-count.  "Two thousand and five hundred per caravaner, to be counted upon arrival to Stalliongrad."
  231. 03[20:55] * Arcane_Scroll (Littlepip@Pony-vrk45t.ca.comcast.net) has joined #FalloutEquestriaPNP
  232. 03[20:55] * ChanServ sets mode: +ao Arcane_Scroll Arcane_Scroll
  233. 06[20:59] * +Kid nods. "We keep all that we find, and we don't drop th' bomb off at Stalliongrad. I ain't risking that many lives."
  234. 06[21:01] * +Noble_Heart listens quiet for a moment, mulling something over in her mind it seemed. She spared a brief glance towards the unconscious griffins then back to Effigy. Listening to what he and Kid had to say.
  235. 06[21:01] * @Mitzi seems impressed by Kid's haggling, although the numbers meant little to her, the filly's presence and presentation were admirable.
  236. 06[21:11] * +Noble_Heart nods her head in agreement with Kid. "Yes. We cannot allow so many ponies to be in danger. We could not forgive Ourself if such a thing were to destroy their homes." She looked Effigy over a few moments. "But We understand that you cannot make such decisions. We will remind those who are your superiors of Our opinion when We have the weapon." She stood and turned, stalking towards the door angrily as she levitated the two griffins. "We will deal with these two. We shall return as soon as We can." She doesn't seem interested in negotiation about it.
  237. 02[21:15] * @CopyCat (Samus@Pony-s74hjp.demon.co.uk) Quit (Quit: )
  238. [21:21] <@Kkat> 3--- End of Session ---
  239. 03[21:21] * Mitzi is now known as Wishing_Star
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