Feelings are for pussies (AlphAnonxEQGPonka, shitpost, short

Jun 26th, 2017
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  1. >be alphAnon in EQG
  2. >Your dick is so big you ripped through your last pair of boxers yesterday.
  3. >So you only have your shorts on and nothing under it.
  4. >"Hey Nonny, whachu' doing?"
  5. >You're not even startled by her sudden appearance, I mean fuck yeah, you're a man after all.
  6. "Uh. Hi Pinkie. I am working on my 1000cc, shirtless, like a man, because I'm a man."
  7. >"Ohhhh, that sounds fun! Wait, what's that?"
  8. >She points to the immense bulge in your pants.
  9. "That's my huge dick, Pinkie. You want to see it?"
  10. >"OHhhh yes Nonny, I thought you'd never ask~!"
  11. >She gets on her knees and you instantly grab a fistful of her poofiness, to show her who's boss.
  12. "Heh, I knew it, all women are sluts and want that huge fat dick!"
  13. >You don't remove your shorts the conventional way, fuck that, you're a man. So you take hold of it and rip it apart in a single pull.
  14. >Your dick is so big and got hard so fast at the prospect of getting a blowjob that it bounces up once free, slapping Pinkie right on the face.
  15. >And she falls unconscious, because your dick is so big and heavy.
  16. "Oh, fuck, how am I going to.. Oh right, I'm a man!"
  17. >You simply roll her on her stomach and rip her tight catsuit off her plump ass using your manly teeth.
  18. "Ohhh fuck I'm going to enjoy this more than that threesome I had with the sirens yesterday!"
  19. >Your tip finds her opening and you instantly hilt inside of her, your thighs impacting her cheeks with a meaty slap.
  20. >She's still unconscious, but who gives a fuck about that, you're a man and men don't care about women's feelings.
  22. >You keep at it for four hours, because you're a man.
  23. >And she wakes up right before you feel yourself getting close.
  24. >"Huh, what happpeeeeeeee~~~~"
  25. >She climaxes when she feels your enormous tip crash against her womb's entrance.
  26. "Heh, I knew bitches loved this shit."
  27. >And you come, without even groaning, because you're a man.
  28. >And she keeps moaning while you fill her up, because she's a girl, and girls are pussies.
  29. >You finally take your 12inches cock out of her and take hold of her hair once more, bringing her lips to your tip.
  30. "Clean it."
  31. >You order her, and she complies, because you're a male, and you're the dominant one.
  32. >Her lips go up and down your cock, again and again, bobbing on your still hard cock, but it's not enough, so you pull on her hair and hilt inside her throat.
  33. >"Gllk!"
  34. >She tries to push you off but you don't, because you're a man, and your pleasure is more important than hers.
  35. >So you keep going, pulling her face over your cock for a good thirty minutes, before you feel yourself getting ready for a second release.
  36. "Ohhh, you better swallow it all, slut!"
  37. >She nods, because she knows who's boss.
  38. >You don't groan again, you simply stare at her when your throbbing tip passes the entrance of her throat.
  39. >Eyes unwavering, making sure to keep perfect eye contact, to assume your dominance.
  40. >After a good minute or two of squirting, you finally releases her, and she throws her head back, gulping and gasping for air.
  41. >Before she licks her face clean, eyeing your cock with hearts in her eyes.
  42. >And she proceeds by licking it clean again.
  43. >"Ohhh, Nonny, you're such a man, how could any woman even resist such a big cock!"
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