Dungeons Deep

Jul 29th, 2014
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  1. ----
  2. >Sitting in your chamber, you rummage through the pile of papers in front of you and read the letter again.
  3. "To: Anonymous"
  4. "Year 0 month 6 day 25, Tuesday"
  5. "One of my agents has uncovered a rebel hideout in Ponyville."
  6. "As the appointed enforcer of the Empresses will, I have taken"
  7. "the initiative and led the imperial forces in a raid on the"
  8. "building. As befitting my exceptional skill, the action was"
  9. "a success. Several rebels have been captured and their base"
  10. "utterly destroyed. I shall process the evidence and report"
  11. "upon my findings in further messages. The captured rebels"
  12. "have been send to your custody along with this message."
  13. ""
  14. "Glory to Empress Moon, may the night last forever."
  15. "Signed: Trixie Lulamoon, the Great and Powerful"
  16. >Urgh~
  17. >These are bad news.
  18. >You already knew of the Ponyville hideout and had it infiltrated.
  19. >You just didn't tell Trixie about it because you were afraid that she would ruin your plan.
  20. >Exactly the way she did.
  21. >You clearly remember ordering her to watch for rebels, and -report- not -raid- the potential hideouts.
  22. >Hopefully, at least your spy will still be ok.
  23. >None of the papers before you provide any clue to who leads the rebellion, nor what his or hers grand plan is.
  24. >And you're not going to find out if your infiltrators are sabotaged by your own forces.
  25. >This will get you nowhere.
  26. >Throwing the letter back on the pile you give an exasperated sigh.
  27. >"Is something wrong, master?"
  28. >Pink pony you have almost forgotten about nuzzles your leg.
  29. "No pinkie, everything is alright. But I have work to do, so I'll have to leave you now."
  30. >She briefly hugs your leg before letting go.
  31. >With her head hung low she waits to hear the words she hates the most.
  32. >It pains you to say them.
  33. ----
  34. "Go back to your room pinkie, I promise to see you soon."
  35. >Without a word she slowly shuffles towards the door.
  36. >And to think that she used to be so full of energy.
  37. >Living as a pet doesn't suit her at all.
  38. >"Pinkie."
  39. >"You're forgetting something."
  40. >She turns around, trying to hold back sobs.
  41. >"T-Thank you for allowing Pinkie Pie to be in your presence, Master."
  42. >"..."
  43. >"Ple*hic*ease don't forget about m-me."
  44. "I promise, I won't."
  45. >She walks away.
  46. >If only you had more time to spend with your pets.
  47. >You would never leave them alone if you could.
  48. >But you have to interrogate the prisoners.
  49. >Determined to get your work done quickly, you put on your armor and head towards the dungeons.
  50. >It is a short walk, from your chambers the entrance is literary behind the corner.
  51. >A few guards salute you on the way and you salute them back.
  52. >It's not just a gesture, you've worked hard to deserve their respect.
  53. >The only pony who stops you to talk is the chief warden.
  54. >"Sir. May I speak to you for a moment?"
  55. "Spitfire! It's lovely to see you, but I'm afraid you may not right now. I have prisoners to interrogate."
  56. >"Sir, this is important as well. The dungeons are overcrowded."
  57. >She looks really tough in her uniform.
  58. >"We are running out of space for new prisoners. We've already..."
  59. "Stop."
  60. >But underneath it, she is just like every other mare...
  61. "I can already tell this will be a long talk and I really don't have the time right now."
  62. >... only firmer.
  63. "I'll make some time tomorrow though, so we can discuss it in greater detail and... spend some time together."
  64. >The pause in your speech makes her shift in her place.
  65. >"Yes sir, I'll see you tomorrow."
  66. >Unlike the other ponies you've converted to NMM's side, Spitfire has never learned to enjoy your physical intimacy.
  67. >It doesn't matter, she's more fun like this anyway.
  68. ----
  69. >With the warden out of your way, you promptly arrive to the holding cell.
  70. >Straightening up ready to put on your best act and walk inside.
  71. >The cell is a large and simple stone room, furnished with nothing but dozens iron collars chained to the walls.
  72. >Five of them are in use.
  73. >The prisoners are on the floor, some laying down, some propped against the wall, two of them are hugging.
  74. >All of them are looking at you, mostly with a mixture of contempt and defiance.
  75. >Idiots.
  76. >They could at least pretend to be innocent.
  77. "Subjects of Empress Moon, you have been arrested based on a suspicion treason."
  78. "If you are innocent, you have nothing to fear, if you are guilty, you shall never see moonlight again."
  79. "You shall be interrogated and..."
  80. >"This is a mistake! I'm not supposed to be here! I don't even know are these people!"
  81. >One of the prisoners, an aquamarine mare, stands up and interrupts your speech.
  82. >It takes lots of self control not to kick her for it.
  83. "What is your name, miss?"
  84. >"Lyra, Lyra Heartstrings. I'm from Ponyville, and whatever is going on, I have nothing to do with it!"
  85. >There is a hint of despair in her voice and it appears she's been crying before you got here.
  86. >The others are looking at her with pity, expecting her to get hit for her insolence.
  87. >Unlike Lyra, they must have had an experience with law enforcement before.
  88. >But if you're going to hurt her, It's not going to be here.
  89. >You slowly approach her, trying to sooth her.
  90. "Calm down miss Heartstrings. There is nothing to worry about."
  91. >Strangely enough, it's working.
  92. >She has no idea what kind of mess she's in right now.
  93. >Reaching behind her, you unlock the chain connecting her collar to the wall.
  94. "Come with me, you shall be first. If you are innocent as you say, you'll be back home this evening."
  95. >Giving the others one last glance, you leave the room with Lyra in tow.
  96. >A little display of niceness should be enough to make them consider cooperation.
  97. ----
  98. >Leading the way you listen to the sound of Lyra's hoofsteps behind you.
  99. >The interrogation rooms are on the far side of the dungeons.
  100. >It is out of hand, but the prisoners like to get really loud when you have to make them talk.
  101. >The path to interrogation room is intentionally bereft of any guards.
  102. "Please do not attempt to escape, it would be taken as a confession of guilt."
  103. >It is a test, there are guards waiting right behind the corner.
  104. >She doesn't try to bolt away and keeps walking behind you.
  105. >Shit, you might really have someone innocent down here.
  106. >This would be a first.
  107. >Arriving to your destination you hold the door for her.
  108. "After you miss. Make yourself comfortable."
  109. >The interrogation room is actually a nice place.
  110. >Comfortable chairs, carpet, bookshelves, table with cups of water and even a basket of fresh fruit.
  111. >Crops are not as plentiful as they used to be, and the prisoners are often starving.
  112. >Food always helps to make them talk, and the furniture makes it look more like a living room than a part of a dungeon.
  113. >It gives the prisoners hope that they could actually talk their way out of here.
  114. >If that doesn't work, there is a torture room next doors.
  115. >Lyra seats herself and starts talking.
  116. >"Could I, um, have this thing removed? It's really uncomfortable."
  117. >With a hopeful smile, she points at her collar.
  118. >It is a massive piece of iron, deliberately built to be rough on the inside.
  119. >The soft, enchanted, leather collars worn by your pets are too expensive to be used on the ordinary prisoners.
  120. "I'm sorry Lyra - is it alright if I call you that? - but I can't take it off until this conversation is over."
  121. >"But I already told you that I have nothing to do with this!"
  122. >You take a seat as well and get ready to take notes.
  123. "And I want to hear all about it. Let's begin with who you are and how you got arrested."
  124. "The sooner we're done with this, the sooner I can take that thing off of you and send you home."
  125. ----
  126. -about an hour later-
  127. "So, let's go over it one last time, to make sure that everything checks."
  128. >While you are reading your notes, Lyra is stuffing a pear down her throat.
  129. "You went to a tea shop, looking for one of your friends."
  130. >"uh-huh"
  131. "A friend that was spending suspiciously large amounts of time there with strangers."
  132. >"Nhh, nht sspss eh ahl." *gulp*
  133. >"No, not suspicious at all. The tea was really great there!"
  134. "Riiight. And while you were inside, the place got surrounded, and you were arrested."
  135. >"Yes."
  136. >You've never seen a pony so happy to seal their own fate.
  137. "And you have no idea of where your friend is, or what she was doing there, or who the other arrested ponies are."
  138. >Lyra nods energetically.
  139. "And you have never reported this before because... You know her and she wouldn't do anything illegal."
  140. >Lyra hops from her chair and stretches her legs, ready to leave.
  141. >"Exactly. See? I told you this was just a misunderstanding. Can I go home now?"
  142. >She really has no idea what she has done.
  143. "Yes, I think that this will be all."
  144. "Guards!"
  145. >Two large ponies, join you in the room.
  146. >One of them grabs Lyra, while the other one puts a magic nullifier on her horn and shackles her legs.
  147. >"Wait! What are you doing? Let me go!"
  148. "Lyra Heartstrings, I find you guilty of associating with traitors and failing to report insurgent activities."
  149. "For confessing your crimes willingly, you shall be judged with mercy.r
  150. >"No! I Didn't confess to anything. I didn't know what they were doing!"
  151. "In the name of the Empress you are banished from moon's light for a period of ten years."
  152. >"No! Please! You're making a mistake! I'm innocent!"
  153. >With a gesture of hand you send the guards to take Lyra to her new home.
  154. >She's still protesting as they drag her away.
  155. >She will have hard time adjusting to prison life.
  156. >It's just a matter of time until her mouth gets her in trouble.
  157. >You're almost sorry for her.
  158. >Almost.
  159. >...
  160. >If you're lucky, the other four will be just as easy to sort out.
  161. ----
  162. >You hoped the other four would be done just as quickly as Lyra.
  163. >They weren't.
  164. >It took a whole day to crack them all, and none of them knew anything important.
  165. >Nothing about assassinating Moonie, kidnapping Celestia, or anything like that.
  166. >Just vandalism, theft of food, planned arsony... small stuff.
  167. >Now you're lying in your bed, thinking, and watching Octavia clean up your room.
  168. >The sight of her swaying hips is very relaxing.
  169. >And one of Rarity's designs is making it quite a remarkable view.
  170. >Now that you think about it, you didn't fuck anyone today.
  171. >Octavia holds her tail pressed down to hide her privates.
  172. >She knows you're watching her, and she knows exactly where you're looking.
  173. >It's really funny.
  174. >After months of listening to moans of your pets and washing laundry drenched in various body fluids, she still tries to keep her modesty.
  175. >You never mounted her and you're sure that no one else is brave or stupid enough to touch the Beast's personal maid.
  176. >Which means that for the past half a year she must a have been clopping in her room alone.
  177. >Probably to the sound of you ravishing your pets.
  178. >...
  179. >The mental image makes you horny.
  180. "That will be enough Octavia, I'm sure you've cleaned up that place already. You can stop now."
  181. >She really did, twice.
  182. >She either didn't want to stop until you ordered her, or she likes being watched. Maybe both.
  183. >Octavia turns to you, and bows deeply.
  184. >Her cheeks are red and she's avoiding eye contact.
  185. >She's probably gonna start clopping the minute she gets to her bed.
  186. >Let's give her something to listen to.
  187. "You can go. Send in the pink one."
  188. >Octavia stands back up on her hooves and with her tail still tuckered between her legs she walks away.
  189. "One more thing."
  190. >She stops mid step and her tail twitches a little.
  191. >She's wetter than your floor.
  192. "Send a letter to Ponyville. When she's done with her investigation, I want Trixie to arrive to Canterlot and report her findings to me in person."
  193. "We'll need to talk."
  194. ----
  195. >Next morning you head to the dungeons again, nearly skipping along the way.
  196. >Pinkie was full of energy last night, you barely got any sleep.
  197. >Ever since you forbid everyone else to speak with her, she's just so happy to be with you.
  198. >The way she smiles when you talk to her, and that spark in her eyes when she can do something for you.
  199. >She reminds you why you love your pets so much.
  200. >...
  201. >Determined to deal with the prison problem before your patrol, you head to Spitfire's office.
  202. >It's guarded by two petite stallions.
  203. >You send them away.
  204. >It's better to deal with her in private.
  205. >Not bothering to knock, you walk inside.
  206. >"Don't you know how to knock!?"
  207. >It takes her a moment to realize it's you.
  208. >She springs up from the ground and stands at attention.
  209. >"Pardon me, sir. I din't realize it was you."
  210. >For some reason, she's not wearing her uniform.
  211. "At ease Spitfire, It's just the two of us."
  212. >Her pose relaxes, but the eyes can't hide the animosity in her.
  213. >"It is common courtesy to knock before walking in."
  214. "There's nothing you could do, that I shouldn't know about."
  215. >Her mouth to say something, ultimately but stays awkwardly silent.
  216. "Well, where's your hospitality?"
  217. "Aren't you even going to offer me a chair?"
  218. >There is just one chair in this room.
  219. >Hers.
  220. >It's an office, not meeting room.
  221. >Ponies come here to be shouted at, not talked with.
  222. >She shoves her chair towards you.
  223. >"Here."
  224. >Contempt, and disgust mix on her face, as you sit on it.
  225. >After making yourself comfortable, you motion her to sit as well.
  226. >Instead of sitting on the ground like a good pony, she flies up to sit on the table.
  227. >Not on your watch.
  228. "On my lap."
  229. >She shakes her head in protest.
  230. "That wasn't a request, Spits."
  231. >She almost jumps hearing you call her that.
  232. >Tentatively she obeys and takes a seat in your lap.
  233. >You hug her form behind and inhale the scent of her mane.
  234. >It smells like burning wood.
  235. >With a small voice she interrupts the peaceful moment.
  236. >"Are you here to rape me again?"
  237. ----
  238. "Rape you?"
  239. >You pretend to be wounded by that suggestion.
  240. "I've never raped you Spitfire."
  241. "It was what you wanted, remember?"
  242. >You tighten the hug, and whisper into her ear.
  243. "Oh please, oh please, mister Anonymous! Please don't disband the Wonderbolts!"
  244. "We're so sorry we fought against the Empress!"
  245. "I'll do anything you want!"
  246. >Spitfire shifts uncomfortably, but you won't let her move.
  247. "A-ny-thing."
  248. You loosen your grip and speak normally again.
  249. "It's not my fault you don't like your own decisions."
  250. >"You gave me no choice."
  251. >The sadness of her words lingers in the air and stop the conversation.
  252. >...
  253. "I'm here because you invited me here, remember?"
  254. >Well, you kind of invited yourself, but the details are not important.
  255. >At least Spitfire is relieved to talk business.
  256. >You turn her around so she can talk with you face to face.
  257. >Your hands rest on her hips.
  258. >"The prison is overcrowded."
  259. "Really? I thought we expanded it like a month ago."
  260. >The Canterlot dungeons are older and deeper than Celestia's ass.
  261. >They're not even fully explored, let alone used.
  262. >Also like Celestia's ass.
  263. >You ordered, one of the older parts reopened and rebuilt into a prison.
  264. >"That's not the problem, the new prison block is ready to be used."
  265. >"But I don't have anyone to guard it with."
  266. >"I already spoke to the general, but he won't give me any more stallions until after next month."
  267. >"I need them ASAP."
  268. >She is good at this job...
  269. "You're doing a very good job down here Spitfire."
  270. >...But you want something more...
  271. "Would you like to do something more?"
  272. >She tries to get away from you, but you don't let her.
  273. >...And even though her desires are somewhat different...
  274. >Instead, your hands creep on her back and unfurl her wings.
  275. > does she.
  276. "I know you what to use them."
  277. "But if you want something, you have to deserve it first."
  278. >The implications are clear.
  279. >Her eyes meet yours for the briefest moment, before she makes her decision.
  280. ----
  281. >Spitfire closes her eyes and plunges her lips on yours.
  282. >She is fiercely passionate, but with no affection.
  283. >No playfulness, no warmth, no romance.
  284. >Just her tongue aggressively violating your mouth.
  285. >You reciprocate equally.
  286. >As you make out with her, you reach down for her snatch.
  287. >The moment you touch her, she breaks the kiss and pushes herself from you.
  288. >It's like she just now realized what's going to happen.
  289. "You don't have to do this."
  290. >For a while she just hovers in the air, unsure what to do.
  291. >"No, No. It's okay. I want this."
  292. >You smile and watch as she floats down and sits in front of you.
  293. "Suit yourself."
  294. >She tilts forward, then unbuttons your pats with her teeth.
  295. >Your cock emerges from your trousers and Spitfire freezes.
  296. >The memories are coming back to her.
  297. >She touches you with one hoof and starts stroking slowly.
  298. >It's unusual for her to be timid like this.
  299. >She Leans close and starts caressing you between her hoof and cheek.
  300. >The softness is heavenly.
  301. >She lets it slide over her muzzle and looks up at you.
  302. >Her eyes are watering, pleading you to tell her that this is enough, that she can stop now.
  303. >But you stay silent.
  304. >This was her idea, you already told her she doesn't have to do anything she doesn't want to.
  305. >When your mercy doesn't come, she focuses back at your cock and opens her mouth.
  306. >You feel her warm breath on our flesh.
  307. >She wastes no time and takes the head between lips.
  308. >Her reserve dissipates and she tries to make this as quick as possible.
  309. >She's not very good at this.
  310. >It would seem great to almost everyone.
  311. >But the months you've spent with six personally trained sex slaves have accustomed you to much higher standard.
  312. >She works you inside, and bobs her head, using both of her hooves along with her mouth.
  313. >You put hand on her head to help her find the right rhythm.
  314. >Without your help, she starts taking you deeper and deeper, but not past her gag reflex.
  315. >So inexperienced.
  316. ----
  317. >Slurping sounds fill the air as she tries her best.
  318. >Her tongue flicks the sides of your penis.
  319. >She looks up at you to see if she's doing good, but you fake disinterest.
  320. >You're not going to help her with this.
  321. >To your liking, it causes her to pick up the pace.
  322. >Her movements elicit pure joy in your body and you feel it build up in your loins.
  323. >She's crying.
  324. >The idea of how disgusted she must be right now is what drives you over the edge.
  325. >Without a warning you blow up inside her mouth.
  326. >She pulls back in surprise and starts spitting it out.
  327. >You replace her mouth with your hand and surf the wave of pleasure for as long as you can, spraying yourself all over her coat and mane.
  328. >Not as good as you're used to, but there's nothing like a bad orgasm.
  329. >You're feeling great.
  330. >Luckily for you, Spitfire is not paying attention right now.
  331. "Tsss, now that was just pathetic."
  332. "You can't even take me in properly and then you spit it all out."
  333. >She's on the ground, busy not looking at you and wishing she didn't exist.
  334. "If you keep messing up like this..."
  335. >You exhale in disappointment, like when you want to order a Rhubarb Strudel and find out it just got sold out.
  336. "I just don't know what I'm going to do with you."
  337. >To your surprise, she has the idea.
  338. >Lifelessly she rolls on her stomach and raises her butt in the air.
  339. >Her tail moves to the side, inviting you in.
  340. >She's shaking, there's no fight left in her.
  341. >You let her wait.
  342. >It's time to stop.
  343. "No. I've had enough. We can try that next time, Spits."
  344. >The refusal crushes her.
  345. >She sunk so low to present herself to you like a breeding stock, and you don't even want her anymore.
  346. >All pain, no gain.
  347. >Exactly the way you wanted.
  348. >You to get up, ready to continue your business.
  349. >After using her tail to wipe your cock off, you stuff it in your pants before it has a chance to get hard again and expose your lie.
  350. "You have five minutes to get yourself in order, then join me outside."
  351. ----
  352. >Leaving the defiled mare behind, you walk out and ruminate.
  353. >Every time you visit her, she fights you less and less.
  354. >This time she didn't even call you any names.
  355. >Maybe she's finally accepting her new place?
  356. >She's a whore, paying you with her body to buy the privileges you dangle in front of her nose.
  357. >It doesn't matter how well she does.
  358. >You can always find a reason for her to fail, or for yourself to be generous.
  359. >But the belief that it does, is what makes her go on.
  360. >Wherever you choose to steer her.
  361. >One day, she will love you just like your pets and everyone else, it's just going to take more time.
  362. >Finally the door sounds and Spitfire joins you outside of her office.
  363. >Any traces of what just happened, as well as any signs of her weakness or emotions are gone.
  364. >"Sir."
  365. >Like a good little soldier.
  366. "Follow me, we're going on an inspection."
  367. >Together you walk through the prison blocks and look inside the cells.
  368. >The prisoners, otherwise annoyingly loud, fall silent when they see you.
  369. >Those that did not had a chance to meet you, have at least heard of you.
  370. >It's unwise to catch your attention.
  371. >The prison is as full as Spitfire told you.
  372. >You'll need to get the new block opened before taking in any more prisoners.
  373. >Nonetheless, you can't but notice the lack of certain individual.
  374. "One of the prisoners is missing."
  375. >"That's impossible, sir."
  376. "Unicorn, mare, aquamarine coat, she got here just yesterday. Where is she?"
  377. >"The loud one? She refused to stay silent and disturbed the other prisoners."
  378. >"We gagged her, and put her in solitary confinement, to give her time calm down."
  379. >"She is secured."
  380. >Just one day and Lyra is already in trouble, excellent.
  381. "Good. Keep her there for now, and give her fifty whiplashes before she goes to sleep."
  382. >"W-What? But why?"
  383. >For the first time in a long while, Spitfire is genuinely surprised by your cruelty.
  384. >Even twenty whiplashes would be enough to make a pony bleed.
  385. "That's simple Spitfire."
  386. "Because I like her."
  387. ----
  388. >The rest of your day was spent by patrolling.
  389. >It's the part of your job that is getting getting more and more frustrating every time you do it.
  390. >Instead of doing something important, or at least pleasant, you are parading yourself in the city for literally no one to see.
  391. >Everypony already knows about you and runs away even before you can see them.
  392. >You pondered making surprise inspections in random houses to make the chore more fun, but you don't want to oppress the population too hard.
  393. >At least the evening with your pets was quite nice.
  394. >Twilight is a very good learner.
  395. >She might not be as enthusiastic as Pinkie, but she really enjoys studying under your tutelage.
  396. >Always begging you to try the things she reads about in her books with her.
  397. >She is the best kind of pet, submissive, eager to serve, and desiring your attention.
  398. >Hopefully, you will be able to replicate the effects with this other pony as well.
  399. >...
  400. >It's the next day, and with a torch in hand, you are descending into the solitary confinement ward of Canterlot's prison.
  401. >The worst part of the whole prison, barring the torture rooms.
  402. >Built deeper than the others parts, it's the coldest and dampest place in the whole dungeons.
  403. >The prison cells are pretty much just glorified caves with installed hefty metal doors.
  404. >The whole ward is completely dark, and the only guarded place is the entrance.
  405. >Every prisoner is held completely alone, with no food and no water.
  406. >Many prisoners are left here for weeks, slowly starving, forced to lick the wetness of the walls and drink their own piss.
  407. >Slowly loosing hope that they will last long enough for someone to come back for them and they weren't left there to die.
  408. >Luckily for you, Lyra should be much more cooperative right away.
  409. >It takes you a while to find the right door.
  410. >They look old, but the hinges are like new, and once unlocked they open with surprising ease.
  411. ----
  412. >The inside of the room is as dark as the rest of the place, but you can make out a silhouette of a pony curled on the ground.
  413. >Her eyes are open but she doesn't bother looking at you.
  414. >The floor is apparently much more interesting.
  415. >If it wasn't for the occasional shiver you'd think she died with her eyes open.
  416. >You come closer to get a better look at her and she snaps to attention.
  417. >Sort of.
  418. >"nn-o mm-ore... no mo-re, pl-ea-se... no mo-re..."
  419. >Her lips barely move and her voice is as shaky as her body.
  420. >It's impossible to tell if it's fear, or just the cold.
  421. "Ssshhhh, it's ok Lyra. It's me, Anonymous."
  422. >Finally she lifts up hear head to look at you.
  423. >Her face is contorted with pain, soiled with her tears, snot and dirt of the cave.
  424. >"M-M-Mercy."
  425. >she says it with so much humility it sounds almost like a prayer.
  426. >Sweet and pathetic at the same time.
  427. "Don't worry, I'm not here to hurt you."
  428. >Hearing that, she exhales deeply, making a little cloud, and lays her head back down.
  429. >The conversation is over for her, there is nothing else she wants to hear.
  430. >You are not done here though.
  431. >Her body is limp, sometimes shaking slightly only to fight back against the cold.
  432. >She looks so pale.
  433. >You crouch down to pet her mane.
  434. >It's as cold and damp as the rest of this place.
  435. >Maybe you went too far.
  436. >You bring your torch closer to look at her back.
  437. >Where used to be a pure aquamarine coat, is now a maroon mush of fur and dried blood.
  438. >No wonder she's not even registering you right now.
  439. >It must have been the worst pain of her life.
  440. >Is it wasn't for the numbing cold, she would probably still be screaming in pain, even now.
  441. >Nightmares of this will stay with her for the rest of her life.
  442. >You force yourself to dispel the thought before you start feeling any actual sympathy.
  443. >Pitying the prisoners is now what you came here for.
  444. >You stroke her mane again, this time going lower than before.
  445. >When your hand starts nearing her back she starts to tense up.
  446. ----
  447. >You have her attention again.
  448. "What a nice pony you seemed to be just days ago."
  449. "It hurt me to sentence you, you know?"
  450. >She raises her head again and stares at you, her eyes gaining enough focus just to judge you.
  451. >How dare you talk to her like that!
  452. >What can you know about being hurt!
  453. >It was you who sent her here!
  454. >She doesn't say any of it.
  455. "I had my doubts, but now I see that I was right."
  456. "Good pony would not get herself whipped like this her first day in prison."
  457. >"I didn't do anything."
  458. >Her voice is a soft whine, almost like she's talking to herself and not to you.
  459. "Do you want to tell me that this was just another mistake?"
  460. "I know the warden. She wouldn't do this if you didn't gave her a reason."
  461. >You're not even lying.
  462. >Spitfire really wouldn't do this if you didn't give her a reason.
  463. "Do you still think that you're innocent?"
  464. >"..."
  465. >"Yes"
  466. >You mock her with a smirk.
  467. "Fine, then prove it."
  468. >Her ears twitch hearing you say that.
  469. >A spark of hope glitters in her eyes and then immediately fades away.
  470. >She knows she can't.
  471. "That's what I thought. Liar."
  472. >Your word are cruel, but the lifelessness of her expression doesn't change.
  473. >There is no hope left in her that she could lose.
  474. >All she has left is few more tears.
  475. >She shares them with you.
  476. >It's time to throw your bait.
  477. "You are as guilty as I said."
  478. "But if you are sorry for what you've done, I might give you a chance to make up for it."
  479. "I want you to turn your back on your criminal friend and her accomplices and tell me what they've been up to."
  480. >"..."
  481. >"I... I don't know anyone criminal."
  482. >Strengthened by hope, her body suddenly has enough energy to hold a conversation.
  483. "Then improvise. You are in a prison. Everyone here is a criminal. Make acquaintances with them and tell me what they're up to."
  484. >"You want me to be a s-snitch?"
  485. >You offer her salvation and she's trying to poke holes in it?
  486. "I want you to serve your Empress."
  487. >Maybe she really is stupid.
  488. "Do you want to serve your Empress?"
  489. ----
  490. >...
  491. >She nods slowly.
  492. "Good."
  493. >It looks like I won't have to whip you again.
  494. "I'll tell the warden to release you out of here early. And I'll send one of the guards to bring you to me when I want to speak with you again."
  495. "Make sure to know something important by then. You're going to earn no favor by wasting my time."
  496. "Do you understand?"
  497. >Another nod.
  498. "Excellent, exactly what I wanted to hear."
  499. >She still doesn't seem to be sure about it though.
  500. >It's her only choice, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's a good one.
  501. "Take this. I think you deserve a reward already."
  502. >You hand her your torch.
  503. >She doesn't comprehend for a second, but then she understands it and takes your gift.
  504. "It won't last long, but some light and warmth is better than none, right?"
  505. >The fire is mesmerizing.
  506. >"Thank you."
  507. >You flash her a smile and for a moment you just look at each other through the flame.
  508. >There is no more pain in her expression, just acceptance.
  509. >Eventually you break the moment and leave her cell.
  510. >She's still looking at the torch when you close the door.
  511. >After locking her in, it's you who's alone in the cold and dark.
  512. >But you know this place well enough to make your way out even blind.
  513. >Head up following the left wall, and then switch to the right one once you hit the crossroads.
  514. >And the torch is doing you more good with her, than with you.
  515. >As you've learned from Fluttershy, small kindness can make a huge difference.
  516. >The rebels have a plan and you need to find out what it is.
  517. >Condemning an innocent pony to prison and whipping her bloody is harsh.
  518. >But with the recent complications, you don't have the luxury of handling things with kid gloves.
  519. >Or maybe you just don't care anymore.
  520. ----
  521. >Once you manage to make your way out of the dungeons you go on a meeting with the general.
  522. >Sadly, the encounter does not go the way you'd hope it to.
  523. >He send all reserves on an exercise somewhere beyond Galloping Gorge.
  524. >Only the pegasi could make it back in less than a week, and they would be useless in the dungeons anyway.
  525. >And everyone in Canterlot is needed elsewhere.
  526. >...
  527. >Hmmm... almost everyone.
  528. >If there ever was a contest in uselessness, it would have been won by your own guard squad.
  529. >It was ages since someone was stupid enough to make problem while you were around.
  530. >Good times.
  531. >They will get to be useful again and you'll have an excuse to stay in the castle with your pets. It's perfect.
  532. >Now you just have to tell Spitfire.
  533. >Back to the dungeons it is.
  534. >...
  535. >Sending the guards away as usual, you knock politely and for once actually wait to be invited in before opening the door.
  536. >She's inside, sitting at her desk, looking all tough, ready to deal with anyone, fire burning in her eyes.
  537. >And you see that fire die, doused with suppressed tears.
  538. >It's why you knocked, she didn't expect you to be back so soon.
  539. >Genuine but malicious smile grows on your face. You got her again.
  540. >"Sir?"
  541. >You close and lock the door behind you.
  542. "You know why I'm here."
  543. >She looks down, your last encounter still fresh in her memory.
  544. >Resigned she gets of her chair and walks to you, then turns around and presents you her backside.
  545. >She lays down on her front hooves and her tail goes up.
  546. >"Make it quick."
  547. >Obedient, but still defiant, that won't do.
  548. "Wrong."
  549. >You slap her firm butt cheeks with the back of your hand.
  550. "That's not why I'm here."
  551. >She looks back at you in disbelief.
  552. >Letting her doubt your intentions for a moment, you gesture her to get back in her chair.
  553. >She does so, looking more confused than someone holding chopsticks for the first time in their life.
  554. "What a slut."
  555. >Fake incredulity and poorly hidden amusement play in your voice.
  556. ----
  557. "I'm here to inform you that I've got the stallions you asked me for."
  558. "You'll be temporarily given command of my own personal patrol squad. They're the most trusted stallions I have."
  559. >She's too ashamed of herself to look at you while you're speaking.
  560. >She could even be blushing, but it might be just your imagination.
  561. >"Yes, sir. Will that be all?"
  562. >Could you get out already?
  563. "No, one more thing. I really liked the work you've done with the new mare. The poor thing was broken really hard."
  564. "And I think you deserve a reward."
  565. >Raising her eyes, she looks up at you expectantly.
  566. >She feels more guilty than proud, but reward is a a reward.
  567. >you clear our throat for dramatic effect.
  568. "Today, you have my permission to leave the castle."
  569. >Her wings spread on reflex.
  570. >"Really?"
  571. "Yes, and since it's a special occasion, I'm also going to give you this."
  572. >You hand Spitfire a little, red, abundantly decorated card with the letters "VIP" etched on it in golden color.
  573. "My boys are going to work for you for a few weeks, so you might want to get to know them better."
  574. "Well be at Maroon Ranch tonight. You're invited."
  575. >"Maroon... Ranch."
  576. >She repeats the words slowly, thinking hard if this is another one of your tricks.
  577. >"That's a brothel."
  578. >Damn it.
  579. "Yes, it is. How do you know that."
  580. >You wish she wouldn't know.
  581. >"You want ME, to come with YOU, to a brothel."
  582. >Her brows furrow in anger.
  583. >"No, thanks, I'll pass."
  584. >She puts the card down and pushes it away.
  585. "You're invited as a guest, nothing more. If I wanted to whore you out, I wouldn't take you somewhere so expensive."
  586. >There's so much wrong with that statement.
  587. "There's gonna be a special performance. One hour after moonrise. Be there or don't. I'm paying."
  588. >With that you turn around, unlock the door and leave.
  589. "It's gonna be fun."
  590. >Your vacation is about to begin, and you're resolute to give your friends something special.
  591. >And if her wings are any indication, Spitfire will be there as well.
  592. ----
  593. >...
  594. >It's right after Moonrise when you arrive at the Maroon Ranch.
  595. >The inconspicuous building stationed inside the lower castle hides one of the most renown businesses in Canterlot.
  596. >A place where guardsmen go to spend their hard earned money, and nobles come to indulge their desires without fear for their reputation.
  597. >Tonight however, the whole place belongs to you and those who you call friends.
  598. >Passing a bouncer you barely notice, you lead your group inside the shadowy main room.
  599. >Pole dancing stage on one side, bar on the other, stools and tables in the middle, and on the other side a hallway to the 'loverooms' upstairs.
  600. >You say hi to the mare that owns the business, currently works at the bar.
  601. >She's been your acquaintance ever since you incarcerated her abusive mother.
  602. >She greets you with a deep bow to the floor, honored by your visit.
  603. >You throw her a bag of bits, instruct her to prepare your favorite wine for later, and put all tonight's expenses on your tab.
  604. >Seating yourself in the middle of a room with your guard bros all around, you are immediately swarmed by scantly dressed waitresses.
  605. >No, that's not the right word to describe them, 'Courtesans' or 'Whorses' would be much more fitting.
  606. >Even though their interest and admiration are fake, they hide it reasonably well and make a very pleasant company.
  607. >After ordering a round of cider for everyone you give a toast and then, drink, laugh, talk, and most importantly have a good time.
  608. >You don't know how long it was, but it felt like only a few moments, before you saw spitfire walk through the door.
  609. >Dressed in nothing like all the respectable ponies, she stands out among the mares who work here.
  610. >Pony culture is weird.
  611. >Excusing yourself, you leave the others to local courtesans and claim one of the tables on the side with comfy couch and good view at the now empty stage.
  612. >Spitfire follows and sits down next to you.
  613. "I'm glad you could make it."
  614. >"I'm sure you are."
  615. ----
  616. >She didn't have to be here, but she knows that it's better not to decline your offers.
  617. >"Do you always take mares into a brothel on a first date?"
  618. "Sometimes."
  619. >You retort with a casual shrug.
  620. "It depends on the mare."
  621. "How was your day?"
  622. >"Pretty good actually. Walking, flying, meeting people, I almost felt like a real person. Thanks for asking."
  623. >There's enough sarcasm in her voice to drown a giraffe.
  624. >As you battle each other with words, one of the courtesans, dressed in a slutty maid uniform, brings the wine you ordered.
  625. >On second thought, it's just a black and white slut costume, nothing like a real slutty maid uniform.
  626. >You happen to be an expert on the subject.
  627. >Seeing that you already have company, she leaves swiftly.
  628. >No extra bits for her tonight.
  629. >You open the bottle and fill two glasses.
  630. >With drink in your hand and Spitfire's hoof, the tone of your conversation gets much more relaxed.
  631. >Things seem to be heading the right way. Everyone else has already found their company as well.
  632. >You teach Spitfire the names of the ponies she will be giving orders tomorrow, and who they are.
  633. >She listens carefully, slowly sipping her wine, careful not to get too drunk.
  634. >Talking about the work makes her feel comfortable, it mean less talking about her.
  635. >...
  636. >The joyful atmosphere of abruptly ends when the whole place quiets down.
  637. >You scan the room and smile.
  638. >Seems like your other company has arrived.
  639. >Pushed inside by a mysterious grey hoof, Fluttershy stands in the doorway.
  640. >Dressed in striped pink-white socks, and her pet collar, she looks almost like the whorses who work here.
  641. >Only cuter, prettier, and less slutty.
  642. >Socks are more of a bedroom wear, than a whorse costume.
  643. >She stand there, frozen in shock as fifty pairs of eyes stare at her.
  644. >your friends know who she is, so nobody dares to make a move on her.
  645. >Everyone is just looking at her, waiting what she'll do.
  646. >You watch the scene unfold with sadistic amusement.
  647. ----
  648. >Fluttershy shrinks down, looking for something to hide behind in panic.
  649. >The people are everywhere.
  650. >When she doesn't find a place to hide, she tries to back out, but slams into the already closed door.
  651. >She tries to open it and run away, but it's locked as well.
  652. >Fluttershy abruptly turns around looking for another way out.
  653. >There is none.
  654. >The hallway on the other side of the room is behind all those people.
  655. >She's trapped.
  656. >"M-M-Miss Octavia op-pen the door please."
  657. >"Please? Miss Octavia? PLEA..."
  658. >"..."
  659. >She just realized how quiet the room was and that everyone could hear her.
  660. >She's terrified.
  661. >Her eyes grow wide, her breathing becomes rapid, she's shaking.
  662. >Everyone is staring at her.
  663. >Everyone is listening to her.
  664. >And she has no where to run.
  665. >Clueless, helpless, defeated.
  666. >If someone wanted to hurt her, she would just stand there, already resigned to her fate.
  667. ----
  668. >Watching her melt like a butter in a frying pan is satisfying, but enough is enough.
  669. "Fluttershy..."
  670. >Your voice authoritatively carries through the whole room.
  671. >"Master!"
  672. >She finally noticed you.
  673. "...come here."
  674. >Fluttershy gallops through the room, carefully dodging the ponies who stand in her way.
  675. "Everyone else, as you were."
  676. >She jumps up the couch and hugs you tighter that you thought possible, burying her head in your side.
  677. >You hug her back and pat her mane.
  678. "There, there, It's okay now, I'm here with you."
  679. >"I was so scared!"
  680. >She whimpers as quietly as possible.
  681. >You take a look to the side, where Spitfire is sitting, probably feeling a little bit ignored.
  682. >Surprisingly, she doesn't seem to mind.
  683. >She's watching you with forced, but completely neutral look.
  684. >She has no idea how to react.
  685. >Being 'asked out on a date' by a man and then have the mare he's fucking show up?
  686. >That doesn't happen very often.
  687. >And doing the obvious thing would be suicidal.
  688. >Maybe she's just happy that it's not her in your arms right now.
  689. >It doesn't matter now, Fluttershy does.
  690. >You run your fingers through her mane reminding yourself just how soft it is.
  691. >Just how soft she is.
  692. >You look down at her with wide, approving smile, and let her hug her fears away.
  693. >It feels good to be loved.
  694. "Everything is fine now, everything is fine, you're here with me."
  695. >You do your best to soothe her.
  696. "And why were you so scared? I told you I was going to be here."
  697. >"I know, but there was so many ponies and I didn't see you, and I thought I got lost and maybe you didn't want me anymore and and"
  698. >"I'm sorry, I'm so dumb, I shouldn't doubt you, I'm sorry..."
  699. >Her voice gets weaker and weaker until it trails into a weak whine.
  700. "It's alright Fluttershy, you've just made a mistake, it happens to everyone. I forgive you."
  701. >"I'm sorry."
  702. >you put your finger under her chin and tilt her head to look you.
  703. >Two adorable cyan eyes, filled with hope and tears in equal measure, meet with yours.
  704. ----
  705. "I'll let you stay with me forever if you want."
  706. >*click*
  707. >Lock you've been hiding in your pocket until now shuts down and connects Fluttershy's collar to a leash in your hand.
  708. "Forever, I promise."
  709. >You gently tug on the leash to let her now you're in control, and kiss her on the lips.
  710. >She passionately returns it by pushing her tongue in your mouth.
  711. >You let her taste you as much as she wants and the moment draws out.
  712. >It is slippery wrestling match, between passionate slave, and benign master.
  713. >Finally she lets go, blushing slightly, and sits down next to you.
  714. >Her hooves hug the leash that binds her to you and her head leans against your shoulder.
  715. >She's safe now.
  716. >Feeling good about yourself you turn to Spitfire.
  717. >There's so much she could learn from Flutters.
  718. >Sadly, she doesn't seem to appreciate the opportunity.
  719. >She's staring at you with her mouth wide open in disbelief, sluggishly shaking her head.
  720. >That's right, it's hard to believe just how good of a person you can be.
  721. >"Whuh- Whah- Wot- What?"
  722. >"How DARE you treat her like that?"
  723. >For some reason, she doesn't see it that way.
  724. "Like what? Does it look like she's not happy to you?"
  725. >"Of course not. She's on a leash, damn in."
  726. "Of course she is, I'm taking care of her."
  727. >You scratch Fluttershy behind an ear making her to hum in satisfaction.
  728. >"You're not taking care of her, you're abusing her!"
  729. >"Uh, um- m-master's not abusing me."
  730. >Fluttershy unexpectedly speaks in your defense.
  731. >F:"He's protecting me, because I'm weak and helpless and he is a good person."
  732. >S:"He's a monster! Do you know what he's doing to the prisoners?"
  733. >S:"What he did to you? What he did to ME?"
  734. >Spitfire barely contains herself from shouting.
  735. >Fluttershy presses herself tightly against you.
  736. >Joining the argument wasn't the brightest of ideas.
  737. >F:"M-Master only hurts bad ponies."
  738. >F:"Good ponies get food and clothes and he lets them sleep in his bed an..."
  739. >S:"By the Empress! Are you enjoying it?!"
  740. ----
  741. >The discussion is starting to draw attention of the other ponies in the room.
  742. >They try to look like the're not listening, but they are.
  743. >Fluttershy notices it too and immediately shuts up, covering behind you.
  744. >She can handle arguing, but being watched while doing it it is too much for her.
  745. "Are you happy now? Look at what you did!"
  746. >It's not exactly her fault but that doesn't mean you can't blame her for it.
  747. >"What I did?! YOU turned her into this... this..."
  748. >She's struggling to find the right words.
  749. >"...broken... useless... pathetic... animal!"
  750. "She's hiding from you, not me."
  751. "I think it's pretty clear who's the bad guy here."
  752. >Spitfire is fuming.
  753. >"That's because..."
  754. >She pauses, deciding what to say.
  755. >And then she realizes how silent the room has become.
  756. >"Buck you!"
  757. >"..."
  758. >Spitfire stares the whole room down and everyone gets back to minding their own business.
  759. >She has quite the commanding presence, especially when angry.
  760. >Much quieter than before she continues.
  761. >"You wanna suck his dick? Fine."
  762. >"Weaklings like you don't even deserve others to help them."
  763. >Then she leans close and growls in your ear.
  764. >You hope she doesn't bite it.
  765. >"You can keep raping your slaves. You can keep raping me. But I will never be one of them. Never."
  766. >You can keep raping me.
  767. >Sounds like an invitation.
  768. >She sits back, calmed down a bit, but still offended, and resumes drinking.
  769. >It's kind of awkward.
  770. "So... are you going to leave or what?"
  771. >She looks at you through the bottom of her glass.
  772. >"No, the wine is good."
  773. >"..."
  774. >"Jackass."
  775. >You laugh wholeheartedly, and order another bottle.
  776. >It's almost like she wants to be here.
  777. ----
  778. >The conversation with Spitfire dies down and you focus on the other pegasus that you chose to be your company tonight.
  779. >Fluttershy rests with her head in your lap, trying to ignore the world around her.
  780. >... Except for the hand that just started scratching behind her ear.
  781. >She tries to stay calm, but she can't fight for long.
  782. >Her master's hand brushes through her mane as it wants, and there's no stopping it.
  783. >The feeling she gets when her master touches her, it tells her she shouldn't be trying to stop it.
  784. >Her instincts tell her to give in and welcome whatever it is that's going to happen.
  785. >Fluttershy rolls on her back and you start rubbing her belly.
  786. >She's a good pony and this is what she should do, make herself available for her master.
  787. >Submit and embrace whatever he wants to do with her.
  788. >Because master always knows best, and everything he does feels good.
  789. >...
  790. >Your pet sighs, as if to reassure you that you're doing this right.
  791. >Fluttershy is by far the happiest of your pets.
  792. >Timid and submissive by nature, she almost begged to be your slave.
  793. >Actually - a few months ago - you tried to offer her freedom.
  794. >She literally begged you to let her stay as your slave.
  795. >You felt really good that day.
  796. >Maybe now that you are on a vacation and have time to spare, you'll do something like that again...
  797. >It is easy to forget the world when you're with someone you love.
  798. >The brothel, your guard friends, the empire, the empress, the rebels, your plans, everything seems so distant now.
  799. >...
  800. >You close your eyes, and begrudgingly force the blissful haze out of your mind.
  801. ----
  802. >Without changing the rhythm with which you're rubbing your pet, or the one with which you breathe, you start thinking.
  803. >This is not why you're here.
  804. >If you wanted to be emotional, you would be doing this in your private chambers.
  805. >As much as it pains you to admit it, you are not here to make Fluttershy feel good.
  806. >She would much rather be alone with you in those aforementioned private chambers.
  807. >And You didn't come here to brag in front of your friends either.
  808. >They like you, you like them, but if tonight was about them, you would not bring Fluttershy with you.
  809. >Her presence fills them with envy.
  810. >What would they give to have a mare melt under their touch like that?
  811. >Or at least to spend a night with someone as beautiful as her?
  812. >Or maybe to be given as much attention form you as you're giving her now?
  813. >Urgh...
  814. >Don't feel, think. Think, Anon! Think!
  815. >...
  816. >You're here for Spitfire.
  817. >To make her obey.
  818. >To show her that being your slave feels good.
  819. >That's why you brought Fluttershy.
  820. >To show Spitfire how happy she will be when she stops resisting you.
  821. >You keep your eyes closed, as if you were still lost in you emotions, but now you're thinking clear.
  822. >Spitfire is watching you, you know that.
  823. >She may pretend she's not, she may wish she wasn't, but she is.
  824. >She is a pegasus, and a professional flier, the best one there is.
  825. >And that means she always watches, takes in, and learns from her surroundings.
  826. >You've learned that from Rainbow Dash.
  827. >...
  828. >Spitfire hates both you and Fluttershy.
  829. >And she calls both of you names to make you attack her.
  830. >Because fight? That she can handle.
  831. >She would fight, she would get hurt, she would loose, but she wouldn't break.
  832. >You've learned that from your pets as well.
  833. >You're not going to give Spitfire a target.
  834. >You will win, but never fight, that's the art of war.
  835. ----
  836. >...
  837. >With your thoughts collected you finally open your eyes and lightly tap Fluttershy's chest.
  838. >"Master?"
  839. "Make yourself useful."
  840. >"Here? B-But, but..."
  841. >You raise an eyebrow.
  842. >"But they will see! We can't!"
  843. "..."
  844. "Who am I?"
  845. >"You are... my master?"
  846. >It's more of a guess, than a solid answer.
  847. "And who are 'They'?"
  848. >"They are- ummm..."
  849. >Her voice trails of to nothingness
  850. "They are not-your-master."
  851. >As if that was enough to clear things up.
  852. "You are your master's pet."
  853. "Your master is the only thing that matters to you."
  854. "Everything else is for your master to worry about."
  855. "Now be a good pet and make yourself useful."
  856. >...
  857. >Fluttershy nods and unzips your pants with her teeth.
  858. >There's no arguing with master, he knows better than her.
  859. >She nuzzles your soft but quickly hardening cock.
  860. >Her soft cheeks caress your flesh until it is hard and ready.
  861. >Her lips part, her tongue rolls out, her mouth is ready to take you in.
  862. >You stop her with a boop on her nose.
  863. >She looks at you confused, her mouth still open, almost slobbering to get it's treat.
  864. >Dismissively you shake your head.
  865. >As much as you love her blowjobs, they won't do right now.
  866. >Quickly enough she understands and rises up to sit in your lap.
  867. >Face to face, she locks her socks-clad hooves behind your neck.
  868. >...
  869. >Fluttershy starts moving her hips back and forth, grinding herself on your dick.
  870. >She's not ready to take you in just yet.
  871. >Well, you can help her with that.
  872. >You reach out, put your hand on her throat, and squeeze firmly.
  873. >Not hard enough to choke her, just hard enough to let her know that you could if you wanted to.
  874. >Her breathing gets hard and labored.
  875. >No, not her breathing. Your breathing.
  876. >It's your breathing now. You decide if she breathes or not.
  877. >Her breathing belongs to you, her life belongs to you.
  878. >She does not control what happens to her. Good or bad, it's all out of her hooves now.
  879. >Her entire existence is owned by her master.
  880. >And that is all she ever wanted.
  881. ----
  882. >>21145496
  883. >The feeling of utter helplessness and devotion, is all she needs to be ready.
  884. >Fluttershy's hips rise once more, she positions herself above you.
  885. >And with a deep blush on her cheeks, her velvet nethers embrace you inside her.
  886. >Warm, slick, tight, throbbing with desire.
  887. >You let go of her throat.
  888. >...
  889. >Her master's kindness only goes so far.
  890. >If she wants her master to take care of her, she has to prove to him that she is worth his time.
  891. >She has to make him feel good.
  892. >If she does, her master will make all of her worries disappear.
  893. >Making her master feel good is the only thing she is good for.
  894. >It's the only thing she will ever be good for.
  895. >If she doesn't make her master feel good, she will be alone again.
  896. >She will have no one to tell her what to do, no one to tell her what's right and wrong.
  897. >She will have to meet other people, and everyone of them will want something from her.
  898. >And everyone will want something different! All At the same time!
  899. >She won't be able to help them all, and those who she doesn't help will hate her!
  900. >And when she tries to fix her mistake, she will have to abandon those she already helped, and then they will hate her too!
  901. >Everyone will want something and everyone will hate her! Everyone!
  902. >...
  903. >Fluttershy grips you tighter, and her movements get more vigorous.
  904. >Wet flesh slaps on flesh, as she pushes herself as deep on you as she can.
  905. >You are poking her womb.
  906. >Soft moaning start echoing throughout the room.
  907. >Your pet is making sweet love to you and you respond in kind.
  908. >You wrap your hands around her and keep her safe.
  909. >Protecting her from the world around her as her body confesses her love to you.
  910. ----
  911. >you look around and assess the potential threats.
  912. >...
  913. >Your guard friends.
  914. >They want her, every single one of them.
  915. >Not a threat.
  916. >Some of them tried to hurt her before.
  917. >You made them suffer.
  918. >They screamed.
  919. >You took away their pride.
  920. >They begged you for death.
  921. >A mercy that you still did not grant to them.
  922. >Your friends know better than to touch your little pegasus.
  923. >...
  924. >Spitfire.
  925. >If given the chance, she would beat Fluttershy bloody for being so weak.
  926. >She would try to force both the 'Flutter' and the 'Shy' out of Fluttershy.
  927. >"Forge her into a soldier" as she would say.
  928. >She would destroy all that makes Fluttershy be Fluttershy.
  929. >But she won't.
  930. >You are here and she would not dare to raise a hand against you.
  931. >...
  932. >The rebels.
  933. >You don't know who they are.
  934. >You don't know what they're planning.
  935. >But they are not here right now.
  936. >You've made sure this place is safe.
  937. >They can't hurt her here.
  938. >...
  939. >The Empress.
  940. >Moonie.
  941. >She's not here right now, but her aura is omnipresent.
  942. >She would destroy the bearers of the elements if it wasn't for you.
  943. >The Nightmare might not fear you, but she respects you.
  944. >And she would not hurt your pets.
  945. >You've made it clear that they are your responsibility, and you won't allow her to punish them.
  946. >Because their mistakes are your mistakes.
  947. >She agreed.
  948. >And even if she didn't have agreed - If she tried to hurt your pets - you would end her.
  949. >Heretical thoughts, but true.
  950. >Not even the Empress can hurt your pets.
  951. >...
  952. >Fluttershy is safe.
  953. >You watch over her.
  954. >You protect her.
  955. >You love her.
  956. ----
  957. >...
  958. >"Master?"
  959. "Yes?"
  960. >"May I come?"
  961. "No, you may not."
  962. >Fluttershy looks at you pleadingly.
  963. >Her whole body tingles, her mind is going numb, her loins are burning.
  964. >Her body wants to profess it's love, but her heart doesn't.
  965. >Not until her master tells her to.
  966. >Embarrassed, she slows down.
  967. >She wants to ask you to reconsider, but you silence her with a kiss.
  968. >Forced kiss.
  969. >Because kissing feels good.
  970. >And she does not want to feel good until you don't tell her to.
  971. >Her hips stop moving.
  972. >Your tongue invades her mouth and her resistance crumbles.
  973. >It feels good, it does, she can't help it, she can't resist her master's advances.
  974. >And so she just lets it happen.
  975. >Her tongue join with yours.
  976. >If her pussy can't show how much she loves you, her mouth can.
  977. >...
  978. >You break the kiss.
  979. "I told you not to come."
  980. "I did not tell you not to move."
  981. >Your voice is firm and leaves no room for debate.
  982. >Fluttershy looks away in shame and starts moving again.
  983. >One trust.
  984. >Two thrusts.
  985. >Three thrusts.
  986. >...
  987. >Her whole body tenses.
  988. >Her wings try to spread, but you hold them close to her body.
  989. >Her mouth tries to scream but you cover it with your hand.
  990. >Her master is so kind, she failed him but he won't let her embarrass herself.
  991. >Fluttershy twitches and spasm in your embrace.
  992. >Her pussy convulses and milks your member inside of her.
  993. >...
  994. >She knows what you like, you've trained her well.
  995. >You're not sure how you managed to hold back your own lust back, but you did.
  996. >Until now at least.
  997. >When she orgasms, you thrust in her and give her what she wants.
  998. >All of it.
  999. ----
  1000. >The moment lasts for hours.
  1001. >And then you hear her cry,.
  1002. >You loosen your grip and let Fluttershy's body rest on yours.
  1003. >With your heads on each other's shoulders you whisper together.
  1004. >"I'm sorry."
  1005. "You came before your master told you to."
  1006. >"I'm so - so - sorry."
  1007. "You are a failure."
  1008. >"I know, I'm sorry. Please don't..."
  1009. "Everyone hates you, and they are right to do so."
  1010. >"I-I..."
  1011. "Feeding you is a waste of food, letting you breathe is a waste of air."
  1012. >"..."
  1013. >...
  1014. >She knows you're right.
  1015. >It's the one thing she knows for sure.
  1016. >The only thing that nobody needs to tell her.
  1017. >She is a disappointment, she has always been.
  1018. >To everyone, to herself, to her master.
  1019. >...
  1020. >Fluttershy cries and cries and cries and...
  1021. >You don't let her cry for long.
  1022. >You are not - that - cruel.
  1023. >Not to your pets anyway.
  1024. "Shhh, shhh."
  1025. >You sway her in your arms like you would a newborn.
  1026. "I don't hate you."
  1027. "It doesn't matter how many times you mess up, or how much you disappoint me."
  1028. >"..."
  1029. "I will let you stay with me, even if you don't deserve it."
  1030. "If you keep trying to be a good pet, I will let you stay with me forever."
  1031. >"..."
  1032. "I promise."
  1033. >...
  1034. >She doesn't say anything, but her crying stops.
  1035. >Her master is so kind to her.
  1036. >She keeps messing up, but he always forgives her.
  1037. >And he always will, as long as she always obeys.
  1038. >He said it so it's true.
  1039. >She is the happiest and the luckiest mare in the world.
  1040. >She will always obey her master and he will never leave her alone.
  1041. >"I love you master."
  1042. "I love you too."
  1043. ----
  1044. >...
  1045. >Back to reality.
  1046. >You are in the brothel, with your friends form the guard and with Fluttershy.
  1047. >She's resting on your chest, listening to your heart beat.
  1048. >Some whorse is pole dancing at the stage.
  1049. >Already? When did she start? How did you miss that?
  1050. >The brothel keeper always gives a big instroduction speech before the pole dancing begins.
  1051. >Some of the guards are piled in front of the stage.
  1052. >Others are at their own tables, with the courtesans tending to them.
  1053. >Guess you just had too much fun to care.
  1054. >Some of them already left, most likely to the rooms upstairs.
  1055. >They don't let people just fuck in the main room.
  1056. >Not if they can first turn them on and then, when the're too horny to refuse, have them pay for an overpriced private room.
  1057. >Those rules don't apply to you, obviously.
  1058. >...
  1059. >Where's Spitfire?
  1060. >The place next to you is vacant.
  1061. >It shouldn't be.
  1062. >You stop one of the courtesans and ask her.
  1063. >"She left with one of your other guest, while you were uh- busy, sir."
  1064. >This was not part of your plan.
  1065. "She did't happen to mention where she was going, did she?"
  1066. >"No, sir."
  1067. >"But she left for one of the rooms upstairs. I can look up which room she took."
  1068. >Private room in a brothel with one of your friends, hmmm.
  1069. "That won't be necessary. Forget that I asked."
  1070. >"Of course sir."
  1071. >She knows what happen to mares that can't keep a secret.
  1072. >...
  1073. >Whoever it is Spitfire left with, he is one of your friends and you're not gonna risk cock blocking him.
  1074. >Spitfire is not your pet at that means she is a fair game.
  1075. >You can debrief the guy tomorrow, and learn if she is so defiant with everyone or just with you.
  1076. >Heck, maybe he'll even find some new tricks that work on her.
  1077. >After all, knowing your enemy is half the battle.
  1078. >And there's no shame in having your allies help you in one.
  1079. >Because Spitfire is a conquest.
  1080. >And this night? This night is just another step to make her yours.
  1081. ----
  1082. - Two days later, morning -
  1083. >You and Twilight are in your chambers reading a book.
  1084. >"YfEfS! YfEfS!"
  1085. >Or maybe it would be more accurate to say that 'you' are reading a book.
  1086. >And 'she' is practicing the art of talking through a ballgag.
  1087. >There is not much else she can do, being spread eagled on your bed and all.
  1088. >Pleased by Twilight's moans, you circle your tongue around her engorged clitoris...
  1089. [ ... in slow deliberate motions, driving the mare to the heights of ecstasy. ]
  1090. >Exactly as the book instructs.
  1091. >Tales from Saddle Arabia: Hanif the Unicorn.
  1092. >Now you understand why she always bugged you so much to read this one with her.
  1093. >You give her one more lick and then replace your tongue with your teeth.
  1094. >Gently nibbling on her love button, mixing the heavy pleasure with some light pain.
  1095. >"NffO! Stfpf! Nft tfe tfefth!"
  1096. >Her protests do nothing to stop you.
  1097. >After coaxing another futile wail from her, you let go for a moment and prepare for another assault.
  1098. >But just as you get near enough to take another 'bite', Twilight surprises you with buck in your face.
  1099. >How rude.
  1100. >As a punishment pinch her nipple between your index and middle finger.
  1101. >She screams in protest, but a single graze from your thumbnail is enough to make her reconsider her behavior...
  1102. [ ... and surrender herself to her captor. ]
  1103. >You love reading books with Twilight.
  1104. >...
  1105. >*knock* *knock*
  1106. >Sadly, your playtime is interrupted by someone knocking on your door.
  1107. >Not now.
  1108. >You work your tongue again, enjoying the taste of sweet gra-
  1109. >*knock* *knock*
  1110. >Not now!
  1111. >You ignore the annoyance and soon, your mouth is filled with another wave of Twilight's jui-
  1112. >*knock* *knock*
  1113. >For fucks sake!
  1114. >...
  1115. [ The exhausted mare recovers from yet another orgasm, slowly loosing hope, ]
  1116. [ that her friends will be able to find her, before her mind succumbs to her perverted captor. ]
  1117. >Now that, you have a few minutes to spare, you decide it is a good time to murder the pony knocking on your door.
  1118. ----
  1119. >*knock* *knock*
  1120. >Naked, erect, and covered with mare cum, you go open the doors, ready to unleash the wrath of thousand moons.
  1121. >Waiting outside, is a young unicorn guard pony.
  1122. >When he sees you, he instinctively takes a step back.
  1123. >Maybe it's because of the smell of sex.
  1124. >Maybe it's because he just realized he is at the wrong place at the wrong time.
  1125. >But it might be because of the way you smile at him and because your penis in at the same height as his face.
  1126. "Yes?"
  1127. >"Sir, I- uh- sir! A letter from the chief warden, sir!"
  1128. >He nervously hoofs you a sealed piece of paper.
  1129. >...
  1130. [ To: Anonymous ]
  1131. [ The new mare has been making problems again, and demands you to meet with her. ]
  1132. [ I had her moved to a private cell to minimize the distrubance. ]
  1133. [ If you care, you can deal with her personally or issue orders how ot proceed. ]
  1134. [ If you don't, she'll be given the usual disciplinary punishment and returned to the others. ]
  1135. [ ]
  1136. [ Signed: Chief warden Spirfire ]
  1137. >Urgh~
  1138. >So much for a making Lyra your secret spy.
  1139. >You look back at the guard who's trying to inconspicuously withdraw to the other end of the hallway.
  1140. >Urgh~
  1141. >Three days ago, you didn't realize that lending your personal unit to work in the dungeons.
  1142. >Would mean that your section of the palace would be guarded by the regular palace guard.
  1143. >And that they were so bad and respecting other people's privacy.
  1144. >You motion for him to come closer.
  1145. >You didn't become popular by punishing everyone for every single misstep.
  1146. >But you are known for being extremely unforgiving when it comes to situations regarding your pets.
  1147. >Like right now, for example.
  1148. >"S-Sir?"
  1149. >You sigh in annoyance.
  1150. >Removing him would mean he would be replaced by someone even greener.
  1151. "Tell warden to move the prisoner to the torture room."
  1152. "Sir, yes, s..."
  1153. "And For The Next Time."
  1154. >The guard shrinks back.
  1155. "If I don't answer my door after the first knock."
  1156. "You will give the letter to my maid, and then leave."
  1157. "..."
  1158. >"..."
  1159. "Understood?"
  1160. >"Y-Yes, sir!"
  1161. "Good."
  1162. ----
  1163. >...
  1164. >With the guard on his way, you get back in your room and throw the letter in a fireplace.
  1165. >Your presence does not get demanded by anyone except NMM herself.
  1166. >Much less by prisoners, who don't know their place.
  1167. >But you can worry about that sometime later.
  1168. >Right now you have better things to do.
  1169. >You pick up the book and scan the next few pages.
  1170. >When does the guy get to fuck her?
  1171. >Umm... Ehhh... What?
  1172. >After fourteen more pages?!
  1173. >Urgh~
  1174. >...
  1175. >There's no way you're doing all of this without getting off yourself.
  1176. >But the book says...
  1177. >You'll be damned if you let yourself be dominated by a book.
  1178. >It's time to do it your way.
  1179. >You grab a few things from your toy collection and climb over the bed on top of Twilight.
  1180. >"Gfetf fof mef! Yfu Rfffian!"
  1181. >Her lust filled eyes stare daggers at you in pretended defiance.
  1182. >You give her a warm smile and a plant a gentle kiss on her nullified horn.
  1183. >"It looks like your friends have found us after all, princess."
  1184. >"Whfaft?!"
  1185. >Twilight exclaims in genuine confusion.
  1186. >Which turns into a genuine protests when you start covering her eyes with blindfold.
  1187. >"Hfey! Thaftsf Nft in tfe bffkf!"
  1188. "When I'm done with them, there will be no one left to save you."
  1189. >Is the last thing /she/ gets to hear before you fit her with a pair of earplugs.
  1190. >"Tfif if nft in tfe bffk!!!"
  1191. >Is the last thing /you/ get to hear a while later when you leave the blind, deaf, bound and gagged Twilight alone, and head for the dungeons.
  1192. ----
  1193. >Few minutes later, you and Lyra are sharing a moment of foreboding silence in one of the smaller, more private torture rooms the Canterlot dungeons have to offer.
  1194. >Perfect for a simple one-on-one session.
  1195. >You are sitting in a very comfortable antique wooden chair, the only piece o furniture in this room that didn't come with restraints.
  1196. >She is standing across the room, in front of a cage you let her from just a minute ago.
  1197. >Reaching under your chair you pull out a paper, quill and a vial of ink, and set them on a repurposed workbench next to you.
  1198. >It's not the most comfortable writing position, but the modest dimensions of the room do not allow for proper writing table.
  1199. >Taking notes was usually someone else's job, but when dealing with possible Dawnbringers, you always handled things personally.
  1200. >For a moment you ponder how to start the conversation.
  1201. >You know you don't want this session to result in physical injury, definitely not one caused by you, but your options still ranged from knight-in-silken-armor to meat-eating-abomination.
  1202. >Looking at the pony in front of you, you see expectations, stress and fatigue.
  1203. >Mixed bag of opportunities with no clear winning strategy.
  1204. "Miss Lyra Heartstrings, correct?"
  1205. >You speak in neutral tone, taking notes on paper while listening carefully for the tone of her response.
  1206. >"Y-Yes, that's me, I'm..."
  1207. >There's hope and excitement in her voice, like she doesn't even realize where she is.
  1208. >You interrupt her with a *shush*, asserting your dominance.
  1209. "Please, only answer the questions you're given."
  1210. >Lyra nods silently as you keep writing down formalities.
  1211. >People tend to think harder about what they say when they know that they are being recorded.
  1212. >It makes it easier to spot when they're second guessing the integrity of their own lies, a critical part of your job.
  1213. ----
  1214. >When you finish scribbling, you let the room hang in a near complete silence for a little bit longer than necessary, then ask again.
  1215. >You spend the next several minutes asking standard questions you already know the answers to, noting Lyra's tell signs, not her answers.
  1216. "How is the prison life treating you, would you like to make any official complaints?"
  1217. >No, always a lie, twitch of an ear.
  1218. "Did you sleep well?"
  1219. >No, always the truth, keeps eye contact.
  1220. "Have you been..."
  1221. >...
  1222. >Eventually you have what personal information you need and get to ask the questions that actually matter.
  1223. >What did she find out, and why did you need to hear about it right now?
  1224. >The story is somewhat disjointed, jumping between the 'who', 'where', and 'what' like a crippled mountain goat.
  1225. >But gist of it is, that while she and several other prisoners were being re-educated though labor.
  1226. >One of the mares asked for a bathroom break, and instead of being followed by one of the guard mares like usual, she was followed by three guard stallions... with the obvious implications.
  1227. >Lyra then tried to talk to her about it, and while she didn't admit anything, she looked to be worn out rather than relieved.
  1228. >Both puns intended.
  1229. >Snickering internally at your own joke, you write down how everyone looked, then ask about the details.
  1230. >They weren't important, but they would help you decide if she is making thing up or not.
  1231. >Apparently she isn't, and although she stumbled at first, now she's almost happy to share her story with you.
  1232. >No doubt expecting that what happened to the other mare might happen to her as well, and now that she told you, expecting you would do something about it.
  1233. >The information truly was slightly worrying as guards leaving their posts posed a potential security risk.
  1234. ----
  1235. >Raping of prisoners was, contrary to the dungeon's reputation, very much a rarity.
  1236. >Prisoner's life was intrinsically oppressive, but it was far from being a living nightmare.
  1237. >It was important to treat the prisoners with a certain level of care, so that they could accustom themselves to their new lives, and be reeducated into contributing members of society.
  1238. >Something which would be impossible, if they were filled with hatred from excessive abuse.
  1239. >That said, it was actually quite common for guards of both genders to make deals with the prisoners, exchanging food for sexual favors.
  1240. >Food supplies were tightly rationed, and the sense of having a full belly was considered an exclusive experience among the prisoners, who were fed only as much as they needed to work and survive, nothing else.
  1241. >A loaf of bread was ten times cheaper than the cheapest Canterlot whorse.
  1242. >But if a guard managed to sneak it in the dungeons, it could buy them whole night's worth of low quality horse pussy.
  1243. >Assuming of course, they were sneaky enough not to get caught by the chief warden.
  1244. >Who, for some reasons, didn't fancy ponies in bad situation being coerced into providing sexual favors to their superiors.
  1245. >For some reason.
  1246. >Yes, technically it was against the rules, but since everybody profited from it, there was no problem... as long as nobody complained about it.
  1247. >Which brings your attention back to the pony in front of you.
  1248. >She already stopped talking and now she's trying to find a more comfortable position for the collar she's been wearing since day one of her imprisonment.
  1249. >It was a fool's errand.
  1250. >The rough, heavy iron has already started shedding the fur at the base of her neck, and it was only going to get worse.
  1251. ----
  1252. >The only position in which the collar would not chafe and pressure it's wearer's neck was if they were lying with their head on the ground, in the position of total submission.
  1253. >Position which, sooner or later, every prisoner learned on their own and adopted as their natural position.
  1254. >Gravity was a cruel mistress, and she was working for you.
  1255. "Thank you, your work is appreciated."
  1256. "Now, if you don't have anything else you'd like to share, we can discuss your situation."
  1257. >"I get to go home, right?"
  1258. >Maybe 'discuss' was not the right word.
  1259. "We'll get to that in a moment," you state, reaching down under your chair for another piece of paper.
  1260. "First, we'll review your file."
  1261. >Clearly not the answer she was hoping for.
  1262. "Lyra Heartstrings, unicorn, mare...", blah blah blah...
  1263. "Arrested in Ponyville during a raid on a rebel hideout, friends with a known member of rebellion, claims nescience on both accounts... Is that correct?", you ask before you continue reading.
  1264. >"Yes! I thought that it was just a normal tea shop, and my friend would never do such a thing!", Lyra nods her head energetically.
  1265. "No direct proof of participation found, not subjected to physical interrogation."
  1266. "Found guilty of not reporting insurgent activities, sentenced to imprisonment for a period of ten years, early release... possible."
  1267. >Possible.
  1268. >It didn't say that she /can/ go home, but that she /could/ go home.
  1269. >It carried the hope that she would see her friends and family again, and that she would see them soon.
  1270. >And in normal circumstances you'd really let her.
  1271. >She didn't lie, the last few days were hard enough on her to make sure she wouldn't dare jaywalking for another year.
  1272. >And free, law-abiding and working pony also meant a tax paying pony, which in turn meant a strong, prosperous empire.
  1273. ----
  1274. >But sadly for her, the file had two more lines.
  1275. >That, and you have another plans for her.
  1276. "Disruption of order, punished by whip and isolation."
  1277. "Disruption of order, repeated offense, punishment postponed due to bad physical condition."
  1278. >Even now, three days later, Lyra's back was still bandaged, hiding the full extent of what she had to go through.
  1279. >"Postponed? What do you mean postponed?!"
  1280. "It means that you are not going to get punished, because you are too hurt to take it."
  1281. >"But I'm not getting punished at all, because I'm going home, right?"
  1282. >"We- we had a deal and you told me, you promised, that if I spied for you, you would let me go home!"
  1283. >"I AM going home! Right?
  1284. >"Right?!"
  1285. >With a compassionate nod, you hide the papers and the ink to avoid a possible mess.
  1286. "Yes, you are..."
  1287. >Her eyes and ears hang on your lips hungry to devour your every word.
  1288. >It makes you happy.
  1289. "... almost..."
  1290. >Happy to know that, in some way, she has already learned the first half of her lesson zero.
  1291. >Whatever you say goes.
  1292. >Now just to teach her the other half, that she should accept it as well.
  1293. ----
  1294. "You'll be free to go as soon as I'm able to prove that it really happened and you're not lying."
  1295. >"I'm not."
  1296. "And I believe you, but I can't jail someone simply because you said so. There has to be a proof."
  1297. "Every pony deserves a fair process."
  1298. >Hearing that, Lyra almost pops a vein.
  1299. >"Yeah sure, /fair/." she huffs.
  1300. "Yes, fair."
  1301. >"..."
  1302. >She's not taking the bait.
  1303. "Is there a problem?"
  1304. >"..."
  1305. >Her silence lingers, as she looks around the room.
  1306. >She knows she shouldn't, especially not in a place like this, where she could her hurt.
  1307. >But this bipedal ape, this... this "human" in front of her...
  1308. >Smiling obliviously as he hypocritically talks about fairness, after putting her in a prison for no reason?
  1309. >He's wrong, and she needs to tell him!
  1310. >If she can show him the absurdity of what he just said, he'll have to let her go right now.
  1311. >"You didn't bother with fairness when you sent me to jail."
  1312. >You smile internally.
  1313. >Pretending to have a stick up your ass is not the most cunning tactic ever devised.
  1314. >But it /is/ making her frustrated.
  1315. "I'm sorry, but we've just reviewed your entire case, and everything was in order."
  1316. "Except your behavior, of course, but we've been over that too."
  1317. "I don't see what you're so disagreeable about."
  1318. >Lyra opens her mouth, then closes it, then opens it again without making a single sound.
  1319. >Is he kidding her?
  1320. >She needs to compose herself.
  1321. >If that's how this is going to go, she needs to stay calm.
  1322. >"What proof did you have against me?"
  1323. "None."
  1324. >This shouldn't take much longer, sooner or later she'll either burst or give up.
  1325. "You were caught at the scene red hoofed, that alone is proof enough."
  1326. >"I already told you that I didn't know, what that place was!"
  1327. "Yes, you already said that." you smile knowingly.
  1328. "However, as you surely realize, there's no way to prove that some one doesn't know something, without physical interrogation."
  1329. "Which, as you might also know, is forbidden to be used against ponies not accused of violent crimes."
  1330. ----
  1331. >"What? What are you implying?"
  1332. "What I'm implying miss Heartstrings, is that you are with the rebels, and you're trying to dodge the law."
  1333. "Because you know that if you keep playing ignorant, I can't /make/ you tell the truth."
  1334. >"B-but that's not true, I didn't know any of that!"
  1335. "Of course. You didn't know."
  1336. >You smile victoriously like if she's proven your point.
  1337. >Even thought you don't even have a point, because nothing of what you said was true.
  1338. >You're the second highest ranking person in all of Equestria, master of the Elements of Harmony, and the royal spymaster.
  1339. >The usual laws about prisoner treatment do not apply to you.
  1340. >You have an official exception.
  1341. >Quote on quote, the law says "Do what you want Ogre, We are not interested."
  1342. >...
  1343. "It just happens that it's all so very convenient for you, yes."
  1344. >"I'm in prison! That's not convenient at all!"
  1345. >Considering what would happen if she was a rebel, it really is.
  1346. >Think of what happened to Spitfire.
  1347. "And that's why you are given the chance to prove your character by spying on the other prisoners."
  1348. "By working against the rebels, you prove that you're not one of them. That's how you prove you're innocent."
  1349. "Do you want me to explain it in detail?"
  1350. >"Don't bother." Lyra growls, but her growl quickly turns into a tired sight.
  1351. >It's pointless, He's not going to listen.
  1352. >What happened to the presumption of innocence?
  1353. >When Princess Celestia disappeared, the Empress took over, Equestria became a darker place.
  1354. >Both figuratively and literally.
  1355. >Guards in the streets, homes being searched... getting arrested for drinking tea really wasn't that unexpected.
  1356. >Shouting at the guards afterwards was stupid too.
  1357. >Her back still hurts, and not in a good way.
  1358. >Get home, crawl in bed, forget all this, wait for things to blow over.
  1359. >Why is that so hard?
  1360. >"Just tell me what do, so I can go home."
  1361. >Acceptance, exactly what you wanted.
  1362. ----
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