Maylea saved Ani

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  1. A swirl of leaves rustle through the silence of of the dark, carrying with it blossoms of forget-me-nots. The flowers dance about Ani, rising like a storm of soft fragrance, fighting against the writhing shadows.
  3. ---------- v13366 -----------
  11.      [ ]     [+]     [ ]
  13.          [ ]-[ ]-[ ]
  14.           | \ | / |
  15.      [ ] [ ]-[=]-[ ] [ ]
  16.           | / | \ |
  17.          [ ]-[ ]-[ ]
  19. ---------- 0:2:-2 -----------
  20. The Fulcrux of Maylea.
  21. Branches twine overhead, the ambient light filtering through the thick, vibrant green canopy to dapple this copse of young beeches in flecks of brilliant gold. In the shade cast by the leaves, bluebells have grown across the ground so thickly that the sky might be dwelling underneath the trees. Each delicate blossom shimmers faintly with a hidden power, beautiful and ethereal in nature. Where the beeches stand aside to form a grove of vibrant blue, the flowers soften each footstep to a whisper of sound, and even the trees seem to bow quietly towards the shrine placed at its centre, which is adorned by a single, golden peach. Outside of the grove, the bluebells fall away gracefully from a colourful path of vibrant, low-lying wildflowers that passes seamlessly into the aether. Light arcs across the surface of a standing stone at the centre of the grove, bending in shifting patterns of colour.
  22. You see a single exit leading through a path of wildflowers.
  23. You are transported by the power of the Divine.
  25. You have emoted: Ani stumbles, clutching the Eye of Dynara close to her chest. "Lady Bloom?"
  27. The air swirls with prismatic colour as a soft, insightful voice exclaims, "My dear. My little one!"
  29. You say, "Thank You for saving me... it should have been Pysynne to be saved, but he is stubborn."
  31. Peach petals land upon your head, your face, your body, their touch comforting.
  33. The air swirls with prismatic colour as a soft, insightful voice says, "I am... reaching..."
  35. Midnight shadows coalesce around a new day, and Mother Night embraces the land in utter darkness.
  36. It is now the 23rd of Vestian, 548 years after the Coming of Estarra.
  38. You have emoted: Ani whispers, "I have the Eye...", she trails off as her body shakes from the aftershock of fear as the petals land upon her, taking a gasp of air as their touch comforts the small furrikin.
  41. Maylea steps quietly into view, the air bending with a swirl of prismatic colours.
  43. You have emoted: Ani stares up at Maylea, her eyes wide as she still clutches the Eye of Dynara to her chest. "Do You..want this now?"
  45. Maylea leans down and sweeps you in Her arms, eyes wide. Essence glistens upon Her face, as if She had been engaged into some strenuous struggle.
  47. Maylea draws back, Her golden eye examining Ani from head to foot. "Little one, little one. Did He mark you?" She pulls Her sari about Herself, trying to tidy Her chestnut tresses, now in disarray.
  49. You have emoted: Ani shakes her head several times, "No, no, He was just two eyes before You saved me, a figure trying to form..."
  51. You whisper to Maylea, "What...what about Pysynne? Will.. will he be alright..?"
  53. Maylea sweeps Her gaze to the south, golden and azure-scarred eyes looking through foliage and stone, as if it viewing into the ether. She reaches out a hand towards you. "Give me the Eye, that He does not seek and strike you."
  54. You give the Eye of Dynara to Maylea, Bloom of Serenity.
  56. Maylea, Bloom of Serenity suddenly looms in your vision, cupping a radiant palm and pushing it towards you in a liquid wave of amber light. Somehow, you feel shielded, and you are gifted with the certain knowledge that the Goddess will intercede on your behalf at your next death.
  58. Golden light shimmers across the forest grove as the velvet peach at the base of the stone sings a melody without words.
  60. Maylea reaches out to tenderly cup your cheek in Her hand.
  62. Gripping the Eye in Her left hand, Maylea, Bloom of Serenity says, "My dear, My dear. Please, wait. I must find him, if I can."
  64. Gracefully departing, Maylea dissolves into a swirl of prismatic colours.
  66. The horizon glows with burnished shades of orange and red, heralding the imminent arrival of Father Sun upon the rim of the world.
  68. You have emoted: Ani smiles in relief at Lady Maylea as she whispers, "Thank You, Lady Bloom. Is there anything I can do..", she nods and bows her head as the Lady departs, sinking down to the bluebell strewn ground of the grove.
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