IS Vol. 10 Ch. 2

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  1. Chapter 2 – Double Classic
  2. “Ah, so painful…”
  3. Ichika was still coughing when he was accompanied by Houki and Rin.
  4. On his right was Houki, and on his left was Rin, both grabbing onto him.
  5. “Anyway, you must have done something stupid to make those two gentle girls angry.”
  6. “Yeah, because Ichika is secretly a pervert.”
  7. “I told you, I only took a picture. I’m the victim here!”
  8. “………………”
  9. “………………”
  10. “Please don’t be silent! I’ll become even more depressed!”
  11. You reap what you sow.
  12. “Anyway, where should we go?”
  13. After Ichika changed the subject, Rin enthusiastically responded:
  14. “We’re in Kyoto, so we’re obviously going to Kamo River!”
  15. Following where Rin’s finger was pointing, was the Kamo River, also known as the Lover’s River.
  16. It was during the day, so it was filled with of couples.
  17. “Oh, the Kamo River!”
  18. Houki also nodded her head with an “um”.
  19. “Sure, then let’s take a picture.”
  20. Ichika said as he prepared Rin and Houki into the frame.
  21. “Hey, wait a minute! Why are you being so hasty?”
  22. “Y-yeah, Ichika! Overlooking the Kamo River while chatting is one of life’s pleasures!”
  23. “Sure. There’s an open space over there, let’s go sit down.”
  24. After temporarily putting the camera away, the three prepared to sit down.
  25. “Ah, I only have one handkerchief. Houki, Rin, is it fine that one of you sit on the ground without covering?”
  26. “I’m fine, it’s the thought that counts.”
  27. “I’m also fine.”
  28. Just the thought alone made the girls very happy.
  29. “………………”
  30. “………………”
  31. “………………”
  32. The three quietly listened to the flow of the river. Although being hugged from both sides, Ichika still did not start a conversation.
  33. “You…! Say something!”
  34. As Rin said impatiently, Ichika suddenly had the bright idea.
  35. “Oh, speaking of autumn, I once used the autumn leaves to roast a sweet potato.”
  36. “Ichika, that’s…”
  37. In contrast to Ichika’s cheerful tone, Houki had a hazy look.
  38. It was during their childhood, where they roasted the sweet potatoes with the leaves gathered around the Shinonono Shrine.
  39. Neither Chifuyu, nor Houki’s parents were there. Only the two children, who had problems starting a fire.
  40. “I don’t think the fire is big enough, let’s add more leaves into it.”
  41. Ichika’s proposal swiftly turned bad, and eventually started a small fire.
  42. After that, Ichika was severely reprimanded by Chifuyu, and was prohibited from roasting sweet potatoes.
  43. “Hm? I think something happened…”
  44. “You… why do you always forget things from the past?”
  45. Incidentally, Houki was also severely scolded.
  46.  The furious look on Chifuyu’s face that day could be compared to the king of demons. That face would never be forgotten.
  47. “You… didn’t do anything similar to the time we roasted chestnuts, did you?”
  48. Rin asked suspiciously.
  49. “Hahaha.”
  50. “Don’t laugh at your carelessness!”
  51. Thinking back at it, your face was green.
  52. “Chifuyu-nee was so mad, I’ll never forget it.”
  53. It happened during elementary school.
  54. Ichika found a chestnut while cleaning the classroom, so he proposed:
  55. “Let’s roast this!”
  56. The only person in favour of the decision was Rin, so they built a fire, but Ichika’s bad habit soon came back.
  57. “I don’t think the fire is big enough, let’s add more leaves into it.”
  58. After it developed into a small fire, Chifuyu prohibited Ichika from making a fire again.
  59. Of course, Rin would also never forget the expression Chifuyu had.
  60. “I don’t think I’ve ever had a good memory of creating a fire…”
  61. “Agreed…”
  62. To all of the good kids, please only start a fire under the supervision of a guardian.
  63. “Anyway, the wind is quite cold here.”
  64. “Then let’s go.”
  65. “No, no, no! Wait a minute! It’s not like that…”
  66. “?”
  67. Rin and Houki opened a private IS channel to secretly discuss of a way to stay at the riverbank with Ichika.
  68. “What are you doing?! Did we agree to create opportunities to approach Ichika?”
  69. “I know, but… uh… I’m feeling shy, or maybe it’s guilt…”
  70. Ichika looked at the girls with a confused expression.
  71. “Ah, aah~ so cold.”
  72. “Y-yeah, it’s cold~”
  73. The two deliberately used the excuse to snuggle closer to Ichika, but Ichika suddenly stood up.
  74. “I got it, wait here for a bit!”
  75. Did he think of something? Ichika dashed and gradually disappeared into the busy streets near the Kamo River.
  76. Rin and Houki looked at each other with open mouths.
  77. “Ah, really, what are you doing?! Ichika ran away!”
  78. “H-how is it my fault?!”
  79. “Who’s fault is it then?!”
  80. Jiiiiiii~
  81. Jiiiiiii~
  82. As the two were glaring at each other, Ichika came running back.
  83. “Sorry for making you wait, here.”
  84. Ichika placed hats on Rin and Houki’s heads.
  85. In order to not mess up the twintail and ponytail of the girls, Ichika chose the summer beret. The considerate action and thought was very Ichika-like.
  87. “This will make you warmer.”
  88. The unexpected gift made Rin and Houki slightly confused.
  89. “Oh, um, that’s not…”
  90. “Y-yeah… the money-”
  91. “It’s fine. The student council will provide some coverage. Also, it wasn’t that expensive.”
  92. Not sure if it was because of the dazzling look, or because of shyness, but the two girls could not face the smiling Ichika.
  93. “Th-thanks… I’ll cherish it.”
  94. “Y-yeah, we’ll also buy you a hat next holiday.”
  95. “Haha~ oh, let’s take a photo.”
  96. Rin and Houki were too shy to request that Ichika took a photo with them, so they followed Ichika’s directions and stood side by side with the Kamo River in the background.
  97. “Come, cheese~”
  98. The two put on a stiff and shy smile when Ichika pressed the shutter.
  101. “Now then, next up is Laura and Cecilia, I wonder where they are.”
  102. Let’s send a message first- as Ichika was about to do that, a rickshaw suddenly appeared at high speed and stopped right in front of him.
  103. “Aah! W-what the?!”
  104. Ichika, who was nearly hit, was speechless.
  105. The people in the passenger seat area suddenly spoke.
  106. “Ichika-san, I’ve come to escort you.”
  107. “Come, Ichika, get in the rickshaw!”
  108. One had blonde hair and the other had silver hair, they were both wearing evening gowns. They also had crowns on their heads, and smiles on their faces.
  109. The purple evening dresses that Cecilia and Laura wore would not lose to the autumn kimonos. Their shoulders were covered with a shawl.
  111. “Hm? Wearing evening gowns in Kyoto isn’t bad at all. Let’s take a picture.”
  112. The rickshaw reminded him of Cinderella’s carriage, Ichika thought while he pressed the shutter, however, he suddenly realised…
  113. “Huff… huff…”
  114. The rickshaw was pulled by an out-of-breath man who had a familiar-looking head of red hair.
  115. “Ah, Dan? What are you doing?”
  116. “H-hey. I came to Kyoto to look for some odd jobs, but I don’t know how I ended up like this… hahaha.”
  117. “Why are you laughing?! Anyway, look after Ran. Your sister has grown up in a blink of an eye.”
  118. “I don’t want to be told that by you!”
  119. The long barrel of a Mauser pistol suddenly interrupted the conversation between the two men.
  120. “You two, stop bickering. Ichika, hurry up and sit here.”
  121. “O-okay, okay! Anyway, what’s with the ridiculously long pistol?”
  122. “This? I used this back in Germany when I was modelling for some magazine… oh, but it still has killing capabilities.”
  123. “Normally, one would have said that it was just a toy!”
  124. “Well, it might as well be a toy. This gun isn’t to my liking, since it’s impractical. Oh, but I don’t hate it, it makes me feel like a part of history.”
  125. “Is that not a contradiction? So does that mean it is an antique?”
  126. “Well, this was manufactured recently, so it doesn’t have any historic value.”
  127. “Sometimes, the essence lies within the design. Is it made from top quality material?”
  128. “Humph, of course.”
  129. Seeing as the two girls spoke to each other in harmony, Ichika nodded to himself.
  130. (Cecilia and Laura are really in tune.)
  131. “Come on, Ichika-san. Sit with us.”
  132. “But the rickshaw is designed for two people.”
  133. “This one can seat up to three people, is that not right, Gotanda-san?”
  134. “Y-Yeah…”
  135. Dan completely lost against Cecilia’s aristocratic aura.
  136. Incidentally, Dan was doing odd jobs in Kyoto in order to raise money and buy gifts for his older girlfriend, Nohotoke Utsuho, but that is a story for another time.
  137. “Then pardon me…”
  138. Cecilia and Laura shifted themselves so that Ichika would have to sit in between them.
  139. Just as they planned, the two gave each other thumbs-ups.
  140. “Now then, Gotanda Dan! Slowly and safely show us around Kyoto, and take as many curved roads as possible.”
  141. Laura said as she poked the back of Dan’s head with the muzzle of the gun.
  142. Although Dan had a tired look, when Cecilia and Laura offered an additional fee, his eyes turned into burning $ signs.
  143. “Yes! I’m on it, UTSUHO-SAAAAAAANNN!!!!”
  144. Dan roared while lifting the rickshaw.
  145. He wasn’t nicknamed “The Lion” of the track team for nothing.
  146. Which meant that he slept through all practice sessions for three years during middle school.
  147. After retying his headband, Dan started to pull the rickshaw.
  148. The suddenly feeling surprised Ichika.
  149. “Ah, hey! Dan, why are you pulling it so fiercely-?”
  150. “Oh my, it’s so shaky~”
  151. “Grab onto something or it’ll be dangerous~”
  152. Being suddenly hugged on both sides by Cecilia and Laura, Ichika revealed a puzzled look.
  153. “Uh… um… you don’t need to hug so tightly…”
  154. Ichika’s face had a shy look on it.
  155. This reaction moved Cecilia’s and Laura’s maiden heart, so they decided to become bolder.
  156. “Ichika-san, please don’t hesitate to hold onto our waists~”
  157. As Ichika was being confused by the straightforward temptation, Dan followed the “safe driving” instruction, and made a sharp turn.
  158. “Waah!”
  159. Being under the mercy of centrifugal force, Ichika held onto Cecilia and brought her closer to him.
  160. For that moment, the two stared at each other.
  161. “I-Ichika-san…”
  162. “C-Cecilia. This is, uh…”
  163. The honeymoon only lasted for a few seconds, as Ichika was pushed towards Laura this time.
  164. In order to avoid squashing Laura’s petite body, Ichika put his arms around her, but instead, made her press closer to his body.
  165. “I-Ichika, being this sudden…”
  166. “No, it’s not like that! I’m unable to counteract the forces- Wah?!”
  167. The rickshaw started to violently shake again, which caused the three passengers to bounce around.
  168. “Hey, Dan! What happened to “safe driving”?!”
  169. “Utsuho.”
  170. “Utsuho?”
  171. “UTSUHO-SAAAAANNNN!!! I’m doing my best!!”
  172. This guy is beyond saving.
  173. Ichika thought as he placed his hand on Cecilia’s and Laura’s waists.
  174. “I-Ichika-san?!”
  175. “I-Ichika?!”
  176. Cecilia and Laura became red in the face.
  177. Ichika let Cecilia hold the camera, not knowing how the girls felt.
  178. “Let’s take a picture.”
  179. Hearing this, Cecilia’s and Laura’s eyes lit up.
  180. “Oh, an excellent idea.”
  181. “Yes, really good!”
  182. Although the three were still wobbling on the rickshaw, they managed to take some pictures.
  183. This was sure to become an unforgettable memory.
  185. “Too slow!”
  186. Chifuyu had an impatient look on her face as she stood with Yamada at a bus stop.
  187. The agreed upon time had already passed, and since no one had arrived, she was very anxious.
  188. ‘”The concept of time for Europeans are more casual, right?”
  189. “No, I don’t think that’s the case.”
  190. “Meaning?”
  191. Chifuyu crossed her arms and began tapping with her fingers.
  192. “That idiot seems to have decided to start already. Look.”
  193. Chifuyu told Yamada, as she indicated towards a distant street.
  194. A loud and powerful sound was produced, which was clearly from a man-made explosion.
  195. “Waah! O-Orimura-sensei! What’s going on?!”
  196. “We have to hurry. Yamada, hurry up and complete that thing’s acquisition procedures.”
  197. “Y-yes!”
  198. Yamada worriedly looked at the rising black smoke, while she clenched her hand on her chest.
  199. (Orimura-kun, everyone… please be safe.)
  200. Chifuyu noticed Yamada’s anxiety, so she patted her on her back.
  201. “Don’t worry, I’m the Brunhilde… and so is that person.”
  202. Looking back at the street, the haze was no longer present.
  204. 10 minutes ago.
  205. “So then, after we take a few scenery pictures, it should be enough.”
  206. Ichika thought as he gazed upon the ancient capital.
  207. Suddenly, the camera’s field of vision was covered up by a kimono sleeve.
  208.  “Withdraw.”
  209. “Hm?”
  210. In that span of time, the woman’s left arm moved at an unperceivable speed.
  211. Clang!  
  212. A blunt sound was made as she swiped down something with her pipe
  213. “B-bullets?!”
  214. Ichika confirmed the objects on the ground.
  215. “The next wave is coming.”
  216. Clang!  
  217. Clang!  
  218. The woman deflected a few more bullets.
  219. Ichika had no idea what was happening and was full of confusion.
  220. “Um, excuse me… but aren’t you the person from before? The cat’s…”
  221. “Alicia Josestof. You can call me Early~”
  222. The woman looked back with a flirtatious look, but during all this time, she continued swatting down bullets at a speed way beyond ordinary human capabilities.
  223. “W-what’s going on?!”
  224. “Hm? Your assassination, celebrity Orimura Ichika… now, get ready for the real thing!”
  225. After shouting, the woman’s body was immediately covered in light.
  226. This was the flash of summoning an IS, as seen countless times.
  227.  “This… this is the [Tempesta]!”
  228. That was the legendary machine featured in the IS video game, as well as the runner up of the first Mondo Grosso championship, and the winner of the second Mondo Grosso championship.
  229. “But… why is her arm…?”
  230. The figure with one eye and one arm did not stay in one place.
  231. As Ichika began to wonder, Early revealed a grin.
  232. “Oh, it was lost in an accident. However, my [Tempesta] does not have any flaws!”
  233. On her right arm, wires started to form bone structures, then muscle, and then armor.
  234. The arm was constructed from her IS, as she lightly flicked away an incoming bullet.
  236. 500 meters away.
  237. “Assassination attempt failed. Did that perverted kid hook up with that woman?”
  238. The one who said that was the sniper, third year of IS Academy, Daryl Casey.
  239. “What are you doing?!”
  240. Forte Sapphire, who was forced to come, was bewildered.
  241. “Assassinating Orimura Ichika, of course.”
  242. “Assassination…? What do you mean, I don’t understand…”
  243. A trusted companion, a caring sempai, and… her lover.
  244. Witnessing the reality, Forte’s world collapsed before her.
  245. “My code name is Rain Muesel.”
  246. “Rain… Meusel…”
  247. Rain not only revealed her identity, but also gave a smirk.
  248. Her handsome, laid back expression was the same as always. This caused Fort to involuntarily cry.
  249. “That’s… why…? Why are you with Phantom Task…? Why… are you betraying everyone…?”
  250.  Forte’s voice was weak and confused.
  251. “Even if you ask me… It’s my destiny. Our family is cursed.”
  252. She let out a laugh.
  253. It was a self-deprecating laugh.
  254. A gust of wind suddenly began to blow.
  255. The wind threatened to sweep away the two standing on top of the building.
  256. “This place has been compromised. Now then, you must quickly decide.”
  257. “Decide…? Decide on what…?”
  258. “You know, right?”
  259. To stay at IS Academy.
  260. Or to follow Rain.
  261. “Leave everything behind, and come with me.”
  262. Her sweet words were really tempting.
  263. Because of the sweet temptation, Forte felt dizzy and started to wobble.
  264. “Oh!”
  265. Rain quickly grabbed onto her.
  267. “Come with me, Forte. Let’s rip it apart together.”
  268. “Rip… apart…?”
  269. “Yes. Rip apart this corrupt world, cursed by this fate.”
  270. Having said that, Rain kissed Forte.
  271. Although Forte was at her mercy, after a few seconds, she managed to pull away from the embrace.
  272. “I can’t go with you, because… because…”
  273. “If that’s the case, then so be it. Goodbye, Forte. It’s been fun.”
  274. Rain let out a smile.
  275. Although the smile had a hint of loneliness to it, which made Forte’s chest hurt.
  276. She had to betray a side.
  277. She understood.
  278. She fully understood.
  279. It was her companions in IS Academy, or Rain.
  280. She could only choose one.
  281. She had to choose one.
  282. “Then, I have go now. [Hellhound]!”
  283. Rain shouted, as her figure was covered by the IS.
  284. On the dark grey armor, two hound heads acted as pauldrons, as they spat fire.
  285. Rain summoned a double-edged sword, [Escort Black], and clenched it in her hand.
  286. Her will to pursuit the enemy could be felt by the scorching flames of the sword.
  287. “Bring it on!”
  288. Rain roared, as [Tempest] approached.
  289. At that moment, the sounds of metal clashed, and sparks scattered.
  290. “Oh? This young one is really motivated.”
  291. “Enough talk, old woman!”
  292. The hound heads on her shoulders opened their mouths and spat out flames into the area.
  293. Early used her fists to thwart the attack.
  294. “I’m a blooming 20 something year old woman who is still in her prime! I’m going to have to teach you a lesson!”
  295. [Tempest] had the ability to freely manipulate wind.
  296. The flames were dispersed by the wind, but some were blown into a parking area, which triggered a huge explosion.
  297. “Ah… it seems like no one was hurt. “
  298. After confirming with her Hyper Sensor, she turned her attention back to Rain.
  299. Her right eye had functions similar to the IS.
  300. The lenses made a noise as they contracted.
  301. “Using heat detection, I can accurately detect anything within three centimeters of error.”
  302. “I’ll take your left side then!”
  303. Her right arm transformed and refined itself into a wind canon.
  304. Early used her body’s elasticity to ready it.
  305. “Tch!”
  306. Rain realized that she couldn’t dodge it, however…
  307. “………………”
  308. Forte Sapphire formed an ice shield to block the blast from the canon.
  309. “Forte…”
  310. “… Let’s go…”
  311. “What?”
  312. “I can’t watch anymore! Why are we being attacked?! We are the invincible wall [Aegis]. Also… also, who will tie my braids for me?!”
  313. Forte shouted with all her might.
  314. She had revealed her true feelings…
  315. As well as betray IS Academy, and her home country.
  316. “Uuu…”
  317. “What a strange fellow, why are you crying?”
  318. “That’s because… you… made me cry…”
  319. A blast of wind interrupted the gaze with each other.
  320. “Heart-warming scenes are forbidden!”
  321. Unlike the last time, Early fired three times in one breath. This time, Rain and Forte did not even try to avoid it, but instead, took the blow from the front.
  322. “Oh?”
  323. By using dispersion on the hot and cold air, they created the defensive barrier, [Aegis].
  324. The one who manipulates flames, [Hell Hound], and the one who manipulates the cold, [Cold Blood]. Their meeting was not accidental, but inevitable.
  325. “In that case, it’s two versus one, as long as Orimura Ichika doesn’t come.”
  326. The other side had a force who was responsible for holding off the enemy, so Ichika was unable to come for backup.
  327. “Why is she here?”
  328. Early stretched out her arms to her sides as if to summon the skill, [Storm].
  329. Wind started to appear around her, before forming into two clones of Early.
  330. The ability to create avatars is Early’s One-Off Ability, [Early Tempest].
  331. “Well, now it’s three versus two.”
  332. Despite being outnumbered, Rain and Forte did not seem discouraged.
  333. “…We can do it.”
  334. Rain and Forte had love like none other.
  335. If it was these two, regardless of any difficulties, they would overcome it.
  336. “However, reality is relentless.”
  337. Early had turned into three, although the two clones would only follow behind and copy her moves, it was still a threat.
  338. However, Early’s onslaught with [Tempest] would not be very effective against the defence-based Rain and Forte.
  339. “Tch! Good job, for an old lady.”
  340. “I’m only 28!”
  341. “That’s 10 years older than me, smelly old hag!!”
  342. “I don’t want to be told that by a stinking brat!!”
  343. Although they were like children quarreling, during the time, both sides continued to attack each other.
  344. The One-Off Ability [Early Tempest], was created by high speed rotating wind, which would break off armor.
  345. Coupled with the fact that [Hell Hound] and [Cold Blood] was still using IS Academy’s standard shield energy limit.
  346. If it became a war of attrition, it was clear that the situation would quickly deteriorate.
  347. “Forte! Let’s do it!”
  348. Rain roared.
  349. “That?! But it’s a bit…”
  350. “A bit what?!”
  351. “Embarrassing…”
  352. “Is now really the time to say that?!”
  353. Rain was busy fighting for her life, while staring in disbelief at Forte, who had an embarrassed blush on her face.
  354. “We’re doing [that]!”
  355. “Ah, are we really doing it?!”
  356. Forte finally made up her mind, and spread out pellets of ice, which caused Early to back off.
  357. “Saying “this” and “that”, young girls these days are so indecent.”
  358. Early started to rush at the two again. Rain held Forte to her side, and gave her a passionate kiss.
  359. “[Ice in the Fire]!!”
  360. Armour of fire and ice wrapped the bodies of Rain and Forte.
  361. “My wind can break through that kind of defense!”
  362. Early punched while her fist was wrapped in the wind, which was easily more powerful than an anti-tank rifle.
  363. “You fell for it, old hag.”
  364. The armor used ice to absorb energy, and reacted by shooting flame back. [Reactive Armour]
  365. Rain and Forte used the reactive force to create some distance. In that instance, it didn’t need to be said.
  366. “Run away!!”
  367. “Right!!”
  368. The two disappeared in a blink of an eye.
  369. “Really, my skin will get sunburn.”
  370. Early revealed a refreshed expression.
  371. “Now then, what’s going on over there?”
  372. After recalling her IS and landing on the ground, Ahli opened a Japanese umbrella and walked at a leisurely pace.
  375. ”You are…!”
  376. Ichika was alarmed by the situation. In front of him, stood a familiar woman.
  377. “Hmph, is your brain still full of stupid thoughts, Orimura Ichika?”
  378. She pulled out a pistol in a swift motion. Laura had previously taught Ichika avoidance techniques by diving with the body.
  379. After dodging the gunshot, Ichika ran into an alley. His sense of justice couldn’t let him involve civilians into the battle.
  380. “Dammit, I have to lead her somewhere where there aren’t any people!”
  381. “Oh, it looks like you’re at a dead end.”
  382. His heart missed a beat.
  383. Caught in a dead end of an alley in the ancient capital, Ichika lost his means of escape.
  384. Suddenly, Blue Tear’s Bits appeared in and surrounded Autumn.
  385. “Cecilia!”
  386. “Hello, Ichika-san~”
  387. Cecilia had come with a leisurely smile on her face. Autumn immediately understood why.
  388. “Don’t move!”
  389. Turning his head back, he saw Houki, Rin, Charlotte, Laura, and Kanzashi. All of the first year personal IS pilots.
  390. Everyone had already deployed their IS.
  391. Faced with this situation, even Autumn’s face had paled.
  392. “Please come with us, Autumn, or whatever your name is.”
  393. Saying that, Rin had her Impact cannon locked on.
  394. “Don’t make any strange movements.”
  395. “If you don’t want to die.”
  396. “Captive… hand.”
  397. The pistol made a sound as it fell onto the ground.
  398. It was Autumn’s signal for surrendering.
  401. “Ah~ It feels really good.”
  402. In a special floor of a high class hotel in Kyoto, Rain was swimming naked in the pool.
  403. “Aunt Squall really is the leader of [Phantom Task’s] special force, [Black and White Incarnations]. Her treatment is really different.”
  404. Hearing this, Squall, who was lying at the edge of the pool revealed a bitter smile.
  405. “Is this sarcasm? Also, please don’t call me aunt. Our identities might be revealed.”
  406. “What’s the matter?”
  407. Sitting naked as well on a large buoy floating in the pool was Forte.
  408. “Ye-yeah…”
  409. Her face had a shy expression.
  410. Although Rain and Forte were both naked, Squall was wearing a swimsuit.
  411. “Autumn really is slow… I told her to invite Orimura Ichika here.”
  412. Removing her sunglasses, Squall sighed at the news.
  413. “Ahh, I heard that Autumn was caught.”
  414. “…? I don’t understand what you’re saying.”
  415. Rain’s words caused Squall to frown.
  416. Autumn had been a part of the female Special Forces, and was also equipped with an IS. She shouldn’t have been captured so easily.
  417. “No, it’s not wrong. I saw the reports saying that the first years surrounded and captured her.”
  418. Realizing this, Squall finally understood the situation. She quickly got up from her pool chair.
  419. “Autumn, I’m picking you up.”
  420. Her eyes appeared angry but also anxious.
  421. Squall had begun to move, anxious to save her lover. She didn’t seem like her usual self at all.
  422. “No, that’s a bit… the enemy’s forces isn’t tactless. Even Early is there.”
  423. That was the truth.
  424. Even if the three IS had their limiters removed, it would still be a challenge.
  425. Kuh… Squall grind her teeth.
  426. “We can only wait for an opportunity to come, aunt.”
  427. “………………”
  428. Rain said with a teasing tone, Squall was silent before leaving the scene.
  429. “Oh, she went away.”
  430. Rain spoke in an “Oh, well” way, before moving towards Forte.
  431. “We should go too. Let’s go to bed.”
  432. “O-okay…”
  433. Aware of each other’s intentions, Forte blushed. The prior perplexity of betrayal had gone from her face.
  434. Yes, it did not matter.
  435. It was her decision.
  436. To follow this person.
  437. Their fate was already decided.
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