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  1. Getting the System Shock WR back is my number one speedrunning priority right now. I love the game too much to not have the best time in it and even if I’m not the one running it at SGDQ, I can make it a better run through competition.
  2. Speaking of System Shock I want to do a let’s play of the game in the future showing off all that I learned while routing the game. This isn’t speedrunning but I think an LP by a speedrunner would be interesting to see.
  4. I gotta hop back aboard DMC3 and JumpJet Rex sometime very soon to prep for NASA. The plan is to get a better DMC3 time then see if I still have the passion about JumpJet Rex to get a better time. If I don’t, I’ll just run System Shock instead.
  6. I really want to go back to God Hand, No More Heroes, and Sonic Generations, but I have other things on my plate. To this day I still think Sonic Generations was my best game and it’d be a waste of talent to not give gregi competition.
  8. Now real life stuff:
  9. My health is not good. I’m getting sicker and sicker and doctors still aren’t sure what’s causing it. That's all I really feel comfortable sharing right now
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