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LD/Chaser Workshop Lesson Plan

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  1. 1. Loadouts:
  2.         Rage + QD: Bread and butter of LD. New players should be in this ~80-90% of the time.
  3.                 Bolt/Disc + LAR + Impacts
  4.         Rage + Lightweight: Until you get used to chasing, only use this when you know the capper is going to get out.
  5.                 Bolt/Disc + Lar + Impacts
  6.         Ego + Reach: Only for killing offense out in midfield where you won't get rage. I don't use this much, if ever.
  7.                 Bolt/Disc + Holdout/LAR + Explosives
  9. 2. Stand D
  10.         a. Check the scoreboard for classes
  11.         b. Push out/meet the offense
  12.                 i. main goal is to delay, ddon't always have to get kill
  13.                         * Know when to K-out
  14.         c. Get spots on the capper/offense when not dueling
  15.         d. Conking the Flag on stand.
  16.                 i. Time your conk.  Throw the nitron a few feet in front of the flag, not right at it.  It's best to get a little elevation so as to not get disced by the capper.
  17.                 ii. if capper is 10 out or less and you think you are going to die you have 2 options:
  18.                         1. Use the base to break LOS of enemy offense until capper is 5 out.  Nitron the flag/get ready to chase.
  19.                         2. K out rather than waiting to die, respawn in Rage + Lightweight loadout
  21. 3. Dueling the Different Classes
  22.         a. Use your weapons wisely: Maximize your DPS by not reloading all the time. Reload your LAR when LOS is broken by hills.
  23.         b. Check the scoreboard for classes to prepare
  24.                 PTH: LOL, just chain + ground pound
  25.                 SEN: If they are O sniping then don't ski straight at them.  Sneak up on them but don't waste too much time doing it.  Just Bolt them and chain.
  26.                 INF: Generally only get attacked by these when on stand.  Don't stand too close to the HoF and constantly be moving around, strafing around constantly and jetting every so often.
  27.                 SLD: IF they're using the AR and thumper, you're pretty evenly matched
  28.                         i. ADADADAD, stay on ground, when having chain fights. If the jet into the air, to thump you, keep chaining and jet to avoid. Then bolt them when they land.
  29.                         ii. If it's a hitscan pistol then distance yourself.
  30.                 RDR: Similar to SLD if they're using jammer pack.  If it's a shield pack, Bolt/Explosives are your best bet. DO NOT LET THEM GET REGEN, KEEP A CHAIN/HOLDOUT ON THEM.
  31.                 TCN: Nope.jpg
  32.                 JUG: Almost all use the X1 LMG.  Chain while they are on the ground.  Stay on the ground as well.  Bolt them whenever you can. Watch for breaks in their shooting, means they are
  33.                         going to try and throwing disc you.
  34.                 BRT: Tough sons of bitches.  Don't make yourself easily disced. If they are using the shotgun, keep your distance and chain.  Same for Nova Colt but it's more complicated.
  35.         Use Soldier for defense, if you prefer, when the incoming capper dies as this gives you a better class for killing offense (potentially)
  37. 4. Camping routes
  38.         a. Learn the most common routes and where the capper has to touch the ground or will be weak from shooting themselves.  Chain them out or at least break their regen.
  39.         b. If the sniper is focusing one side of the map, try not to camp on the same side if you can help it.  Best to expand your coverage and give everyone on your team less work to do later.
  41. 5. Chasing the Enemy Capper
  42.         a. If you know you have no way of stopping a grab and the route is very fast. Shoot yourself BEFORE you get rage. Then shoot self again.
  43.                 i. Not as necessary with lightweight but remember the dueling setbacks of running the perk (you lose QD)
  44.         b. After rage, Best way to gain speed is to Bolt --> Nitron --> Nitron (2nd only as a last resort, 300 HP makes you cake to snipe)
  45.         c. Chase in a Y, not a T or I
  46.                 i. If they are on L2R or R2L and you can't catch them, B-line to their stand and get there just a few moments before they do. (Likely get killed if you get there too early)
  47.         d. CHAIN, CHAIN, CHAIN.
  48.                 i. Recommend turning off simulated projectiles if you think you'll be doing more chasing than killing offense (maps like Blue Shift, CCR, etc...)
  49.         e. If they are going to hit the ground, go for a nitron or bolt.
  50.                 i. Here is where the bolt is better, arcs into the hills the capper might hit
  51.                 ii. If a bolt is not going to kill them, then go for the conc if you think you can get it.
  54. 6. Standoff Offense
  55.         a. Standoffs are where you role starts become less unique. Focus on working/syncing with your team more than anything else
  56.         b. If PTH, focus on getting the conk when they are off guard.  Rarely are you the first to go in.
  58. 7. Standoff Defense
  59.         a. Entirely up to you what you want to play.  I don't really like PTH for defense but if you don't have a good chain, use the Holdout.
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